Waza De wit : Then china should stop making trash. 那么中国应该停止制造垃圾。
Swami Coupet : It’s still a comunist country 它仍然是一个共产主义的国家
PhYsC0 GaMeR : china just wanna bang USA simple is that 中国只想将美国一军
paper kay : Because they can now afford to sell us theirs and we take it. 因为他们现在可以把他们的东西卖给我们,我们接受了。
YT_WirelessTiger : Just burn the trash…. 把垃圾烧掉……
Dario Avila : So America’s best product is trash. I don’t have enough sarcastic jokes. 所以美国最好的产品就是垃圾。我没有足够的讽刺笑话。
WayneTwitch : USA never needed China China needs USA China was built from us Americans buying everything all the so called trash we send over there is shit we bought from China in the first place. They cant do shit with out America we make these shit hole country’s rich cause all the shit we buy every day here. 美国从不需要中国。中国需要美国。中国是美国人买的所有东西。我们送过来的所有所谓垃圾都是我们从中国买的垃圾。他们对美国做不了什么,我们把这些狗屎洞变成国家的富人,因为我们每天都在这里买狗屎。
WA Chong : Look man I don’t want your trash either 伙计,我也不想要你的垃圾
Doggs4Life : nice to know the whole world is gonna blow up soon 很高兴知道整个世界很快就会爆炸
Scott Mitchell : Who cares. I produce lots of trash and do not feel one bit bad about it. I throw it in the dumpster, it goes away and that is all I care about. By the time the trash issue reaches critical mass, I will be gone and it will not be my problem. 谁在乎。我产生了大量的垃圾,对此我一点也不觉得不好。我把它扔进垃圾箱,它就不见了,这就是我所关心的。当垃圾问题达到临界质量时,我就不见了,这不是我的问题。
Ev Bot : Just launch it off into space. Let the people of the year 3019 deal with it. 把它发射到太空去。让3019年的人们来处理它。
Robert Martin : I can’t recall any major US politician demanding China take the trash. If they want out of the market, so be it. So many commenters here seem to be fantasizing. 我想不起来有哪个美国大政治家要求中国收垃圾。如果他们想退出市场,就这样吧。这里有那么多的评论人似乎在幻想。
Ivan LO : I don’t even know Hong Kong(The place I lived) import so many trash to the mainland 我甚至不知道香港(我住的地方)向内地进口这么多垃圾。
Karis B. : People complaining about China’s lack of democracy…I don’t see how one can manage more than a billion people with democracy. If you have a solution let me know. China is one of the few countries where the government consistently acts for the good of it’s people 人们抱怨中国缺乏民主……我不明白一个人怎么能用民主管理超过十亿人。如果你有解决办法,请告诉我。中国是少数几个政府一贯为人民谋福利的国家之一。
Cypher901 : china produce a trash product 中国生产垃圾产品
deshxbm : America : 25% of world trash 美国:世界垃圾的25%
MushroomTea : Because they have their own. A lot of. 因为他们有自己的(垃圾)。很多。
OrionSentry : ” China does not want your trash anymore. ” “中国不再需要你的垃圾了。”
EJB9 : We don’t want their trash either but they keep selling it to us 我们也不想要他们的垃圾,但他们一直在卖给我们
nipi tiri : 5:41 Paper, glass and metal are generally not all that annoying to separate. Most of the trash however is plastic packaging specifically plastic food packaging and at least where I live the recyclers want them to be cleaned. 5:41纸、玻璃和金属一般都不容易分开。然而,大多数垃圾都是塑料包装,特别是塑料食品包装,至少在我住的地方,回收者希望他们被清理干净。
nipi tiri : Im just wondering when we will stop triple packaging candies? 我只是想知道我们什么时候停止三重包装的糖果?
Gus Glue : We must tax China into submission to our rule-based policy. Our trash is still better than Kung Pao Chicken 我们必须对中国征税,使其服从我们的基于规则的政策。我们的垃圾还是比宫保鸡丁好
Wesley Oosterbosch : In my country, it costs more as a citizen when you deliver your waste sorted. It is cheaper when you do NOT sort your waste. Weird right? 在我国,当你把垃圾分类后,作为一个公民,它的成本会更高。如果你不把垃圾分类,那就便宜了。奇怪吗?
nipi tiri : 8:44 Wait Germany produces more trash per capita than the US? But from what Ive heard using a plastic bag is like a cardinal sin there. 8:44等等,德国人均产生的垃圾比美国多?但从我所听到的,使用塑料袋就像是一个罪过。
Rune B : I’ve been living in China for almost a decade, these videos still tell me stuff I had no idea about. 我在中国生活了近十年,这些视频仍然告诉我一些我不知道的事情。
James L : Should not be called recycling should call it rubbish export 不应称之为回收,应称之为垃圾出口。
only racist comment : they need to eat those imported trash , not recycle them , there is not much to recycle from trash 他们需要吃那些进口的垃圾,而不是回收它们,从垃圾中回收的东西不多。
Dlimsy : We dont want your trash drivers but we still except them in our states they create more human waste than the garbage we send over 我们不想要你的垃圾,但我们仍然把他们排除在我们的国家之外,他们制造的垃圾比我们送过来的垃圾还要多。
Gankageddon : That’s ironic. China is breaking down their old plastics and putting it into their food that they export to poor South east countries (Vietnam, Louse, etc). China also has fish farms.. that are fed with chicken shit. The chicken cages are on top of the farms and the shit falls in for the fishes food supply. The Chinese barges come to the U.S. and are not allowed to return until they’ve offloaded their goods. Their foods get rejected by the Port authority constantly but the Chinese know they just have to keep trying and eventually they’ll get in because there isn’t enough people to inspect all the ships coming in. Example they go to New Orleans, rejected, then try Mobile, rejected, Miami, yep. China has some of the dirtiest cities and most polluted rivers next to Brazil and India with heavy metals contaminants. The qualtiy of life is so poor there and the people are so undervalued that they pollinate all produce flowers by hand because bees are unable to survive there because of the pollution. 这很讽刺。中国正在分解他们的旧塑料,并将其放入他们出口到贫穷的东南亚国家(越南、虱子等)的食品中。中国也有渔场。吃鸡粪的。鸡笼在农场的顶部,狗屎掉到鱼的食物供应处。中国驳船来到美国,在卸下货物之前,不允许返回。他们的食物经常被港务局拒绝,但中国人知道他们必须不断尝试,最终他们会进去,因为没有足够的人来检查所有的船只。例如他们去新奥尔良,被拒绝,然后尝试手机,被拒绝,迈阿密,是的。中国有一些最脏的城市和污染最严重的河流,仅次于巴西和印度,含有重金属污染物。那里的生活质量太差了,人们被低估了,他们用手给所有的植物授粉,因为蜜蜂因为污染无法在那里生存。
mitchell friedman : why cant we just dump all our trash in siberia 为什么我们不能把所有的垃圾都倒在西伯利亚?
