“2018年中国票房收入89亿美元。仅比美国数字落后30亿美元。在这里,我大致看看国家控制的中国电影业如何寻求更好的国际基础,以及亲中国主义如何进入主流西方电影。” —by @Georg Rockall-Schmidt



The Chinese box office brought in $8.9 billion dollars in 2018. That’s only three billion behind US numbers. Here I’m broadly looking at how the state controlled Chinese film industry seeks better international grounding, and how pro-Chinese sentiment is finding its way into mainstream Western film.  2018年中国票房收入89亿美元。仅比美国数字落后30亿美元。在这里,我大致看看国家控制的中国电影业如何寻求更好的国际基础,以及亲中国情绪如何进入主流西方电影。


China’s film industry is state controlled, but all films shown in China have to be approved. This means that, with the second largest market in the world, if film producers want their movie shown in China they have to conform to the will of the state.  中国的电影业是国家控制的,在中国展出的所有电影都必须获得批准。这意味着,作为世界第二大市场,如果电影制片人希望他们的电影在中国展出,他们必须符合国家的意愿。


But while China has an iron grip on what is imported, it seeks to influence international audiences with large films made with export, and foreign audiences in mind.  但是,尽管中国对进口电影有着铁杆的控制,但它试图通过出口制作的大型电影来影响国际观众,并考虑到外国观众。


I try to give a broad overview of China’s influence in this video. The depth of the subject proper though, especially when it comes to the strategy of Chinese state film and analysis surrounding it, is far far greater. 我试着对中国在这段视频中的影响作一个大致的概述。不过,这个主题的深度要大得多,尤其是涉及到中国国家电影的战略和围绕它的分析时。



John Couchman : Whenever I see Tencent involved in a movie, I get a bit worried. 每当我看到腾讯参与电影,我都会有点担心。
听我说爸爸 : Chinese don’t like the meg and the great wall, either. They lost money in Chinese market. 中国人也不喜欢梅格和长城。他们在中国市场亏了钱。
Chris Anderson : I dont like anything about China except their hot womens. Everything else messes up things for the rest of us… video game hackers all come from China, bad movies that are broken from the start because they want chinese money, etc etc. Communism! it ruins things for everyone. <3 我不喜欢中国的任何东西,除了他们的性感女郎。其他的一切都把我们其他人搞砸了…电子游戏黑客都来自中国,从一开始就因为想要中国的钱而被破坏的坏电影,等等,共产主义!它破坏了每个人的生活。< 3
dakka head : I just wanted to contribute by adding the fact that some film makers are/were willing to change their stories with the Chinese in mind. To be specific, World War Z. 我只是想补充一个事实,一些电影制作者愿意/愿意改变他们的故事与中国人在心里。具体来说,二战时期。
pluggthis : So you’re saying that China is setting itself up for being treated foolishly by the rest of the world? And in fact oddly requiring foolish treatment? Remarkable. Your point? Because with the resst of the world’s movie viewing markets that won’t tolerate the sort of nonsense that China insistes for it’s market, well, you know, they buy movie tickets too. 所以你是说中国正在为被世界其他国家愚弄而建立自己?事实上,奇怪的是需要愚蠢的治疗?值得注意的。你的观点?因为世界观影市场的压力不会容忍中国坚持的那种无稽之谈,嗯,你知道,他们也会买电影票。
Polterpneuma : Agreed. Due to the fact that their entertainment is state controlled, like 99% of their movies, games, and books are absolute garbage. 同意。因为他们的娱乐活动是国家控制的,比如99%的电影、游戏和书籍都是垃圾。
Kacpa2 : Other thing is how chinese are full of themselves and entitled because their culture being so old, and talking about wisdom and other bullshit that was long lost but they pretend that they are superior morally to the rest of the world. Many of chinese living in cities in china have really shitty attitiude and mentality, they do not care for preservation of their history(big part of it being communism era exploits at destroying almost all of it through the 50s and 60s). It can be easily seen by amount of rundown buildings all over the smaller towns through all of china….noone cares to fix any of that, it’s like entiriety of china is like Detroit, except for big cities. This extends to their means of productions, disregard for enviroment and other issues all throwaway, careless and idiotic, and incredibly egoistic as nationality by babbling about their superiority and “wisdom” 另一件事是中国人是如何充满自己和有资格的,因为他们的文化是如此古老,谈论智慧和其他早已失去的胡说八道,但他们假装自己在道德上优于世界其他地方。许多生活在中国城市的中国人都有很糟糕的态度和心态,他们不关心历史的保存(其中很大一部分是共产主义时代的剥削,在50年代和60年代摧毁了几乎所有的历史)。在整个中国的小城镇,到处都是破败的建筑……没人在乎解决这些问题,就像中国的整体就像底特律一样,除了大城市。这扩展到了他们的生产手段,对环境和其他问题的漠视都被抛弃了,粗心和白痴,以及难以置信的自我主义,因为他们的优越性和“智慧”。
Kevin Dorn : as much as i despise our western system, china is a fucking superstate hellhole with a population of timid drones. 尽管我鄙视我们的西方体系,但中国是一个他妈的超级大国,有着一群胆怯的无人机。
