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China is testing a new plan to urge its citizens to do more good and be more trustworthy – the Social Credit System. It’s kind of like the American credit score, except it tracks far more than financial transactions. It tracks good — and bad — deeds.  中国正在测试一项新计划,敦促其公民做得更好,更值得信赖 – 社会信用体系。这有点像美国的信用评分,除了它远远不止记录金融交易,它还记录好事和坏事。


Part of the system is a neighbor watch program that’s being piloted across the country where designated watchers are paid to record people’s behaviors that factor into their social credit score. A high score could bring you lower interest loans and discounted rent and utility bills, but if your score is low, you can be subjected to public shaming or even banned from certain kinds of travel, life gets hard.  该系统的一部分是一个邻居监视计划,该计划正在全国范围内进行试点,在那里指定观察者获得报酬,记录人们的社会信用评分因素。高分可以为您带来较低的利息贷款和折扣的租金和水电费,但如果您的分数低,您可能会受到公众羞辱甚至禁止某些旅行,生活变得艰难。


China’s economy has exploded over the past decades, economic reforms required banks to be able to evaluate individuals looking to borrow money to buy houses or start new businesses. Fraud and excess borrowing were rampant because most people didn’t really have much of a credit history. To measure its citizens’ trustworthiness, in 2014, The State Council laid out a plan that aims to build a centralized database to evaluate individuals and organizations based on their financial and social behaviors. 中国经济在过去几十年中呈爆炸式增长,经济改革要求银行能够评估希望借钱买房或开办新业务的个人。欺诈和过度借贷猖獗,因为大多数人并没有太多的信用记录。为衡量其公民的可信度,国务院于2014年制定了一项计划,旨在建立一个集中的数据库,以评估个人和组织的财务和社会行为。


The program is scheduled to be nationwide by 2020, which means every Chinese citizen will be tracked, scored, and receive perks and restrictions accordingly. 该计划到2020年在全国范围内进行,这意味着每个中国公民都将得到跟踪,评分,并相应地获得额外津贴和限制。


VICE News went to a village in one of the first pilot cities to see how the local office funnels the behaviors of 3,000 residents in this neighborhood into social credit scores.  VICE News前往首批试点城市之一的一个村庄,了解当地办事处如何将该社区3000名居民的行为汇集到社会信用评分中。




jen yen Koh : This feels like those Sci Fi Dystopia future where Govt uses technology to control every aspect of individual. So in long run people are being nice not because they want to cos they are force to. 这就像是科幻反乌托邦的未来,政府利用科技来控制个人的各个方面。所以,从长远来看,人们是友善的,不是因为他们想这样做,因为他们是被迫的。
Mariyam : I worry about how this system would be implemented on discriminated minorities, like the Uyghurs. Wouldn’t you lose credit for practicing your religon? 我担心这个制度将如何实施在歧视少数民族,如维吾尔族。你不会因为练习你的宗教信仰而失去信誉吗?
prinsessa : This eerily resembles Black Mirror’s Nosedive 这真像《黑镜》。
Erik de Zwaan : if china is true it will use BLOCKCHAIN to track all goverment activities… if china can get peoples trust this strange system might work. People need a dictator / leviathan but he needs to be logical and philosophical advanced. 如果是真的,它将使用区块链跟踪所有政府活动…如果中国能让人们相信这个奇怪的体系可能会奏效。人们需要一个独裁者/利维坦,但他需要逻辑和哲学上的先进性。
The asiatic Lion : Black mirror 黑镜
Erik de Zwaan : Very intresting. Is this a forebode? In europe our freedom is also being fliushed away. I think it is a normal proces. Between brave new world and 1984. It may sound idiotic but our true god is gonna be a machine… and we will be his angels.. whom will be send to hell if our scores are too low. There are to many people and freedom is a vague concept.. atleast iam free in my head… maybe i will move to china.. 非常有趣。这是前兆吗?在欧洲,我们的自由也被冲走了。我认为这是正常的过程。在勇敢的新世界和1984年之间。听起来可能很愚蠢,但我们真正的上帝会是一台机器…我们将成为他的天使……如果我们的分数太低,谁会被送进地狱。对很多人来说,自由是一个模糊的概念。至少我脑子里有空…也许我会搬到中国……
Donna Llaguno : Encourages fakeness and putting on a persona just to be a goody-two-shoes 鼓励假扮成一个好人。
D Dorcha Graine : Being honest most of you people here on the Internet are bland mindless sheep, with barely any sense of honor or integrity. Or sense of right and wrong. 老实说,你们中的大多数人在互联网上都是平淡无奇的无心羊,几乎没有任何荣誉感或正直感。或者是对错的感觉。
