Performing art troupe members each face their own trials and tribulations in Chengdu; from escaping a family scandal to dealing with unrequited love, each experiences rejection that shapes their lives in this coming-of-age tale selected to play at the Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Chinese helming legend Feng Xiaogang.表演艺术团成员在成都面临着自己的考验和磨难;从逃避家庭丑闻到处理单相思的爱情,每个人都会在这个成年人的故事中体验他们的生活,这些故事被选中在多伦多国际电影节上演。由中国传奇导演冯小刚执导。



Seth Shively : I didn’t want to part with this film.  There was a lingering somber feeling that accompanied me as I left the theatre.  I doubt I can place a finger on what exactly moved me so much.  Perhaps the final letter from He Xiaoping’s father. Perhaps the wonderful opening dancing number.  Perhaps the closing recounting of this motley assortment of people reuniting in a foreign future time.  Perhaps the visually assaulting war scene with some astounding cinematography and blocking.  我不想和这部电影分开。当我离开剧院时,有一种挥之不去的忧郁感伴随着我。我怀疑我能用一根手指来确定到底是什么让我如此感动。也许是他父亲的最后一封信。也许是精彩的开场舞。也许是对在外国未来重聚的各种各样的人的总结。也许是视觉上攻击战争场景的一些令人震惊的摄影和拦截。
elías : It’s always fascinating seeing a particular culture transforming itself, and how it impacts the lives of individuals experiencing these changes first hand. Though Youth isn’t perfect, I think it capitalizes on this aspect of storytelling in a wonderfully robust manner, as to manifest itself into a worthwhile journey through the eyes of these characters. I may not know much about China’s history during this period, and I certainly didn’t need to. The film doesn’t fully rely on you to understand… more 看到一个特定的文化正在改变自己,以及它如何直接影响经历这些变化的个人的生活,总是很吸引人的。尽管青春并不完美,但我认为它以一种惊人的有力的方式利用了故事的这一方面,通过这些人物的眼睛,将自己展现成一段有价值的旅程。在这期间,我可能对中国的历史不太了解,当然也不需要。这部电影没有完全依靠你来理解
Filipe Furtado : Feng Xiaogang transformation into Chinese George Stevens is complete. If it was American, Youth would get a dozen oscar nominations. I say both of those things with no value judgement. 冯小刚转型为中国的乔治史蒂文斯是完整的。如果是美国人,年轻人将获得一打奥斯卡提名。我说这两件事都没有价值判断。
Brian Formo : My first Feng Xiaogang film and I felt a little mixed overall. I think it strives for immense heartache and intensely felt melodrama but for me Youth works best as an examination of bodies. The first arts troupe practice was divine, arching back to remind me of Claire Denis’ examination of the military body sans weapons in Beau Travail. The immense control of movement and muscle in the troupe’s dance performance is revelatory and the attention to body awareness appears… more 我和冯小刚的第一部电影总的来说有点混淆。我认为它是为了巨大的心痛和强烈的情节剧而奋斗,但对我来说,青春是检验身体最好的方式。第一个艺术团的做法是神圣的,拱背让我想起克莱尔·丹尼斯在比奥·特拉维尔检查无武器的军事机构。
Forrest Cardamenis : Like Jia’s Platform by way of Steven Spielberg, and one of only a few 2017 films I might call “great.” Here’s a few things I liked about it: 1. The dazzling tracking shot in the war, that begins noticing a butterfly, is interrupted by gunfire setting off a soldier’s dynamite, and then follows one of the protagonists into and out of the tall grass. 2. The period detail. In any early rehearsal scene, we see portraits on the wall of… more 就像《史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格》中贾庆林的平台,以及2017年少数几部电影中的一部,我可能会称之为“很棒”。我喜欢这部电影的几个方面:1。战争中令人眼花缭乱的跟踪镜头,开始注意到一只蝴蝶,被点燃士兵炸药的炮火打断,然后跟随一个主角进出高高的草地。2。期间详细信息。在任何早期的排练场景中,我们都能看到更多的肖像画在墙上。
