油管美女up主 @Brennasphere 在其频道上传了一段有关中国购物商场的视频,向她的粉丝介绍了中国商场。我们来看看外国网友有何时评价?



Inside of a Chinese Shopping Mall is far from what I expected. Once you learn how to overcome the language barrier, a whole new experience is presented to you. I visit shopping centers, supermarkets, and grocery stores showing you how and what i’m buying. This is how I grocery shop in China, check it out!  中国购物商场与我的预期相去甚远。一旦您学会了如何克服语言障碍,就会为您带来全新的体验。我今天参观购物中心,超级市场和杂货店,向您展示我的购买方式和方式。看看吧!


外国人评价中国购物商场:(地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3eaQhCjAJ4)

Jesús Martín: I am Spanish, I was living in America, I live in china now. Nothing can’t compare with this country. I feel really sad for these believing all the wester propaganda. 我是西班牙人,我以前住在美国,现在住在中国。没有什么比得上这个国家。我真的为这些相信西方的宣传感到难过。
Stewart Cole: so how did you put this video up since Youtube is banned in China? 既然Youtube在中国被禁,你是怎么把这段视频放上去的?
Chan leong Ng: So many westerner didn’t had a chance to visit China and they still think about the China of the 50” 很多西方人没有机会访问中国,他们仍然想到了50年代的中国
Angela Zhang: A grocery store in China usually have two to three floors making it huge and like a maze.When I went to China during my school summer vacation I went with my grandma to one of them and it was huge and the item are organized and separated on each of the floors. 在中国,商场通常有两到三层楼那么大,就像一个迷宫,当我在暑假的时候去了中国,我和我奶奶去了其中一家,那里非常大,每层楼都有分类的物品。
Jason Beedon: I lived in SZ for 11 years. 我在深圳住了11年。
grace wee: China is highly advanced not only have huge malls but it has also beautiful scenery. 中国是高度发达的,不仅有巨大的购物中心,而且风景优美。
kick rrr: Maybe it wasn’t. It definitely is now. 也许过去不是。现在肯定是。
112313: One thing…aeon is japanese mall…so their sop is basically wrap everything in plastic multiple times. 有一件事…永旺是日本的购物中心…所以他们的sop基本上都是用塑料多次包装。
David McKeon: Then you watch the lies in the videos of Serpentza bashing china like there’s no tomorrow and for what… for some money?…. what a failure of a guy 然后,您会看到Serpentza攻击中国的视频中的谎言,就像没有明天,为了什么……为了钱?…。
workman song: I hope those who are biased against China. If you have the opportunity, come to China to visit and feel the real China. Welcome to China. 我希望那些对中国有偏见的人。如果有机会,来中国参观,感受一下真正的中国。欢迎来到中国。
tony_bobo: nice, this place is AEON and I lived in suzhou for 6 years , really missed this place! 好极了,这地方叫永旺,我在苏州住了6年,真的很想念这个地方!
Apu Banerjee: This western liberals will surly destroy China 😂 西方的自由主义者会粗暴地摧毁中国
George Hawkins: Do they sell bat meat inside the mall? 他们在商场里卖蝙蝠肉吗?
Felyx Teoh: It is fake. How can they be better than America 这是假的。他们怎么能比美国好呢
Wei Han: Suzhou is such a beautiful city 苏州是一个如此美丽的城市
Wolvie X: basically china life now really like in singapore ,but the city more modern obviously 基本上现在的中国生活真的很像新加坡,但是这个城市显然更现代化
Dave c: It is so nice of you to have make this video for us. One thing very important if you can send your video to the White House. Address to Trump and The Evil Pompeo. They need to learn to know about China. They never been to China. Trump one time but didn’t go no where! 能够为我们制作这个视频真是太好了。 如果您可以将视频发送到白宫,那么一件非常重要的事情。向特朗普和邪恶的庞培致辞。他们需要学习了解中国。他们从未去过中国。特朗普一次,但没有去哪儿!
Sia HiongNgie: Sad to note that most westerners live in their own coconut shells! 遗憾的是,大多数西方人生活在自己的椰子壳里!
Tracy Mcgrady: live in Suzhou too, have been those markets before. It’s a beautiful place, but he house price here is a little too expensive. 也住在苏州,以前去过那些市场。这是个美丽的地方,但这里的房价有点太贵了。
Craig child: i am just getting more and more afraid that china could get smashed as japan korea and vietnam did by the eternal cavemens….. 我越来越担心中国会像日本、韩国和越南那样被永远的穴居摧毁。。。。。
Donna Care: How much money do u need to live out there or is it easy to get a job ? 你需要多少钱才能在那里生活,还是很容易找到一份工作?
Svetlana Ivnitskaya: No dear US is better and Denmark is even better than that! 不,亲爱的我们比这更好,丹麦甚至比这更好!
: Lived in China and the US, now in Australia, still believe China is a better place to live and will lead the world in the future. What people think of China? Who cares! 在中国和美国生活过,现在在澳大利亚,仍然相信中国是一个更好的地方,并将在未来领导世界。人们怎么看中国?谁在乎!
: Don’t tell the truth about China to the west. Just let them believe what they believe, it won’t effect the happiness of Chinese people 不要把中国的真相告诉西方。让他们相信他们所相信的,这不会影响中国人的幸福
: Chinese shopping mall in Major cities are now top level in the world now…. 中国各大城市的购物中心现在已经是世界顶级了。。。。
: I’ve lived in China for 6 years, it was my daily life, I smh feel life is highly inconvenient in the most western countries. 我在中国住了6年了,这是我的日常生活,我觉得在大多数西方国家生活很不方便。
: That’s funny. You just show the ordinary life in China and it’s enough to reveal how fake the western media are, even without any debate. 真有趣。你只要展示一下中国的普通生活,就足以揭露西方媒体是多么的虚伪,即使没有任何争论。
: The Western medias always give their viewers a poor image of China. For all in the West to get to know China you have to visit China, do not just watch it onto your TV, Western medias always give you a negative image of China. 西方媒体总是给他们的观众一个糟糕的中国形象。为了让所有西方国家了解中国,你必须访问中国,不要只是在电视上看,西方媒体总是给你一个负面的中国形象。
: Compared with them, we are like the third world 与他们相比,我们就像第三世界
: I have lived here for almost 9 years and I love the malls here. My favorite in the city of Nanning where I live, is called Wanda Mall. It is fantastic architecturally and houses an awesome indoor amusement park. 我在这里住了将近9年了,我喜欢这里的购物中心。我最喜欢的南宁市是万达购物中心。它在建筑上非常棒,拥有一个很棒的室内游乐园。
: I lived in USA, and I’ve been to China before, I gotta say Chinese shopping malls are way better than the US 我住在美国,我以前去过中国,我得说中国的购物中心比美国好多了
: The truth is China’s twice better than the US for YOUNG GIRLS. 事实上,在年轻女孩方面,中国比美国好两倍。
: Shopping malls in Korea, Japan and China are amazing. I love them. 韩国、日本和中国的购物中心令人惊叹。我爱他们。
: Most people’s idea of China is about 50 years out of date. I lived there for 3 years and was equally comfortable as when I lived in the US. I do prefer Northern China to the extreme South. Regardz! 大多数人对中国的看法已经过时50年了。我在那里住了3年,和在美国时一样舒适。我更喜欢中国北方而不是最南端。
: Hopefully China and the USA can find way to maintain peace for a better world 🇺🇸🌎🇨🇳 希望中国和美国能够找到维持和平以建设更美好世界的方法🇺🇸🌎🇨🇳
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