anthonyshi-74451 : I really like it. Campare to other Hang hang movie. This one’s quite different. It can be a change point of his style, but in a good way. Also really like Teng Shen’s performance! 我真的很喜欢。和韩寒的另一部电影相比,这个完全不同。这可能是他风格的一个转变点,但在一个好的方面。也很喜欢滕沈腾的表演!
jindinghao-67383 : There are 1462 curves in Bayanbulak track, 109km, you can win 100m by playing tricks, but you cannot win 100km, you ask me about the unique skill, the answer is being DEVOTED, to devote your whole body to what you love, I practiced 20 times in my brain, 5 years, 36 thousand times, I can remember every curve.The famous writer, racing driver and director Han Han was influenced by the best driver Lang Xu, who was dead in a racing,this movie is a salute to him, heroes never die. A comedy movie with lots of personal emotions, but that’s the Han Han I like, be devoted to what he love and keep pursuing for dream. 巴彦布拉克赛道有1462条弯道,109公里,你可以通过耍花招赢得100米,但你不能赢得100公里,你问我的独特技巧,答案是全身心地投入到你喜欢的东西上,我在脑子里练习了20次,5年,3.6万次,我能记住每一条弯道。著名作家、赛车手和总监韩寒受埃克特最好的车手郎旭的影响,他在一场赛车中死了,这部电影是对他的致敬,英雄永远不会死。一部充满个人情感的喜剧电影,但那是我喜欢的韩寒,全心全意地投入到他所爱的东西中,不断追求梦想。
jiarui-47112 : I have to admit that the first half of the movie is a bit bland, and I personally don’t like the joke, since they are old and awkward. The motivation of watching this movie is the actor Teng Shen, cause I really like his performance. However the reason I give 9/10 to this movie is because the last 30mins and the ending. 我不得不承认,电影的前半部分有点平淡,我个人不喜欢这个笑话,因为它们又老又尴尬。看这部电影的动机是演员沈腾,因为我真的很喜欢他的表演。然而,我给这部电影9/10的原因是因为最后30分钟和结尾。
zhaochunliu : Han Han’s decades of masterpieces, full of content, outstanding characters and plots, excellent shooting of music and racing cars, 韩寒数十年的名作,内容丰富,人物情节突出,音乐和赛车拍摄出色,
TheBigSick : As a sport movie, the racing sequences in this Pegasus are ways worse than those in Ron Howard’s Rush. But at the very least, this is more like a film, with convincing plot and editing, compared to Han Han’s first two pieces. Han Han takes a scattershot approach on a very cliched subject. Surprisingly, he hits some of his targets and avoids the typical pitfalls. Shen Teng has the magic of turning every film into Shen Teng-esque, and here he does it again. 作为一部体育电影,这部飞马座的赛程比罗恩·霍华德(RonHoward)的《奔波》中的赛程更糟糕。但至少,与韩寒的前两部作品相比,这部电影更像一部情节和剪辑令人信服的电影。韩寒对一个非常陈词滥调的话题采取了漫无目的的态度。令人惊讶的是,他击中了一些目标,避免了典型的陷阱。沈腾有把每一部电影都变成沈腾式的魔力,在这里他又做了一次。
tso_jong : The story is interesting, the acting is decent, the directing is admirable for an amateur director like Han han. The only problem is that there seems to be way too much content for a 90-minute movie, and not all moments in it make sense. 故事很有趣,演技也不错,导演对韩寒这样的业余导演来说是令人钦佩的。唯一的问题是,对于一部90分钟的电影来说,似乎有太多的内容,而且不是所有的时刻都有意义。
kaiyuleethu : Ok, I commit I laughed many times during the movies. However, I have higher expectation of Teng Shen! He is the Chaplin of China, he should be give me something more than this movie! In other hand, Han Han should improve his tale and directing. Generally speaking, I think it is overrated. 好吧,我承诺在电影中我会笑很多次。但是,我对沈腾有更高的期望!他是中国的卓别林,他应该给我比这部电影更多的东西!另一方面,韩寒应该改进自己的故事和导演。一般来说,我认为这是被高估了。
Sean Gilman : Not sure if it’s as good as Red Line 7000, but it’s close.  Definitely better than Days of Thunder or The Love Bug.  That ending is something special. 不确定它是否和《龙虎大飞车》,但很接近。绝对比《雷霆壮志》或《The Love Bug》要好。结局很特别。
