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Alibaba founder Jack Ma discusses the future of online trade and globalization. 阿里巴巴创始人马云讨论未来贸易和全球化。



Shanika Weerasundara : Wow! Amazing interview. I learned more about business, politics, and life here than reading books written by Nobel Prize Winners or years in college. So diplomatic, humble, hilarious, well balanced, and more than anything, I am inspired!! What an amazing person!!! 哇!惊人的采访。我在这里学到了更多关于商业,政治和生活的知识,而不是阅读诺贝尔奖获得者或大学时期的书籍。如此外交,谦逊,热闹,平衡,最重要的是,我受到鼓舞!真是太棒了!
Muhammad Saeed : Jack Ma is a great man. “Trade is important not war” 马云是个伟人,“贸易很重要而不是战争”
forstorage : it’s about 10X times harder for a Chinese company to invest in America than vice versa. Your country sets up immense barriers under the name of “national security”. 对于一家中国公司来说,投资美国的难度比其他公司高10倍左右。贵国以“国家安全”的名义设置了巨大的障碍。
YOUR HIGHNESS : the interviewer tried so hard to discredit him but he got the reply right back at his face and he started respecting him as the interview went on. 主持人非常努力地诋毁他,但马云的回答立刻怼了回去,随着采访的进行,他开始尊重他。
Mazhar Ali Bhatt : Jack Ma is not only a great entrepreneur but also wise man.. & effective policy maker.. His sense of humour and smile with confidence instill confidence to everyone.. Being Indian we must acknowledge his thoughts and views which is very much productives. Simply amazing to watch his debates, talk is so inspiring.. tq, Gracias Jack Ma 马云不仅是一位伟大的企业家,也是一位聪明的人……有效的政策制定者……他的幽默感和自信心向每个人灌输信心。作为印度人,我们必须承认他的思想和观点,这是非常富有成效的。观看他的辩论真是太神奇了,谈话非常鼓舞人心……
miketeoh2 : My first time listening to this dude. He is good. A talent from new China.
Americans like him, Taiwanese hate him, they hate to see a successful Chinese 我第一次听这个家伙。他很好。来自新中国的人才。美国人喜欢他,台湾人讨厌他,他们讨厌看到一个成功的中国人
Douglas Morato : What a great conversation, Jack Ma is the NEW China’s face! 多么好的交谈,马云是新中国的脸面!
morrischiutw : the little GIANT WISE MAN of China after Deng Xiao Ping is JACK MA – ALIBABA GROUP …For sure he is , he surely deserved it. GREAT !! 他绝对是继邓小平之后,中国的大智慧男人……,他当之无愧。太棒了!!
R Ramseyer : All Americans (that care about the economy) should watch this to get a different economic view of their own economy. Mr Ma ideas are honest and will thought out.
Its the small business in the future that at the end of the day that will rise up…. 所有关心经济的美国人都应该注意这一点,以便对自己的经济有不同的观点。马先生的想法是诚实的,并会深思熟虑。未来的小企业,在某一天将会崛起….
Kennedy Ngugi : Biased host, he is backing on Jack Ma, like he is just trying to point out everything wrong with Alibaba and Jack Ma ideas, and why China should do like America does. 主持人有偏见,他支持马云,只是想指出阿里巴巴和马云想法都是错误的,以及为什么中国应该像美国那样做。
Lê Xuân Thuận: you’re in the bucket list of people that i admire. a person motivates me open my mind to the globalization world. 你在我所钦佩的人名单中,激励我更接受全球化世界。
Tracy Justice : this is how you inspire your countrymen and women!!! I feel inspired listening to him 这就是你如何激励你的同胞和女人!听到他的话,我感到很有启发
LOW CS : Food for the mind. He has an angel’s mind. 心灵鸡汤,他有angel的思想。
SHDC1234 : the main problem for USA is the education problem. the basic education is so backward than others, one teacher teaches math, English, science etc all course by himself, cannot trust this kinds of system, lots of our kids finally go to general labor area in the end under this kinds of education 美国的主要问题是教育问题。基础教育比其他人落后,一位老师自学数学,英语,科学等,不能相信这种制度,很多孩子最终在这种教育下最终进入一般劳动领域
Alex K : This guy is so far ahead in planning and executing things, it’s creepy. 这个人在计划和执行上都遥遥领先,令人毛骨悚然。
Dogecoin Millionaire : Am I the only man who thinks that Jack Ma loos like an Alien? 我是唯一认为马云看起来像外星人的人吗?
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