《CRISPR scientist in China claims his team’s research has resulted in the world’s first gene-edited babies》 (techcrunch)


In what would represent a dramatic and ethically fraught escalation of CRISPR research, a scientist from a university in Shenzhen, China claims he has succeeded in helping create the world’s first genetically-edited babies. Jiankui He told the Associated Press that twin girls were born earlier this month after he edited their embryos using CRISPR technology to remove the CCR5 gene, which plays a critical role in enabling many forms of the HIV virus to infect cells. 中国深圳一所大学的科学家声称,他已经成功地帮助创造了世界上第一批经过基因编辑的婴儿,这将代表一种戏剧性的,道德上令人担忧的CRISPR研究升级。Jiankui He告诉美联社,本月早些时候,双胞胎女孩在使用CRISPR技术编辑胚胎以去除CCR5基因后出生,CCR5基因在使多种形式的HIV病毒感染细胞方面起着关键作用。


The story is getting even more convoluted. When contacted by TechCrunch’s Rita Liao, a representative at the hospital that supposedly approved Jiankui He’s study stated “what we can say for sure is that the gene editing process did not take place at our hospital. The babies were not born here either.” She also said that the hospital is investigating the validity of the documents connected to the study on ChiCTR. 这个故事变得更加复杂。当被TechCrunch的Rita Liao联系时,医院的一位代表据称批准了Jiankui He的研究,他说:“我们可以肯定的是基因编辑过程没有在我们医院进行。婴儿也不是在这里出生的。“她还说医院正在调查与ChiCTR研究相关的文件的有效性。


The AP’s interview with He was published shortly after a report earlier today by the MIT Technology Review that his research team at the Southern University of Science and Technology is using CRISPR technology to edit out the CCR5 gene and create children with resistance to HIV. The Technology Review report cited documents that are up on the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry’s (ChiCTR) website (here and here). The ChiCTR is a primary registry of the World Health Organization’s International Clinical Trial Registry. 美联社对他的采访是在麻省理工学院技术评论今天早些时候发表的一份报告后不久发表的,他在南方科技大学的研究小组正在使用CRISPR技术来编辑CCR5基因并培养抗艾滋病的儿童。“技术评论”报告引用了中国临床试验注册局(ChiCTR)网站(此处和此处)的文件。ChiCTR是世界卫生组织国际临床试验注册处的主要登记处。


It is important to note that there is still no independent confirmation of He’s research and that it has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. His claims are certain to cause a stir, however, at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing, set to begin in Hong Kong on Tuesday. According to the Technology Review, the summit’s organizers were apparently not notified of He’s plans for the study, though the AP says He informed them today. 值得注意的是,仍然没有对他的研究进行独立确认,并且尚未在同行评审期刊上发表。然而,他的说法肯定会在第二届人类基因组编辑国际峰会上引起轰动,该峰会将于周二在香港开始。根据技术评论,峰会的组织者显然没有被告知他的研究计划,尽管美联社说他今天告诉他们。