kwfilipe : Weird to hear the rules against gambling and ghosts. Movies like God of Gamblers and Spooky Encounters were hits in Hong Kong. See Samo Hung in Spooky Encounters using traditional folklore to make an entertaining movie 听到禁止赌博和鬼魂的规定很奇怪。像赌徒之神和鬼魅般遭遇的电影在香港被击中。看《仙女》用传统民间传说制作一部有趣的电影
Allen Sam : I live in China. The music censorship is even worse. Its all like K-pop but even worse. 我住在中国。音乐审查制度更糟。一切都像K-Pop,但更糟。
kuazexin : How Hollywood is a sell out and a fucking cock sucker* 好莱坞是一个卖不出去的混蛋*
eebbeerrttpp : Hold on right there! 1. How cheap are the tickets in China? 2. What other entertainment alternatives do people have in China? 3. How effective is the Chinese government effort to make its people watch these movies? 4. Do you remember that China has a 1.4 billion population?… 坚持住!1。中国的票有多便宜?2。在中国,人们还有其他娱乐选择吗?三。中国政府让人民看这些电影的效果如何?4。你还记得中国有14亿人口吗?…
au jack : I tried to pitch my mega blockbuster sci fi movie story to Chinese sci fi magazine with connections and got rejected lol heck, the plot is pretty much avatar like and Americans are the bad guys and that got rejected by the editor (perhaps because the hero and heroine is white too lol? ) it would be real hard for China to produce a movie that is meaningful and universal, wandering earth is a big stretch departure from the original source material and even the three bodies problem novel underwent rewrites in the state sponsor version deleting much of the cultural revolution references from the original version… 我试着把我的大制作科幻电影故事通过人脉推销给中国的科幻杂志,结果被拒绝了,哈哈哈,情节很像阿凡达,美国人是坏人,被编辑拒绝了(也许是因为男主角和女主角都是白人,哈哈?)对于中国来说,要制作一部有意义和普遍性的电影是非常困难的,流浪地球与原著有很大的不同,甚至连《三体》小说都在国家资助版本中被改写,删除了原版本中的大部分文化大革命参考文献。
Tiwaking Tiwaking : 6:43 Chinese movies are fucking shit 6:43中国电影真他妈的糟透了
Rallis : Why is china so scared of ghosts in movies? 为什么中国如此害怕电影中的鬼魂?
Wilson Lee : Heavily censored movies to make you think the way they want you to isn’t worth my time, I rather be dreaming in my sleep. At least I’m not controlling it in the direction I want it to… 严格审查的电影让你觉得他们想要你的方式不值得我花时间,我宁愿在我的睡眠中做梦。至少我不想控制它朝着我想要的方向…
Muay Thai Levi : This is a topic that has fascinated me. You see subtle hints of the Chinese movie investors consistently. I first realized it in Matt Damon’s “The Martian,” when the Chinese were panned as brilliant and as the ones who helped saved the day getting him home via their space program. Now we’re getting somewhat bizarre cross-movie type blockbuster such as “Great wall.” That shit doesn’t sell much in. the US though. 这是一个令我着迷的话题。你可以看到中国电影投资者一贯的微妙暗示。我在马特·达蒙的《火星人》中第一次意识到这一点,当时中国人被评为才华横溢的人,以及那些通过太空计划帮助拯救他回家的人。现在我们有了一些奇怪的跨电影类型的大片,比如《长城》,这种东西卖得不多。
Abu Hajar : yeah it’s the illusion of freedom here because people quibble on top of a good layer of fundamental assumptions which disagreeing with probably won’t end with your organs getting harvested unless of course it’s after you jump into traffic and you are a donor 是的,这是自由的假象,因为人们在一个很好的基本假设层上口是心非,这些假设可能不会以你的器官收获而告终,当然,除非是在你投入交通之后,而你是捐赠者。
JonMacFhearghuis : Yeah, not sure China’s exploits in WW2 will paint them in the best light. 是的,不确定中国在二战中的战绩是否会给他们带来最好的启示。
dillenbeck53531 : Here in the US, my mother tells me we need to cater to the demands of the wealthy and the corporations because otherwise “they’ll just pack up and go elsewhere” – but listening to this video I just realized that it doesn’t matter, even if we do cater to them they will “pack up” and go to wherever the money is. 在美国,我母亲告诉我,我们需要满足富人和公司的需求,否则“他们会打包到别处去”,但听了这段视频后,我才意识到这并不重要,即使我们迎合了他们,他们也会“打包”到钱所在的地方去。
it’s ok to smirk : I hated The Wall. 我讨厌这堵墙。
Michael and Benjamin’s Podcast : Don’t forget Skyscraper! China – good. America – good. Europe – vaguely bad. 别忘了摩天大楼!中国-很好。美国-很好。欧洲——有点糟糕。
cannon : First time I noticed the Chinese market pandering were the Transformers films, the second to fourth films to be exact. Lots of scenes filmed in China, lots of Chinese product placement, including putting a Chinese bank product placement in the fourth film, when the characters weren’t even _in_ China yet! 我第一次注意到中国市场上迎合的是变形金刚电影,确切地说是第二到第四部电影。很多场景都是在中国拍摄的,很多中国的产品植入,包括在第四部电影中放一个中国银行的产品植入,当时角色还没有在中国!