Toonz Brah : China: I’ll give you anything you can imagine. 中国:我会给你任何你能想象到的东西。
Raven : Only real solution to American trash is to actually enforce proper recycling and penalize not-recycling or not recycling properly. Too many people dump trash into their recycling bins, or the recyclable items are very dirty and as a result cannot be recycled.. So what better way than to make us stupid Americans actually properly sort our garbage, and ensure it’s ready for recycling than to fine the shit out of us for each offense. not too much but not too little, say, $25-50 per offense. So dirty containers in your recycling bin? that’s $25, recyclables in the garbage, that’s $50. 美国垃圾的唯一真正解决办法是实际实施适当的回收,惩罚不回收或不正确回收。太多的人把垃圾倒入回收箱,或者可回收的物品非常脏,因此无法回收。所以,还有什么比让我们愚蠢的美国人正确地分类我们的垃圾,确保垃圾可以回收利用更好的方法,而不是对我们的每一次冒犯都罚款。不算太多,但也不算太少,比如每次进攻25-50美元。你的垃圾桶里有脏东西吗?25美元,垃圾中的可回收物,50美元。
chf gbp :Good that China is changing things 很高兴中国正在改变
Slipknot3eb : US is Trash 美国是垃圾
Stepwise Urchin : Us lazy assholes 我们这些懒鬼
Ed : Its time for every country to do some waste recycling 每个国家都应该进行废物回收利用
Alex : Maybe stop making so much trash America?!?! 也许别再制造那么多垃圾了????!
LordPine : this guy thinks america dominates 90% of the worlds headlines?? i hope that was a joke. 这家伙认为美国占世界头条新闻的90%?我希望那是个笑话。
Ash bro : People are complaining about all these china vidoes but have no idea how important time we are living in 人们抱怨这些中国视频,但不知道我们生活在多么重要的时间
Deekshant Belwal : Americans are trashy people. 美国人是没用的人。
Urs Odermatt : china doesn’t want want our thrash and we don’t want their rubbish 中国不想要我们的打击,我们也不想要他们的垃圾
German-American Mapping : They’ve got a Blue Sky Policy, now all they need is a white sun. 他们有蓝天政策,现在他们只需要一个白日。
Abhishek Zambre : Well, In the US, 99% of the trash is shitty coupon comes into the mail. 好吧,在美国,99%的垃圾都是垃圾的优惠券被寄到了邮件里。
President Togekiss : The people who are complaining about the videos about China clearly have not experienced being a non-american in the Internet. 那些抱怨有关中国的视频的人显然没有经历过在互联网上成为非美国人。
pablononescobar : US could develop its own infrastructure to process recycling, filling the need, plus it’ll make American trash great again (haha, couldn’t resist) 美国可以发展自己的基础设施来处理回收,满足需求,再加上它将使美国的垃圾再次变得伟大(哈哈,无法抗拒)
M .Crotty : lets drill a hole into the earth and use the magma convection currents to burn the shit! Please exile to me why that wont work ty 让我们在地球上钻一个洞,利用岩浆对流来燃烧粪便!请流放到我这里,为什么这行不通?
Weicong Zhang : If company stop making new product every year then we would have less trash. 如果公司每年停止生产新产品,那么我们的垃圾就会减少。
Bubbas Ernie : Probably because they make enough of their own. Got 1.5. billion people after all. 可能是因为他们自己赚够了。得了1.5。毕竟有十亿人。
Mendicant Bias : “Until now, rich countries have had no incentive not to generate insane amounts of waste.” Considering how often I hear people lamenting about how dirty developing countries are, it’s worth noting that a big part of the cleanliness of the first world (in trash, but also in other forms) is due to simply kicking the problem someplace else (or importing people to fix it for them). “到目前为止,发达国家还没有动力不产生疯狂的浪费。”考虑到我经常听到人们抱怨发展中国家有多脏,值得注意的是,第一世界的清洁很大一部分(垃圾,但也有其他形式)是因为仅仅把问题踢到其他地方(或进口)。让人们为他们修理。
King Nugget : China should have told the countries before so they can prepare 中国应该事先告诉这些国家以便他们做好准备
Nehco Oahnait : With the economic growth and improving living standards… soon the Chinese will be as good as Americans producing trash… 随着经济的增长和生活水平的提高…很快,中国人将和美国人一样生产垃圾…
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