Tarryn-tino : Youth is so good, so very very good. And I mean everything about it. I’m trying to think if there’s something I can fault and I really can’t. It really is unbelievable what some countries (but particularly, it seems, Asian countries) can achieve on such a small budget. If mine and my bf’s calculations were correct, they made this on less that US$20m. Now I know to some, this might seem like a pretty big amount, but after watching it,… more 青春是如此美好,如此美好。我是认真的。我试着去想,如果有什么是我能犯的,而我真的不能犯的,那么一些国家(特别是亚洲国家)在这么小的预算下能实现什么是难以置信的。如果我和我男朋友的计算是正确的,他们用不到2000万美元的钱做了这个。现在我知道,对一些人来说,这似乎是一个相当大的数额,但在看了它之后
Steven Cohen : I was a big fan of Xiaogang Feng’s I Am Not Madame Bovary, a movie about the destructive and frustrating nature of Chinese bureaucracy. So it’s not especially surprising that Feng’s newest movie, Youth, was removed from the release schedule for a time. It has finally been released, though, and is an epic about art, love, and war. The picture pairs well with Bovary, showing how love of country is often not reciprocated. Feng isn’t as experimental here with framing, but he does execute some excellent long takes. I’m in the boat for this guy now. 我是冯小刚的电影《我不是潘金莲》的忠实粉丝,这部电影讲述了中国官僚体制的破坏性和令人沮丧的本质。因此,冯小龙的最新电影《芳华》被取消了一段时间的发行计划,这并不奇怪。不过,它最终还是被发行了,是一部关于艺术、爱情和战争的史诗。这张照片与《潘金莲》很好地吻合,显示出对国家的爱往往没有得到回报。冯在这里不是很有实验性,但他确实执行了一些非常好的长镜头。
Invincible Asia : Favourite of the year so far (counting it as a 2018 film, as really, for a Non-Chinese person it’s pretty much impossible to see a film that hits cinemas by the end of December 2017 in that year). A sprawling epic, yet told from a wonderfully personal perspective, as screenwriter (and author of the book the film is adapted from) Yan Geling was once a member of a PLA troupe, just like director Feng Xiaogang. And every breathtakingly beautiful image… more 今年以来最受欢迎的电影(把它算作2018年的电影,实际上,对于一个非中国人来说,在那一年的2017年12月底之前看一部上映的电影几乎是不可能的)。这是一部庞大的史诗,但从一个奇妙的个人角度讲,作为编剧(也是电影改编自这本书的作者),严格玲曾经是一个解放军剧团的成员,就像导演冯小刚一样。每一个令人叹为观止的美丽形象
Jon M. : The anti-Cold War: totally expels the “virtue” of selfish vanity and marks it as the site of social collapse and disorder. It leans conservatively and the filmmaking gets progressively worse across its duration as it gives way to trite aesthetic exercise, but it does add further proof to the argument that the communists are truly top tier songwriters. 反冷战:完全摒弃了自私虚荣的“美德”,将其标记为社会崩溃和混乱的场所。它保守地倾斜,电影制作在它的持续时间里变得越来越糟糕,因为它让位给陈腐的审美实践,但它确实进一步证明了共产党人是真正的顶级作曲家的论点。
Rafael Abreu : They paved Communist China And put up a Coca-Cola sign 他们为共产主义中国铺平了道路,挂上了可口可乐的牌子。
Post1000Tension : I was still willing to trust Feng Xiaogang’s evenhandedness when the first hints of false rape accusation came up. His whole film is mediated through multiple levels of distance, which made me think Dingding’s justifiable unease was being distorted through a whisper-down-the-lane effect. But then the war story began. Liu Feng and He Xiaoping migrated toward the center of the film, and YOUTH transformed from an ensemble film into a melodrama. Which was itself a fine decision, and certainly borne… more 我仍然愿意相信冯小刚的公平处理,当第一个强奸指控的迹象出现时。他的整部电影都是通过多个层次的距离来调节的,这让我觉得丁丁正当的不安是通过在车道上低语而被扭曲的。但后来战争故事开始了。刘峰和小平移居电影的中心,青年从合奏电影变成了情节剧。这本身就是一个很好的决定
Mr. Kindergelt : Elegance and sincerity in the tragic nostalgia of youth. 优雅与真诚在青春的悲凉怀旧中。
Theresa Wang : This would be really good as television show 这会是个很好的电视剧
Rob Simpson : FULL REVIEW ON THE GEEK SHOW “No one could doubt the director or Youth’s ability to depict the abject terror and hopelessness of war, if anything, its that very strength that overpowers everything leaving all else in its shadow. Xiaogang is a technically gifted filmmaker in other areas with the scenes of music, dance, and art given a credibility by staging all of it with the do or die seriousness that defines such performance troupes. As well as front-loading authenticity,… more 对极客秀的全面回顾“没有人会怀疑导演或年轻人描绘战争的可悲恐怖和绝望的能力,如果有的话,那就是压倒一切的力量,把所有其他东西都留在了它的阴影中。小刚是一位技术天才的电影人,在其他领域,音乐、舞蹈和艺术的场景都被赋予了可信度,所有这些场景都是以“做还是死”的严肃性上演的,而这正是此类表演剧团的定义。
