hilaryswank2011 : Project Gutenberg (2018) is clearly a non liner narrative structure film because audiences find that every thing we see after the arrest of the protagonist, counterfeit artist Lee Man (Aaron Kwok) who is extradited from Thailand to Hong Kong police jurisdiction ”counterfeited” his background story. 《无双》显然是一部非线形叙事结构片,因为观众发现,我们看到的每件事都是在逮捕主角之后,假冒艺术家李曼(郭富城)从泰国引渡到香港警方管辖的“伪造”的背景故事。。
TheBigSick : The plot is copied from the 1995 thriller The Usual Suspects, which though I don’t think is a good movie. The pace, screenplay and execution are actually worse than those in The Usual Suspects, which make the film even more problematic. 这个情节是从1995年的惊悚片《非常嫌疑犯》中复制出来的,虽然我觉得它不是一部好电影。事实上,电影节奏、剧本和剧本执行都比《非常嫌疑犯》差,这使得这部电影更成问题。
e-70733 : Obviously, the basic structure of the whole story comes from Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects” in 1995, but the focus of the former is the shock when the puzzle was revealed. The focus of this film is to expose the characters. 显然,整个故事的基本结构来自1995年布莱恩·辛格的《非常嫌疑犯》,但前者的焦点在于谜语被揭示时的震惊。这部电影的重点是揭露人物。
mitzz-kai : Average remake of the Usual Suspects, with a shoehorned and unconvincing “moral” ending to show that bad guys never prosper. 《非常嫌疑犯》的普通翻拍,以一个硬塞的、勉强的“道德”结尾,表明坏人永远不会成功。
yeolit : Without any former knowledge of shows like “the Usual Suspects” or any other knowledge of intricacies in the art world or counterfeiting subjects, I merely came in to see the 2 great actors of the previous generation in this film. It was much hyped in radio and the internet, so I was quite interested to watch this.However, this was a disappointment, to say the least.Firstly, for the first part of the show, there was very little excitement. Most of it was simply boring storytelling and introduction of people, techniques etc., which was frankly a waste since most of it didn’t need much acting skills. Most people there just talked normally and it was kind of monotonous.Then it became unrealistic, to the point where it almost overturns the ultra down-to-earth style in the first part.The ending part was very confusing, and left me wondering just what the scriptwriter was thinking of. It was presented in such a confusing way that it basically turns the earlier parts into a joke.Overall, whil 以前我对《非常嫌疑犯》之类的电影一无所知,对艺术界或假科目的复杂性一无所知,我只是来看这部电影中两位前辈。收音机和互联网上都大肆宣传,所以我很想看这个节目。但是,这很令人失望。首先,节目的第一部分,几乎没有什么刺激。大部分只是无聊的讲故事和介绍人、技巧等,坦白说,这是浪费,因为大部分不需要太多的演技。大多数人只是正常地交谈,有点单调。然后变得不现实,以至于在第一部分中几乎颠覆了超现实的风格。结尾部分非常混乱,让我想知道编剧在想什么。它以如此混乱的方式呈现,以至于它基本上把前面的部分变成了笑话。
jeymatt : This turned out better than I expected actually. Although some reviewers had mentioned that it’s a copy of 1995’s “The Usual Suspects” but nevertheless it’s still a great plot. Almost everything in this movie is worth complimenting. Great cinematography effects, the music, the acting, etc. Except that the movie was indeed a bit slow at some scenes. Go and watch it in cinema, the film is worth seeing. 事实证明这比我预期的要好。尽管一些评论家提到它是1995年的《非常嫌疑犯》的副本,但是它仍然是一个伟大的剧本。这部电影几乎每件事都值得称赞。伟大的电影摄影效果,音乐,表演等等。除了在某些场景中电影确实有点慢。去电影院看电影,这部电影值得一看。
yksamsungrox : Definitely one of the most enjoyable Cantonese Movie I ever watch for the past few years! Strongly recommended to anyone 绝对是我这几年看过的最享受的粤语电影之一!强烈推荐给任何人
kluseba : Project Gutenberg isn’t an action movie but rather a crime drama that feels at times like a lengthy documentary about counterfeiting techniques. The film tells the story of Lee Man, a man who was part of a counterfeiting gang around a mastermind called Painter. Lee Man got arrested by the police who wants to know more about Painter in order to arrest him. Lee Man explains how they met in Canada and how he joined his gang while abandoning his dream of becoming a famous painter and having a family with his former girlfriend. After a theft had turned terribly wrong, Lee Man started to question his actions, grew distant from Painter and tried to find a way out of the gang. Their fatal conflict would soon lead to dramatic consequences for everyone involved.Even though the movie is just above two hours long, it feels much longer than it was. It takes at least an hour before the actual rising action started and the film finally quickens up the pace. 《无双》不是一部动作片,而是一部犯罪剧,有时感觉像是一部关于伪造技术的长篇纪录片。这部电影讲述了李曼的故事,他是围绕着一个名叫画家的策划人的制假团伙的一员。李曼被警察逮捕了,他想了解更多关于画家的情况,以便逮捕他。李曼解释了他们是如何在加拿大相遇的,他是如何加入他的帮派的,同时放弃了成为著名画家的梦想,并和他以前的女朋友有一个家庭。在一次偷窃发生严重错误之后,李曼开始质疑他,变得与画家疏远,并试图找到摆脱这帮人的方法。他们之间致命的冲突很快就会给所有参与其中的人带来戏剧性的后果。尽管这部电影只有两个小时多一点,但感觉要长得多。至少需要一个小时之后,电影才真正开始上映,最终加快了节奏。
shujoshua-132-779998 : If you are expecting something epic or new with this film look elsewhere. The plot is very familiar and has been used many times by other films. Though it is entertaining throughout the 2hrs, it lacks that spark of originality which brings the film down to becoming very predictable. Chow Yun Fat leads this film with a very enjoyable performance although him alone can’t prop up this entire film. The ending of the film brings down the whole presentation with a cheap and unsatisfying way of concluding the movie. It feels as though the audience spent 2hrs for nothing, you’ll know what I mean after you’ve watched the film. There were no clever hints that helped build up to that sort of conclusion. They can honestly do better without that specific choice of an ending. 如果你期待这部电影有史诗或新的东西,看看其他的。情节非常熟悉,已经被许多电影使用过多次。虽然整个2小时都很有趣,但是它缺乏原创性的火花,这使得这部电影变得非常具有可预见性。周润发带领这部电影非常愉快的表演,虽然他独自无法支撑整个电影。电影的结尾以一种廉价且令人不满意的方式结束。感觉好像观众花了2小时什么都没看到,看完电影你就会明白我的意思了。他们可以做得更好。
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