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Machina18: If China allowed more free speech and didn’t ban/censor as much media, I would honestly have no issue living there over my home in the US. The passion the Chinese have for their home is something I wish American’s still had for our own. Many of our communities are so hateful here. I value the respect that the Chinese and Japanese have for their identity, and I hope we can all see eye to eye one day. 如果中国允许更多的言论自由,不禁止/审查那么多的媒体,老实说,我住在那边没有问题。中国人对家的热爱比我希望美国人对我们自己的家更甚。我们这里的人很多仇恨。我珍视中国人和日本人对他们身份的尊重,我希望有一天我们能达成共识。
Mr Voyager: haters gonna hate 愤世嫉俗的人看什么都不顺眼
Hella Rid Er: Space hoax once again. The earth is flat. That been said, no humans other than “space actors” can be in the “outer space”. 太空骗局又来了。地球是平的。也就是说,除了“太空演员”之外,没有人可以进入“外层空间”。
B: cause they hack the tech 因为他们破解了技术
ulkesh karne: Chinese country is best in Technology and they cannot depend on other countries product they can manage self….. Likes upto Infites times 中国是技术最好的国家,他们不能依赖其他国家的产品,他们可以自己弄。。。。。
db: Next: China builds a Great Wall in space to prevent the trumptard barbarians from invading the moon 下一步:中国在太空建造了一座长城,以防止特朗普塔野蛮人入侵月球
Steve Pashley: What’s wrong with Trump, there are so many opportunities to work with China. His anti-Chinese sentiments are hindering progression. China are willing to work with others, whereas all the US is interested in is militarising space. God help us, Trump is out of control 特朗普怎么了,跟中国合作的机会太多了。他的反华情绪阻碍了进步。中国愿意与其他国家合作,而美国感兴趣的是太空军事化。上帝保佑我们,特朗普失控了
Edgar Wilson Roial: China is jealous and envious of America so they try to be like America, imitating, copying and doing what America does. 中国嫉妒美国,所以他们试图像美国一样,模仿美国做的事情。
Shamshad Ansari: Why? I ask why not china can build space station? Is space a personal property of few nations? 🖕 Western useless sanctions 为什么?我问为什么中国不能建造空间站?太空是少数国家的私人财产吗?西方无用的制裁
Lãng Tử TV: Well done China 干得好中国
ZUL CHANNEL: Why have to put why because you think other country can’t do it My Suggestion just put how China can build its own space station 为什么要说为什么,因为您认为其他国家做不到 我建议只聊中国如何建立自己的空间站
Coolsjam kingdom: China is so great…they can go to the space and eating bat 中国太伟大了…他们可以去太空吃蝙蝠
RoadRashSpirit: I think its sad that space was meant to be the one arena where man acts in unison, with American and Russion scientific agencies sharing and working together as a great example. Guess those days are long gone. 我认为太空本来是人类共同行动的舞台,美国和俄罗斯的科学机构分享和合作就是一个很好的例子。我想那些日子早就过去了。
Jesus Christ II: Because nobody deals with chinazis 因为没人跟中国人打交道
Thành Lê: Why China want to buid space station? To expand their infinite greed to the space 中国为什么要建空间站?把他们无限的贪欲扩展到空间
Jerry Jose: *China is like a student who blames all his teachers after graduation* *中国就像一个学生,毕业后责备所有的老师*
Mario W: When one country has booming economy and workforce of 1 BLN citizens which are focused on money and new technologies. Its not a wonder they can do what others couldn’t even dream of. USA with it 350 mln nation. Europe with its older and older population and many more countries slow down in development. If only we had better family oriented policies which would enable young couples more opportunities to have kids. Now I as a 26 years old man don’t even think about having kids. I think about finding gf in my 30 and kids in 40. 当一个国家拥有蓬勃发展的经济和拥有10亿公民的劳动力,他们专注于金钱和新技术。他们能做别人做梦都想不到的事,这并不奇怪。美国拥有3.5亿个国家。欧洲的人口越来越老龄化,越来越多的国家发展缓慢。如果我们有更好的以家庭为导向的政策,让年轻夫妇有更多的机会生孩子。作为一个26岁的男人,我甚至不考虑要孩子。我想找30岁左右的女友,40岁的孩子。
Lotus-eater: A Chinese official asked Qian Xuexen if China could build its own rocket soon after he returned to China from imprisonment in the US. He replied, “Of course”. Qian helped build the famous JPL in the US and was said by Von Karman to be his most brilliant colleague. The irony is Qian applied for American citizenship but was rejected. The US government then refused to let him return to China and put him in house arrest. During this time he wrote the classic book Engineering Cybernetics, which is still read today. Every time the US tries to impede China’s progress, it has the effect of giving China extra impetus to overcome obstacles. 一位中国官员问钱学森,在钱学森从美国坐牢返回中国后不久,中国是否可以建造自己的火箭。他回答说,“当然”。钱学森在美国帮助建造了著名的喷气推进实验室,冯·卡曼说他是他最出色的同事。具有讽刺意味的是钱学森申请了美国国籍,但遭到了拒绝。美国政府随后拒绝让他返回中国并软禁他。在此期间,他写了一本经典著作《工程控制论》,至今仍在阅读。每次美国试图阻碍中国的进步,都会给中国额外的动力去克服障碍。
Steven Lee: While China obtain all the raw material for its space project by investing and paying the countries that sold them, US obtained it through enslavement, genocide, and bombardment of countries that possessed these raw materials. Everything from your computer chips to your Tesla car to its spacecraft technology is all stolen materials through murder. 中国通过投资和支付出售这些原材料的国家来获得其太空项目所需的所有原材料,而美国则通过奴役、种族灭绝和轰炸拥有这些原材料的国家来获得这些原材料。从你的电脑芯片到你的特斯拉汽车,再到它的航天器技术,一切都是通过谋杀窃取的材料。
อรุณรัตน์ ศิขรินรัตน์: Now usa bans chinese from buying chips. chinese will show us chinese version of chips soon. And us chip tech firms will earn less. 现在美国禁止中国人购买芯片。中国人很快就会向我们展示中国版的芯片。而美国芯片技术公司的收入也将减少。
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