HardWired : Perhaps China will create a new Gene that results in there own eventual destruction 也许中国会创造出一种新的基因,最终导致中国自身的毁灭。
Critical Follower : Mandatory gene correction when the parents’ social score is below a set level? 当父母的社会分数低于设定水平时,强制基因校正?
Rich Hooker : This is quite a step 这是相当大的一步。
Boyang Zhang : Believe it or not, most educated Chinese also can’t accept this situation. We fear that it will bring high risks for human kind. 信不信由你,大多数受过教育的中国人也不能接受这种情况。我们担心它会给人类带来高风险。
TONY YIN : This is so bad! 这太糟糕了!
Kimberly Lee : This is the future genetic engineering. So you want to change your hair or skin color you can. I want blue skin and dark straight thick hair I would do it in a heartbeat.Then we have the medical reasons for gene editing like curing disease to cut medical cost to virtually nothing 这是未来的基因工程。所以你想改变你的头发或肤色。我想要蓝色的皮肤和深色的直粗的头发,我会心跳加速。然后我们有医学上的理由来编辑基因,比如治疗疾病,从而将医疗费用削减到几乎一文不值。
shresth mehta : hard to believe 难以相信
MadMech9226 : Oh… that might have been Korea. 哦。。。那可能是朝鲜。
otkin : The end draws nigh. 末日临近。
Joop OthegemDilan Ma : In the future our AI overlords will dutifully decide which genes must be edited to improve the human race … for their benefit … what could possibly go wrong? 在未来,我们的人工智能霸主将尽职尽责地决定哪些基因必须被编辑以改进人类……为了他们的利益……什么可能出错?
lakshminarayan v : so true 如此真实
D. Blakshminarayan v : Ethics, ha what a joke, better say that making human species immune to most of the viruses is the big farma industry< nightmare. That’s what we are doing daily, we train our immune system to resist xyz attack vectors from a multitude of viruses. Editing the genes of your children to not have a horrible hereditary virus is fking common sense and any normal parent would do that without even blinking. We already do designer babies when we select our partner. Such a bullshit the whole excuse. 伦理学,哈哈,开个玩笑,最好说使人类物种对大多数病毒免疫是大型农业工业的噩梦。这就是我们每天要做的,我们训练我们的免疫系统来抵抗来自多种病毒的xyz攻击载体。编辑孩子的基因使其不具有可怕的遗传病毒是错误的常识,任何正常的父母都会不眨眼就这么做。当我们选择伴侣时,我们已经做了编辑婴儿。这样的胡说八道完全是借口。
jacky: It should be determined by God not human being   它应该由上帝决定,而不是人类。
Wxttony : I don’t think it’s a good idea to edit human gene without any moral permission. It’s terrible to hear it is happening. 我不认为在没有任何道德许可的情况下编辑人类基因是个好主意。听到这件事发生真是太可怕了。
Fabian Christoph : It’s a giant step for manking. I don’t really get these arguments around morality. 这是一个巨大的步骤。我真的不知道这些关于道德的争论。
Wxttony : It’s certain that this gene surgery will help people get rid of HIV. But no one can tell whether it will cause any other diseases even mutation. It’s irresponsible and immoral for both the gene-edited children and the society. 这个基因手术肯定会帮助人们摆脱HIV病毒。但是没有人知道它是否会引起其他疾病甚至变异。这对基因编辑的孩子和社会都是不负责任和不道德的。
spring : Good. It’s terrifying 很好。太可怕了
Chris : Any chance of some super powers? 一些超级大国的机会?
Fabian Christoph : Im fairly certain that these procedures have been tested on test subjects such as animals, so why shouldn’t we move onto testing on humans? Innovations such as these could prevent so much more suffering than it could possibly create. The possibility of suffering would be nearly 0 我相当确定这些程序已经在测试对象如动物上进行了测试,那么我们为什么不着手对人类进行测试呢?像这样的创新可以避免比它可能造成的更多痛苦。受苦的可能性将接近0。
Fizzledice : China is dubious. It is one big gene editing experiment. 中国是可疑的。这是一个大的基因编辑实验。
Ravi Gahlla : Sigh. 叹息。
Yue Xiao : I hope it’s not true. The Peoples Network has already deleted the article 我希望那不是真的。人民网已经删除了文章
Charles Flores : ….of course if the claim was made in the UK……. …当然,如果批判是在英国…
Seekeroftruth101 : 4)Thus,may scientists worldwide put aside their ego&one track mind,sit down&discuss such issues thoroughly before further embarkations of such experiments,especially those from China,that sold cardboard boxes as eggs,&tainted milk that killed even their own citizens. 4)因此,全世界的科学家可以抛开他们的“自负”和“一丝不苟”的思想,坐下来好好讨论一下这些问题,然后再进一步开展这样的实验,尤其是那些来自中国的,他们把纸板盒变成鸡蛋,把污染了的牛奶卖成毒牛奶,甚至杀死他们自己的公民。
Seekeroftruth101 : 3)Far more critical is the need for ETHICS & MORALITY for scientists to conduct such tests. 3)更关键的是科学家需要伦理道德来进行这样的测试。
Seekeroftruth101 : 2)Gene editing has a possibility of success,&still need MUCH focus&experimentation to be right,which will take years to see its effects. 2)基因编辑有成功的可能,但要正确起见,还需要大量的关注和实验,这需要几年的时间才能见效。
Equal King. : Watch out world. A set of Chinese super soldiers to be unleashed soon. And they not staying on that garbage island China just made and claimed. 世界小心,一批中国超级士兵即将被释放。他们没有停留在中国的垃圾岛上。
Seekeroftruth101 : 1)Scientists from the fringe had ALWAYS sought to make a name for themselves,using human concerns such as diseases to lull Humanity when they KNOW there r FURTHER applications of such technology&science,to do more,perhaps good,but often bad as we Humankind r FLAWED. 1)边缘的科学家们一直试图为自己出名,当他们知道有这种技术和科学的进一步应用时,他们利用诸如疾病之类的人类关注来安抚人类,做更多,也许是好事,但常常是坏事,就像我们人类一样。
Just_Jane : This is fantastic! Can’t wait until this technology evolves more. 这太棒了!期待这个技术有更多发展。
tangled_IV : In science, anything that can be done, will be done, no matter the restrictions. 在科学中,任何可以做的事情,都会被完成,不管有什么限制。
ᴀɴᴅʏ ≋♚≋ ʜᴇʙᴅɪɢᴇ : ….and folks believe Chinese funded studies on the efficacy of TCM are legit…. 人们相信中国资助的中医疗效研究是合法的。
liberty now : They have contaminated the human genom by making a baby from 3 parents!!! Imagine what will happen to future generations! Genetic engineering should be outright banned! U r messing with things u have no idea of what the consequences will be on z future of THE HUMAN RACE!!! 他们通过制造3个孩子的父母而污染了人类的基因组。!!!想象下一代会发生什么!基因工程应该被彻底禁止!你不知道人类种族的未来会带来什么后果!!!!
Dr_Maew : CRISPR gene editing technology may have bidirectional change of humanities. We try to change it but do not know if its behavior would getting worse. Nature deletion is proper to control population. Stronger doesn’t mean the better. CRISPR基因编辑技术可能会有双向的人文变化。我们试图改变它,但不知道它的行为是否会变得更糟。自然缺失对种群的控制是恰当的。坚强并不意味着更好。
TONY YIN : This technology has caused wide discussion online in China.Most of the people can not accept the technology.The scientist is suspend from duties.People should respect the nature it is a evil technology.Scientific research should not lost moral compass! 这项技术在中国网上引起了广泛的讨论。大多数人不能接受这项技术。科学家被停职。人们应该尊重大自然,这是一项邪恶的技术。科学研究不应该失去道德的指南针!
otanama : 不可能
Lesley : He opens the Pandora’s box and disgraces all the Chinese biologists. 他打开了潘多拉盒子,羞辱了所有的中国生物学家。
mingche : That’s terrible! 那太可怕了!
AmiR.Amore : Willing to pay $50,000 for A Baby of my Sperms. 愿意为我的精子宝宝付50000美元。
venkat : What generations … It cant be allowed to reproduce 几代人…不允许复制
Get Real : haha,,,don’t tinker with it, just kill it 哈哈,别小心翼翼了,干脆把它杀了
TheJadedProfessor : I wonder what all of these ethics experts have to say about abortion. 我想知道这些道德专家对堕胎有什么看法。
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