Harris Dang : The musical score is fantastic, the characters (especially the females) are well-defined and well-acted and Feng’s sneaky humour still hits the mark when it shows. But I could’ve enjoyed the film more if there weren’t three people in the cinema talking throughout the film behind me. A rewatch is needed. 乐谱很好,人物(尤其是女性)定义明确,表演得体,冯小龙的鬼鬼祟祟幽默在表演中依然引人注目。但如果电影里没有三个人在我身后的整个电影中交谈,我本可以更喜欢这部电影的。
Gabriel Lyons : Weirdly lyrical and poetic. It plays off as an ensemble drama that follows the evolution of members of a military art troupe in the People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution in China, throwing away every stop to create a narrative grand in stature and epic in scale, much like what Angelina Jolie tried to do with Unbroken. However, the film is an intense, meticulous, and lovingly scatterbrained character study of ordinary people in obtuse situations. Emotionally sentimental and photographically… more 奇怪的抒情和诗意。它是一部以中国文化大革命时期中国人民解放军军事艺术团成员的演变为背景的合奏剧,抛开每一站,创造了一个规模宏大、史诗般的叙事,很像安吉丽娜·朱莉对《未断》所做的努力。然而,这部电影是一个紧张,细致,可爱的散漫性格研究普通人在钝器的情况下。
Guilherme Renz : This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco This ain’t no fooling around No time for dancing, or lovey dovey I ain’t got time for that now 这不是聚会,这不是迪斯科,这不是闲逛,没有跳舞的时间,或者可爱的鸽子,我现在没有时间来参加。
Jussi Hulkkonen : Melodrama and sentimentalized propaganda fit side by side in Feng’s elegantly stylized, emphatically and fervently emotional portrait of youth under trial, the loves, friendships, and betrayals of young years abruptly cut short by the fire of war, Feng compares the lasting scars of war to those of youth and the failure of society to prepare the young for the real world, as he paints a portrait of a generation at once broad and intimate. In Feng’s hands, this generational portrait… more 冯小刚优美的风格化、强调和热烈的情感化的被审判的年轻人的肖像,战争之火突然切断了年轻人的爱情、友谊和背叛,情节剧和感伤的宣传并行不悖,冯小刚把战争的持久伤痕比作年轻人的伤痕和社会对准备的失败。他为现实世界画了一幅宽广而亲密的一代人的肖像。
avitaperon : YOUTH is overly ambitious in its scope. I thought the characters were all genuine and well-developed, and I really enjoyed a LOT of sequences throughout the film, but ultimately felt overwhelmed by how much it was trying to accomplish. 青年在其范围内过于雄心勃勃。我认为所有的角色都是真实的和发展良好的,我真的很喜欢整部电影中的许多序列,但最终感觉到它是多么的努力完成。
Sarah : I had a hard time getting past the misogyny in this movie. 在这部电影中,我很难摆脱厌恶。
Cameron Wayne Johnso : We Americans are by no means used to young, liberally-minded art students readily going to war with Vietnam, though these kids are doing it in defense of socialism. It’s so socialist in fact that these kids’ artistic aspirations are to serve in an art troupe for the People’s Liberation Army. Yup, it’s really socialism against socialism, Maoism against Stalinism as these kids’ turbulent lives through the Cultural Revolution culminate in the Sino-Vietnamese War. Just when you thought this was more… more 我们美国人决不习惯年轻、思想开明的艺术学生,他们很容易与越南开战,尽管这些孩子是为了捍卫社会主义。事实上,这些孩子的艺术理想是为人民解放军的艺术团服务,这是社会主义的。是的,这真的是社会主义反对社会主义,毛主义反对斯大林主义,因为这些孩子在文化大革命中的动荡生活在中越战争中达到了高潮。当你认为这更…更多的时候