Michael and Benjamin’s Podcast : The Chinese, they’re a grand bunch of lads! 中国人,他们是一群伟大的小伙子!
TheAutistWhisperer : Videogames aren’t safe either. 电子游戏也不安全。
Serahpin : The West should be sanctioning China making it illegal for any company to do business with them. China is creating a navy, taking over entire sections of Africa and the SE Asia, and building space weapons. Are we really so stupid, shortsighted and arrogant as to think that making a buck today is worth losing our freedom tomorrow? 西方应该制裁中国,让任何公司与中国做生意都是违法的。中国正在组建一支海军,接管整个非洲和东南亚地区,并建造太空武器。我们真的是如此愚蠢、目光短浅和自大以至于认为今天赚一分钱值得我们明天失去自由吗?
Citizen : Excellent work as ever, George. Thanks. 一如既往的出色工作,乔治。谢谢。
drxym : It’s amazing how obvious Chinese influence is in some films – Chinese product placement & gratuitous subplots featuring Chinese actors or locations. Oh and the film is usually watered down, inoffensive pap. 令人惊讶的是,在一些电影中,中国的影响力是如此明显——中国的植入式广告和以中国演员或地点为特色的免费分片。哦,而且这部电影通常是用水冲洗过的,没有什么害处。
Adam Dawson : Whats it matter anymore anyways. Modern cinema is garbage. Used to be making art and profit. Now its just profit. Boring, cgi laden disposable trash pumped out as fast as possible. Movies are not epic and timeless anymore. Just forgettable nonsense. 不管怎样,这又有什么关系。现代电影是垃圾。曾经是艺术和利润的来源。现在它只是盈利。无聊,装着CGI的一次性垃圾尽快抽出来。电影不再是史诗和永恒的。忘了胡说八道。
Balleet : Honk Kong cinema does not influence western film making enough for my taste. 香港电影院对西方电影的制作影响不足以满足我的口味。
Chris Jameson’s channel 1 : And Hollywood’s answer to the Chinese market was Rose Tico Hollywood is doomed doomed I tell you doomed 好莱坞对中国市场的回答是,罗丝提科好莱坞注定要失败。我告诉你,注定要失败。
Adam : Corrupt bureaucracy controls the media? *That’s how mafia works.* 腐败的官僚控制着媒体?*黑手党就是这样运作的。
HXTPJH : I would argue the primary reason Marvel changed the Mandarin and the Ancient One was to be in the Chinese market. They would not show a film with a western hero beating a Chinese villain or one that would imply that Tibetans were not Chinese. 我想说,惊奇漫画改变普通话的主要原因,而古代的原因是在中国市场。他们不会放映一部西部英雄击败中国恶棍的电影,也不会放映一部暗示藏人不是中国人的电影。
Thatcher Nap : People are always looking for a conspiracy, but China’s very clearly pushing for more global influence with a terrible human rights view and people either don’t know it’s happening, or make some false equivalence with western countries 人们总是在寻找一个阴谋,但中国以一种可怕的人权观非常明显地在推动更多的全球影响力,人们要么不知道它的发生,要么与西方国家做一些虚假的对等。
Amish Army : Western media turns a blind eye to China and its attrocities, in exchange for money. 西方媒体对中国及其周边国家视而不见,以换取金钱。
Scaitan : You are talking about Sino-Western coop movies here. But you need to do an episode about real chinese action movies. I dared to watch ‘The Wolf Warrior’ recently. So many cowardly UN/US troops abandoning civilians to terrorists, evil European/Japanese mercenaries and a super heroic People’s Army Navy, that, against all odds and international orders protects poor, helpless Africans. Honestly, at the end I wasn’t sure who they offended most. It’s like those old Hollywood 80’s action movies that really go nowhere but celebrate the heroes shooting some other ethnics. 你说的是中西合作电影。但是你需要做一个关于真正的中国动作片的插曲。我最近胆敢看《狼战》。如此多的懦弱的联合国/美国军队将平民抛弃给恐怖分子、邪恶的欧洲/日本雇佣军和超级英雄的人民陆军海军,以至于不顾种种困难和国际秩序保护贫穷、无助的非洲人。老实说,最后我不知道他们最冒犯了谁。就像那些老好莱坞80年代的动作片,除了庆祝英雄们射杀其他种族之外,什么也没有。
