Vanity Gaming : One real MAN in world of fake China haha 一个真正的假中国人哈哈
LocumRex : All the fake martial artists and fake special forces guys should be outed and humiliated and probably be sent to jail for fraud. Dim mak, ninjas, chi sorcerers, what a bunch of garbage. It is really sad because many of the practitioners have been totally bamboozled and they really believe. MMA is the only proven method of global competitors that adapt and test the best practices of all “hand to hand” fighting techniques. 所有的假武装分子和假特种部队人员都应该被除名和羞辱,可能会因为诈骗而被送进监狱。小麦,忍者,巫师,真是一堆垃圾。这真的很可悲,因为许多实践者都完全被欺骗了,他们真的相信。MMA是全球竞争对手唯一经过验证的适应和测试所有“手对手”作战技术最佳实践的方法。
GODᴇᴘɪᴄᴇʟʟ真神 : 3:22 this guy is a disgrace to wing chun. A freaking insult. Hes punches are slow and sloppy, and doesnt even use proper strike techniques. In wing chun, using your whole bodys motion is crucial as wingchun doesnt focus on raw power. But seeing as this wing chun “master” doesnt even move his pivot foot its a shame  这家伙是咏春的耻辱。他打得慢而马虎,甚至没有使用合适的搏斗技术。在咏春,利用你的全身运动是至关重要的,因为咏春不注重原始力量。但是,看到这位咏春的“大师”连他脚都不动,真是可耻。
Benjamin Trif : He better be careful because he’s gonna get fake killed by fake kung fu 他最好小心点,因为他会被假功夫杀死
Real Talk : We know china is a capital of all kinds of fake.. But this MMA man proved that how to be a real person.. 我们知道中国是各种假货的首都。但这位MMA的人证明了如何成为一个真正的人。
Smart Research Wing Chun : What he’s doing is similar like our group. We debunk the mainstream Wing Chun with science because we have scientific findings that the current instructions are mostly wrong and not like the original instruction- they are mostly unscientific. We have the scientific instruction on Udemy. If you are interested, go to our channel and click on the link to Udemy. 他所做的与我们的团队相似。我们用科学来揭穿主流的咏春,因为我们有科学发现,当前的介绍大多是错误的
木昜元豐 : 如果是李小龍打了那個太極拳大師。沒人會說什麼的。
Timothy McQueen : A Kung Fu San Soo fighter would end his mma career. 一个功夫三秀战士将结束他的MMA生涯。
暗闇から生まれた死の天使 : 牛逼666
Novell Music Media-Novell Allen : A real occult Tai chi master would eat this guy alive. Could send energy to his insides and fry him at a distance. Trust me, he knows this. This is just Western propaganda. 一个真正的神秘太极大师会把这个家伙活活吃掉。能把能量传送到他的体内,并在远处炸他。相信我,他知道这一点。这只是西方的宣传。
oV3rtigo : This man is a legend. 这个人是个传奇。
Chris Thvedt : He’s a Narcissist. 他是个自恋者。
Definitely not the Question : Come on guys, the tai chi guy was just out of mana. 来吧,伙计们,那个太极拳的家伙刚刚失去法力。
dannyboywhaa : Anyone with half a brain knows Kung fu is just deception and magic tricks! Always was – those Shaolin Monks though? They’re the real deal… but they aren’t allowed to fight for money/competition etc etc 任何一个白痴的人都知道功夫只是一种欺骗和魔术!一直都是-那些少林僧侣?他们才是真正的…但不允许他们为金钱/竞争等而战
Kaviraj Selvam : This is by far the best way to expose these scumbags who ruin the name kung fu 这是揭发这些破坏功夫名声的混蛋的最好办法
the Greatjon : It’s not that Kung Fu is fake, it’s just that its not practical and not likely to win in an actual fight against modern MMA practitioners. 这不是说功夫是假的,而是说它不实际,也不可能在与现代MMA实践者的实战中获胜。
Darth Iniquitous : Always some MMA guy on a mission to “expose” stuff. Just go fight, let mad men remain mad. Let fakes be fakes. Ego over brains unfortunately. 总是有人在任务中“暴露”东西。去打架吧,让疯子们继续生气吧。假货就是假货。
Nickolas Ganadakis : Well, I know his problem in China, he states it out clearly at 04:49 “I hope everybody can think independently”. In China of all places. Once a bastion of philosophy is now a center of sophistry, isolationism and fear. Expecting free thought to be appreciated in a dictatorial regime is just not gonna happen. 嗯,我知道他在中国的问题,他在04:49清楚地说:“我希望每个人都能独立思考。”在中国的所有地方。哲学的堡垒曾经是诡辩、孤立主义和恐惧的中心。期待自由思想在独裁政权中得到赞赏是不可能的。
Paraguay Mike : What about Shaolin Kung fu? 少林功夫怎么样?
John Steel : This guy fights bums 这家伙和流浪汉打架
ao el : He got unpersoned. That’s scary. 他没有人支持。太可怕了。
Koko Junior : The truth is the fact 事实就是这样
francis mate : Bruce Lee created MMA why r Chinese angry..?? He is a legend for the chinese 李小龙创造了MMA,为什么中国人生气?他是中国人的传奇人物
C T : Arts are just for looking. That’s why they call it martial arts. 艺术只是为了寻找。所以他们称之为武术。
1 chen : CCTV4(CGTV)就这么大摇大摆的骗,这就是我们中国电视台的节目,一个字就是假。
rawirihemi27 : Keep up the great work mate 继续坚持伙计
phu nguyen : and this man is only a AMATEUR MMA fighter…..Chinese people gotta wake up, their kung fu is even inferior to Karate and Teakwondo…not to mention MMA 而这个人只是一个业余的MMA拳手……中国人必须清醒过来,他们的功夫甚至比空手道和柚木还要差……更不用说MMA了。
Lantilun G : Congrats bro we need more like you. P.S. I would love to punch those fake Kung Fu master 恭喜兄弟,我们需要像你一样的人。另外,我想打那些假功夫大师
Kcs123 : He did the right thing To beat the fake fighter. 他做了正确的事打败了那个假斗士。
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