ozora : Lovable period epic that builds a troubled and touching coming of age story using the powerful background of China political transformations during the second half of last century. Visually refined with great taste and care for details, it thrives with a rich cast of believable young characters that grow and meke the audience feel their turmoil along the story. All told trough a sympathetic but disenchanted eye, that does not shy from showing their painful failures and their contradictions. 《可爱的时代》史诗,以上世纪下半叶中国政治变革的强大背景,构建了一个令人不安、感人的成年故事。视觉上的精致与伟大的品味和对细节的关心,它与丰富的可信的年轻人物,成长和我的观众感到他们的故事混乱繁荣。所有这些都是通过一双同情但又清醒的眼睛讲述的,这并不妨碍他们展示痛苦的失败和矛盾。
Ken Martell : A bit too much melodrama for me at times but I enjoyed so much else about the movie that it didn’t really ruin anything for me. The way you see so much going through these characters lives you can’t help but feel for them in some of the more dramatic or intense scenes. The shockingly brutal war sequences have a nice contrast to the earlier art troupe campus scenes where many of the characters are still very young and naive.… more 对我来说有时有点太戏剧化了,但我很喜欢这部电影,它并没有真正毁掉我的任何东西。在这些角色的生活中,你看到了这么多的东西,在一些更戏剧化或更激烈的场景中,你禁不住要去感受它们。令人震惊的残酷的战争场景与早期的艺术团校园场景形成了鲜明的对比,许多角色都还很年轻,很幼稚
artemi : this movie brought me so much pain. like it didn’t even give me time to feel depressed before it brought on more depression. Also yes i watched this during christmas with my family bc apparently theres nothing more festive than watching heart-wrenching movies about communism! except its not about communism its so much more and actually after having time to process this movie (AKA 15 min after watching it) i actually love this movie and GOD im depressed. 这部电影给我带来了很多痛苦。好像在它带来更多的沮丧之前,它甚至没有给我时间去感到沮丧。同样是的,我在圣诞节和我的家人一起看了这个,显然没有什么比看令人心痛的关于共产主义的电影更喜庆的了!除了与共产主义无关,它更多的是,事实上,在有时间处理这部电影之后(也就是看了15分钟),我真的很喜欢这部电影,上帝我很沮丧。
connie : War is hell 战争就是地狱
Manuel Uberti : It may be a predictable tearjerker, but it’s a journey through the cracks of history that moved me more than I dare to confess. A coming of age of people victims of changes in the world around them so rapid that they are just locked out of it all. No time to grasp the means to reasonably deal with this world. No time if not the little, precious time you can treasure with the few ones like you. 这可能是一个可以预测的催泪瓦斯,但这是一个穿越历史裂痕的旅程,让我感动得比我不敢承认的还要多。一个即将到来的时代的人,他们周围世界的变化的受害者如此之快,以至于他们被锁在外面。没有时间掌握合理处理这个世界的方法。没有时间,如果不是一点点,宝贵的时间,你可以与像你这样的少数人一起珍惜。
internisus : A very nice historical war drama with incredible production. The flow of the story is sometimes disjointed, and, while I won’t pretend I was unaffected by its characters, it is often a bit melodramatic for my taste. But overall I quite enjoyed it. 一部非常好的历史战争剧,制作得非常出色。这个故事的流程有时是脱节的,虽然我不会假装不受人物的影响,但对我来说,它通常有点夸张。但总的来说我很喜欢。
thepigs : can’t remember when i actually watched this but it was with my parents and i cried and i really liked that day 不记得我是什么时候看的,但那是和我父母在一起的,我哭了,我真的很喜欢那一天。
ragna93 : 2017년 중국 산업영화 중에 최고라고 들었지만 나에겐 그저 실망과 실망. 계속되는 중국버전 신파의 연속. 虽然听说2017年中国产业电影中最棒,但对我来说是失望和失望。持续的中国版本新派的连续。
rhomv : It’s difficult to accurately capture Chinese history, it’s length and grandeur enveloping multiple lenses from which it could be viewed. This is particularly true of more modern historical films and novels, with the government overtly censoring films and novels that should be cannon in the modern era, such as Ruined City by Jia Pingwa. What this film does is great not only for forcing the audience to face to ugliness of China’s recent history, but for doing so at a… more 要准确地捕捉中国的历史是很困难的,它的长度和宏伟包围着多个镜头,从中可以看到它。尤其是现代历史电影和小说更是如此,因为政府对电影和小说进行了过度的审查,这些电影和小说在现代应该是大炮,比如贾平凹的《废墟之城》。这部电影所做的不仅是为了迫使观众面对中国近代史上的丑陋,而且是为了让观众更多地去面对。
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