Jiyva : You can always look at hong kong or Taiwan for real chinese culture 你可以从香港或台湾看真正的中国文化。
Adam Louie : As a Chinese person, I cannot for the life of me stand China as a country, especially as a part of the film industry and community 作为一个中国人,我不能把中国当作一个国家,尤其是作为电影产业和社会的一部分。
Ngama Shaka : You are wrong the same wait the boomers turn into corporatists, Hollywood will turn as propaganda vector if need be The reason : Narcissism.. 你错了,同样的等待潮一代变成社团主义者,好莱坞会变成宣传媒介,如果需要的话原因是:自恋。
Always watching : This is why the Mandarin was changed for Iron Man 3, and why there will never be a Ghostrider movie in the MCU. 这就是为什么国语被改成《钢铁侠3》的原因,也就是为什么在单片机中永远不会有一部鬼骑士电影的原因。
Colm Murphy : I really think you underestimate the ever-growing enormous appetite of Chinese audiences for vain, meaningless, soulless cash grab media. 我真的认为你低估了中国观众对虚荣、无意义、无灵魂的抢钱媒体日益增长的巨大胃口。
Bojanglesz89 : China is a real detriment to the quality of movies! Things have become so fucking ever since producers want to make money in China! This sucks! 中国是一个真正的损害电影质量的国家!自从制片人想在中国赚钱以来,事情变得如此糟糕!这太糟糕了!
PaytoBiss : I explained to my friends that Hollywood was pandering more and more to china with THE MEG as an example and they said I was crazy and it wasn’t true. 我向我的朋友们解释说,好莱坞越来越多地以梅格为榜样迎合中国,他们说我疯了,这不是真的。
Grandmastergav86 : I miss the days when HK films weren’t fiddled with by the mainlanders. 我怀念香港电影没有被内地人摆弄的日子。
raven lord : I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords . . . 首先,我欢迎我们新的中国霸主。…
Obez45 : how does the illegality of ghosts in Chinese movies work with the force ghosts in star wars? 中国电影中鬼魂的非法性与《星球大战》中的原力鬼魂有什么关系?
Liam Noble : I’ve lived in Beijing for the last 3 and a bit years. Only ONCE have I actually gone to the cinema to see something (Blade Runner 2049) and even that had a few annoying edits in it. Fact is, anything worth seeing is not exported here, unless you want some paint by numbers CGI bore-fest. For example Marvel movies and Transformer type hash is big here for a reason – 1. People have no taste en mass because they are not culturally exposed to anything worthwhile and thought provoking (after all don’t want to get people thinking do they). 2. Because there are no other choices as censorship is very tightly controlled, you’ve got to pick the best of a bad bunch if you want to go to the cinema at all. 3. As CGI nonsense movies movies are often big in the West (regardless of actual quality) people go see them because it’s still considered trendy and cool because it’s foreign, sounds crazy in 2019 but it is actually still true. 我在北京住了3年多了。只有一次我真的去电影院看了一些东西(银翼杀手2049),甚至有一些恼人的编辑在里面。事实上,任何值得一看的东西都不会出口到这里,除非你想要一些数字CGI孔Fest油漆。例如,Marvel电影和Transformer类型散列在这里很大,原因是-1。人们在群体中没有品味,因为他们在文化上没有接触到任何值得思考的东西(毕竟他们不想让人们思考)。2。因为审查制度是严格控制的,所以没有其他选择,如果你想去看电影的话,你就得从坏人中挑选最好的。三。由于CGI的无意义电影在西方往往是大电影(不管实际质量如何),人们去看他们,因为它仍然被认为是时髦和酷的,因为它是外国的,听起来在2019年疯狂,但实际上它仍然是真的。
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