yuqing2006 : “Kino’ Journey”. Watch the episode where he is in a country with a point system. The president’s goal since he was a child was to accumulate enough points so one day he can kill a man and not go to jail. “基诺之旅”。看他在一个有积分系统的国家的那一集。从孩提时代起,总统的目标就是积累足够的分数,所以有一天他可以杀死一个男人而不会坐牢。
Ian Macbeth : One day they will restrict people from buying food if their score is too low.. 有一天,如果分数太低,他们会限制人们购买食物。
Bacons Strip : Seems like an incredibly easy system to game. 似乎是一个非常简单的游戏系统。
Adam Covers : Black Mirror…. Soon, their Social Credit score will become their currency and Chinese people will become the most Fake people on the planet. And they won’t realize it the whole country will be too deep into the rabbit hole and that will be the end. There’s no point in me saying “Wake up, China!!!” because no Chinese person is going to be able to read this comment. 黑镜……很快,他们的社会信用评分将成为他们的货币,中国人将成为世界上最假的人。他们不会意识到,整个国家都会陷入兔子洞的太深,这就是结局。我说“醒醒,中国!!因为没有中国人能读到这篇评论。
Chief M’Baku : The west is in moral and economic decline, and think they can lecture the Chinese who have been a great power and civilisation long before Europeans learnt to have regular body wash. The system will ensure their villages do not turn into lawless ghettos. 西方在道德和经济上都在衰退,他们认为他们可以在欧洲人学会定期清洗身体之前,向那些已经成为大国和文明的中国人进行演讲。该系统将确保他们的村庄不会变成无法无天的聚居区。
V M : Bloody effing Weird & Scary.. Chinese people were already mindless state drones.. One more tweak of evil will do just the trick 血淋淋的怪异和恐怖……中国人已经是愚蠢的无人机。再做一次邪恶的调整就可以了。
Soorya Narayan : So wrong on all levels..no personal freedom…making people conform to a particular 所以在所有层面上都是错误的……没有个人自由……让人们服从某个特定的
It’s fissy : seems kind of shitty that they call this a Social Credit System but yet the only retribution possible is by spending money to gain your social status back. seems kind of shady lowkey. 他们称之为社会信用体系似乎有点流氓,但唯一可能的报应是花钱重新获得社会地位。似乎有点阴险。
daniella locatis : Is this the nosedive episode from black mirror 这是《黑镜》中的一集吗?
Gedders G : It is pretty moving how the people embrace it since they feel it helps create a better community, I feel sorry for the people who are wrongfully punished though. Imagine that man at the end being put in the same catagory as someone who cracked his Wife’s head open in a domestic, just seems mental. 人们接受它的方式很感人,因为他们觉得它有助于创建一个更好的社区,但我为那些受到错误惩罚的人感到抱歉。想象一下,最后一个男人和一个在家里把他妻子的头劈开的人一样陷入了同样的困境,只是看起来很精神。
Voxel Spark : It’s more than a little unsettling that Vice is covering this as if being a slave to an ever watchful government is a good thing. People have to understand that imperfect beings, i.e. humans, cannot create and sustain perfect systems like this; even if this system starts as a noble good it will eventually be used for evil as every system preceding it has been. 罪恶掩盖了这一点,似乎成为一个时刻警惕的政府的奴隶是一件好事,这不仅仅是一点令人不安的事情。人们必须明白,不完美的人,即人类,不能创造和维持这样的完美系统;即使这个系统开始是一种高尚的善,它最终也会像它之前的每一个系统一样被用于邪恶。
Oda Kauffman : Even as people say China is dominating the world economy. They’ll fail at maintaining domestic issues if systems like these are put in place. 正如人们所说,中国正在主宰世界经济。如果像这样的制度落实到位,他们将无法维持国内问题。
Gordon Styles : Why such a cynical tone. I have lived in China for 13 years, I am British, a businessman. I have built a factory here. After so many years of working with the Chinese, you realise that a system like this is the only way that you can actually get them motivated to do the right thing. Westerners should not look down upon systems like this unless they actually know the people that it’s designed for. I love China, great spirit of the people, they’re going to take over the world. Better get used to it. 为什么会这样愤世嫉俗的语气。我在中国生活了13年,我是英国商人。我在这里建了一家工厂。在与中国人一起工作了这么多年之后,你意识到这样一个系统是你能真正激励他们做正确事情的唯一途径。西方人不应该轻视这样的系统,除非他们真正了解它的设计对象。我爱中国,人民的伟大精神,他们将接管世界。最好习惯。
hank pun : I always remind myself to do good and especially Random acts of kindness. I bet my social points will be through the roof if I live in China. 我总是提醒自己要做好事,尤其是偶尔的善举。我敢打赌,如果我住在中国,我的社交积分一定会很高。
bình phạm : this system is just as ridiculous as the school system, oh no the school is taking over the world! 这个系统和学校系统一样荒谬,哦,不,学校正在接管世界!