guavas : Pretty boring, not a lot of great jokes (save for a fairly amusing song and dance scene), etc. The surreal ending was more interesting, but the movie didn’t earn it. 很无聊,没有很多好的笑话(除了一个相当有趣的歌舞场面),等等。超现实的结局更有趣,但电影并没有赢得它。
Paul Dyer : Some of the jokes were lost on this English speaker and are obviously aimed at the Cantonese/Mandarin audiences but some the jokes properly landed and it’s a proper giggle for the first hour or so. The rally sequences at the end are brilliant and reminds me of The Grand Tour, with dust flying and wheels spinning in super slow mo. All in all a decent 98 minutes. 一些笑话在这位英语演讲者身上丢失了,显然是针对广东话/普通话听众的,但有些笑话却恰到好处地落下了,在第一个小时左右的时间里,这是一个恰当的笑声。最后的拉力赛非常精彩,让我想起了这次盛大的巡演,灰尘飞扬,车轮旋转的速度非常慢。
Lynn Roberts : Amazing scenery. Interesting topic which I loved but what an ambiguous and confusing ending. 令人惊叹的景色。我喜欢的有趣的话题,但结尾却模糊不清。
Jason : Story about a professional race car driver who got suspended for 5 years and tries to get back into driving when his suspension is lifted. Pretty standard as far as structure goes, though I’m not entirely sure what to make of the cartoon ending. The actual driving part at the end was fantastic – first half of the movie had a lot of cuts in the action, but that sequence had slightly longer takes and more thrilling. 关于一个职业赛车手被停赛5年,并试图回到驾驶时,他的停赛被取消的故事。就结构而言,这是相当标准的,不过我不完全确定该如何看待卡通结尾。最后的实际驾驶部分非常棒——电影的上半部分有很多动作剪辑,但这一系列的拍摄时间稍长一些,更令人兴奋。
Cathy Brennan : The car repair scene was hot and took me by surprise 汽车修理现场很热,让我大吃一惊。
Simon Abrams : Really taken with Pegasus, a new Chinese comedy about an aging race car driver, written and directed by Han Han (whose Duckweed is supposed to be great). Pegasus is, for the most part, a very funny feel good comeback/progress narrative about the vital necessity of self-confidence despite, well, everything. But then THAT ENDING. They do not mess about with THAT ENDING. That was the most thrilling example of a filmmaker committing to his own bit that I have seen in a while. Pedal to the floor and right into a hard-left turn from feel-good fuzzies to well-earned exhilaration. THAT ENDING is an all-timer. 这部由韩寒(他的浮萍应该是伟大的)创作和导演的关于一位年老的赛车手的中国喜剧《飞马座》真的很受欢迎。在很大程度上,飞马座是一个非常有趣的,感觉良好的复出/进步的故事,讲述了自信的重要必要性,尽管,好吧,一切。但那就是结局。他们不会把这个结局搞得一团糟。这是一个最令人兴奋的例子,一个电影人致力于自己的一点,我已经看到了一段时间。脚蹬到地板上,然后右拐进一个艰难的左转弯,从感觉良好的模糊到赢得的兴奋。那个结局是一个万不得已的结局。
Flora : Not the first time Overwatch has made me cry 不是第一次让我哭了
Jayson McNulty : I’m just glad the goat is okay. 我很高兴山羊没事。
SocietyReviews : It feels like they tried to cram in too many angles for this movie and with a runtime of just over 90 minutes, not all of them worked leaving the movie with an uneven feel. The film hits its stride in the 2nd half with audiences but even then you will try to figure out exactly what director Han Han was going for. Pegasus has its cinematic moments but is a disappointing effort in all. society-reviews.com/2019/02/11/pegasus-feichi-rensheng-review-surprisingly-boring-for-a-racing-film/ 感觉就像他们试图从太多的角度填塞这部电影,运行时间仅超过90分钟,并不是所有的工作让电影有一种不均匀的感觉。这部电影在下半场的观众中取得了长足的进步,但即便如此,你也要设法弄清楚韩寒导演到底要干什么。飞马座有其电影般的时刻,但总的来说是一个令人失望的努力。
Linewalker : Sound acting and lots of obstacles go a long way toward camouflaging the lack of a real thematic core. Funny, but technically wanting. 声音表演和许多障碍都很难掩盖缺乏真正的主题核心。很有趣,但技术上很欠缺。
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