Donkey Kong : Good social research to improve behaviors. 良好的社会调查,改善行为。
Quimper111 : Horror made reality 恐怖变成现实
YPH army : as someone with depression and social anxiety, i can see myself going insane from this type of system. 作为一个抑郁和社交焦虑的人,我可以看到自己从这种类型的系统中变得疯狂。
Mia DoubleZeroSeven : Aren’t they LOSING money by not allowing people to buy train or plane tickets? 他们不允许人们买火车票或飞机票难道不是在赔钱吗?
Brandon Near : To praise his virtues…. HMMM, Virtues or to be virtuous, what does this word mean? It means; having or showing high moral standards. HMMMM, morality can be considered righteousness which means you’re acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin. What a load of crap coming from a government that acts the opposite to how they expect their citizens to be. 赞美他的美德…嗯,美德还是美德,这个词是什么意思?它的意思是:具有或表现出很高的道德标准。嗯,道德可以被视为正义,这意味着你的行为符合神圣或道德的法律:没有罪恶或罪恶。一个政府的行为与他们对公民的期望完全相反,这真是一派胡言。
WHERE IS THE LAMB Sauce : oh my god black mirror is turning into a real thing now 哦,天哪,黑镜现在变成了现实
Me The Me : Americas social score system has already begun. 美国社会评分系统已经开始。
Dorin Tudose : Well I believe they need that 我相信他们需要那个
Moonglow : This is more than cruel. More than inhuman. This will make god very angry. 这不仅仅是残忍。不仅仅是不人道的。这会让上帝非常生气。
BOSSMAN : there’s a possibility this can happen everywhere in the world 这有可能发生在世界各地
Ahmed A : They brought slavery 他们带来了奴隶制
Roman Legionnaire : Meritocracy originated in China, Only pure Meritocracy can be found in China, monolingual westerners will never understand the powerful bilingual cognitive capacity of asians. If you stuck in a situation where one will be saved and the other one dies, between you and an animal, a westerner will save an anima while you will die, this is the true nature of Westerners, they cannot be trusted, they deserve the lowest social credit as much as possible. 精英主义起源于中国,中国只有纯粹的精英主义,单语西方人永远无法理解亚洲人强大的双语认知能力。如果你陷入这样一种境地,一个会被拯救,另一个会死,在你和一只动物之间,一个西方人会拯救一只动物,而你会死,这是西方人的真实本性,他们不能被信任,他们应该得到尽可能低的社会信用。
Ana Banana : I want to get paid to be a rat. fun job. I’m serious. 我想得到报酬成为一只老鼠。有趣的工作。我是认真的。
Vinnie Krieger : In days of old, China used the granny brigade to monitors the goings-on in their communities. Today, it’s still the same old, same old, except now it’s computerized and more far reaching. So glad my parents hi-tailed it out of there to Canada. I’m sure we are all being surveilled somehow but, hopefully not to this extend in my lifetime anyway. 在过去的几天里,中国使用老大队来监测他们社区的情况。今天,它仍然是相同的旧,相同的旧,除了现在它是计算机化的,更深远。很高兴我父母把它带到了加拿大。我确信我们都被某种方式的监视着,但希望在我的有生之年不会再这样下去。
Timothy Clark : this is exactly what leftists like vice want in the US. 这正是像邪恶这样的左派在美国想要的。
WhoIsAmaze : very very interesting!! 非常有趣!!
chawn2112 : For a country with little to no moral standards, this is pretty good. 对于一个几乎没有道德标准的国家来说,这是相当好的。
Dan Moran : Police state. Keep this away from the west! 警察国家。把这个远离西方!
Amulek Yu : When these people are going to wake up that government is meant to serve citizens instead of enslave them 当这些人意识到政府应该为公民服务而不是奴役他们时
ivan tan : There are pros and cons in everything. Abuse of such system can bring much harm in more ways than 1. Most chinese is spoke with support this system because they bear no ill will or want to cause any harm unto others. They feel safer with this system in place. If the world has this system, you wont have idiots like the orange mushroom turd in the wh. 每件事都有利弊。滥用这一制度可能带来的危害不止1种。大多数中国人都支持这一制度,因为他们没有恶意,也不想对他人造成任何伤害。有了这个系统,他们感觉更安全。
Meaghan Halkett : How do the sick elderly and disabled function there? What if they can only work part time and require medication to survive? Are they completely ostracised from society and left to die? Or do they just get their organs harvested since they are worth more money to the system that way? 老年人和残疾人在那里是如何工作的?如果他们只能兼职,需要药物治疗才能生存呢?他们是完全被社会排斥,任由自己去死吗?或者他们仅仅是因为他们的器官价值更高而获得收获?
lizadonrex : You got a trophy by return the wallet, that show something really wrong in China. 你把钱包还给我就得到了一个奖杯,这表明中国确实出了问题。
Redwing Blackbird : They already have this in the U.S. Its called background checks, but you can’t increase your score after you get a background. 他们在美国已经有了这个被称为背景调查的项目,但是在你有了背景之后你就不能提高你的分数了。
superfuresh : The perfect system. If only we could bring it to the US. Too many scum bags. This will separate the scumbags from the good and will help create good neighbgohood for the good and thendcumbags can go live together in their crap neighborhoods 完美的系统。如果我们能把它带给美国就好了。浮渣袋太多。这将把坏蛋和好人分开,并将有助于为好人创造良好的邻居,然后这些坏蛋可以一起生活在他们的垃圾社区。
4-UP : I’d rather spend the night in the Serengeti than ONE MOMENT in china, if I step in China GOT MY DATA, PICTURE, RETINA SCAN, BODY SCAN & DNA WHILE A CAMERA WITH SOMEBODY BEHIND IT JUST LOOKING….WHILE IM WALKING HOME FROM WORK WITH NO SHOES BECAUSE SHOES COST EXTRA…. 我宁愿在塞伦盖蒂过夜,也不愿意在中国呆一段时间,如果我走进中国,得到了我的数据、照片、视网膜扫描、身体扫描和DNA,而一台背后有人的相机却在看着……而我下班回家时却没有鞋子,因为鞋子要额外收费……
slee : I see a lot of poorly behaved beings in the comment section worrying this might happen to them in the future. hm…. I think all of us have seen enough of poorly behaved tourists from China. This system is designed to solve this issue. If you are not happy about it, I have no word. I like it personally. If you can’t behave abroad, don’t even bother to buy a plane ticket. Not to mention those who borrowed money yet refuse to pay back. It is simple. All other comments here are suggesting that this system would evolve into something tremendously evil. I guess the paranoid are letting imagination run wild. The system is flawed but effective immediately. It needs to be modified but the idea behind it is impressive 我在评论部分看到很多行为不端的人担心这会在将来发生在他们身上。嗯…我想我们所有人都看到了来自中国的行为不端的游客。这个系统是为解决这个问题而设计的。如果你对此不满意,我就没有话说了。我个人喜欢。如果你在国外表现不好,甚至不用买机票。更不用说那些借钱却拒绝还钱的人了。这很简单。这里的所有其他评论都表明,这个系统将演变成一种极其邪恶的东西。我想这个偏执狂让想象变得疯狂了。该系统存在缺陷,但立即生效。它需要修改,但背后的想法令人印象深刻
Skt Brown : this systems is necessary, to teach mainlanders not to defecate in public, not to swarming food buffet like animals, and to learn simple basic manners and etiquette when go abroad. 这套系统是必要的,可以教会内地人不要在公共场合大便,不要像动物一样拥挤在一起吃自助餐,出国时学习简单的基本礼仪。
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