Cosmic Studios : Why you should be glad to live in the United States where something like this could never happen. 你应该很高兴住在美国这样的事情永远不会发生。
UPW IR : There will be 9 year olds rioting in the streets over this. 将有9岁的孩子为此在街上闹事。
morris skyers : Just move from China now 现在就搬离中国
Laynar : No wonder why there is many Chinese people here in Canada, this explains why 难怪为什么加拿大有很多中国人,这解释了为什么
Adriano Grisanti : we should ban for night stop kids wasting money and getting addicted (poor parenting/but smart peer pressure making kids wanna buy crap). and all games with loot boxes and shit. 我们应该禁止在夜里阻止孩子浪费金钱和沉迷(糟糕的父母教养/但是聪明的同龄人逼迫孩子想买垃圾)。还有所有垃圾游戏。
Ben Tennyson : I’m not being funny but after seeing my nephew constantly disobey his mother due to fortnite, I’m glad they’re banning it. 我不是开玩笑,但是看到我的侄子因为Fortnite而不听妈妈的话,我很高兴他们禁止了。
MrFunny Weasel : Can I get them to add a few more games so they’ll stop hacking? 我能让他们再增加一些游戏让他们停止黑客攻击吗?
Samthemusicmaster Green : Fortnite should be banned in uk because I’m sick and tired of hearing about it every day (please ban fortnite in uk) Fortnite在英国应该被禁止,因为我厌倦了每天听到它的消息(请禁止fortnite在英国)
SlimPeas23 : That’s good the game is trash 那很好,游戏是垃圾
TnStrikerGamer : If PUBG wasn’t dying yet, it sure is now with the ban . 如果PUBG还没有死亡,它现在肯定被禁。
Jeff Winter : China has always been screwed up like this, they have even banned pokemon, star trek, and star wars there. 中国总是这样搞砸,他们甚至禁止了口袋妖怪、星际迷航和星球大战。
Omega1306 # : Well i like to see what they change in league of Legends looks like they want less reveling clothing and it bias in supporting high ranked players for no reason and helping shity chatrooms there’s some okay changes for making the game e rated 嗯,我想看看他们在英雄联盟里有什么变化,看起来他们希望少一些狂欢的服装,而且他们偏向于无缘无故地支持高阶玩家,帮助垃圾聊天室。
Austin Edwards : Now America needs to ban Fortnite 现在美国需要禁止Fortnite
martmymo : The gamedevs nead to not do enything. Let the people riot 游戏玩家们几乎什么都不做。让人民暴动
whatforit : One of the most intelligent countries just got more intelligent. 最聪明的国家之一刚刚变得更聪明。
Dan Porter : We cant say forsure if it’s the right move or not unless we live in China, but from what I see on the list of reasons, one I saw most besides blood and gore is the overly revealing female characters, when China is very heavily male based due to culture ideals, imagine how hard it is for all the boys to see very few women and not see them like the games, or how hard it is for the women in China to be seen as not a sexualized icon 除非我们生活在中国,否则我们不能肯定这是否是正确的举动,但是从我所看到的一系列原因来看,除了血腥之外,我看到的最多的是过于暴露的女性角色。当中国由于文化理想而以男性为主的时候,想象一下所有的男孩子很难看到很少的女性,并且不像她们那样。游戏,或者说中国女性很难被看成不是性化的偶像
Sauce Eatsik : What about Japan 日本呢?
Vip3r011 Fo3niXZ : very good news, now the rest of the world must do 好消息,现在世界其他地方都必须这么做
Clutch Tactics Gaming : Fortnite black market going yo thrive after this 之后,强大的黑市开始繁荣
Space Gamer1987 : Umm where are the sources??? 嗯,新闻来源在哪里????
KRNZ : I see people saying this is good and it should be banned, huh? You want to live in a place where you’re told what games you’re allowed to play? Banning any game without good reason is bad for gaming as a whole and this is coming from someone that has played fortnite just a few times and I don’t really like it. Either way I’d never want to live in a place that try’s to restrict my life in unnecessary ways 我看到人们说这是好的,应该被禁止,是吗?你想住在一个被告知可以玩什么游戏的地方?没有正当理由地禁止任何游戏对整个游戏来说都是不好的,这来自于一个只玩过几次游戏的人,而我并不真正喜欢它。无论如何,我都不想生活在一个试图用不必要的方式限制我的生活的地方。
Lochie Battersby : Only Hong Kong part of China is safe 只有中国香港部分是安全的
allviper : Sorry to anyone that came from China. China is more of a delicate flower than most of the people in the US now. Oh we can’t see blood or Gore or even bones. You don’t believe me, go look at the changes they did to World of Warcraft for China. If you think the US is full pansies you’re wrong. Add to the fact that you live in China it’s the highest spot for game hacking and cheating. Most of WoW’s gold sellers come from China. Seems like China doesn’t want any Riske, violet or any games of All Sorts in the country. But they’re fine with their country allowing people to cheat and hack games and ruin it for the rest of the world. 对不起任何来自中国的人。中国比现在大多数美国人更像是一朵娇嫩的花。哦,我们看不见血、甚至骨头。你不相信我,去看看他们对中国魔兽世界所做的改变。如果你认为美国完全是三色紫罗兰色的,那你就错了。再加上你生活在中国,那里是游戏黑客和作弊的最高发源地。魔兽世界的黄金卖家大多来自中国。看起来中国不想要任何冒险、紫罗兰或者任何种类的游戏。但是他们的国家允许人们欺骗和黑客游戏,并且毁掉世界其他地方的游戏。
Arian Sedighi : China censors everything!! They have censored YouTube in china!! So this isn’t a surprise to them 中国审查一切!他们在中国审查了YouTube!所以对他们来说这并不奇怪
Dominic Lofthouse : What’s gonna happen now, they’ll make there own versions of the game exactly like they do with nearly every single other product available in this world from toys to cars you can get to fake version here 现在会发生什么,他们会制作自己的游戏版本,就像世界上几乎所有其他产品一样,从玩具到汽车,你可以在这里得到假版本
glthunder : Probably because they don’t want their people to know what is coming in the future 可能是因为他们不想让他们的人知道将来会发生什么
Div. Ness97 : I never new Fortnite and Pubg had blood or gore. I play it ever day.(Not pubg every day ) 我从来没见过Fortnite和Pubg血腥。我每天都玩。
Gamer Dan : They should be banned Chinese are known for hacking 他们应该被禁止,因为中国人以黑客闻名。
king_rocko_115 : Imagine if they add a chairman mao skin so they don’t get banned 想象一下,如果他们加上mao的皮肤,这样他们就不会被禁止。
Rapid : What about GTA5 GTA5怎么样?
Pol!uX : Fortnite blood and gore? i don’t think so. If they are going to make this garbage team review these games then they should have hired people with an actual brain to do it. Fortnite血腥?我不这么认为。如果他们打算让这个垃圾团队审核这些游戏,那么他们应该雇用真正有头脑的人来做。
Yoboy985 : That’s y everything down there is fake they ban all the legit products only ones made in China 就是这样,所有的东西都是假的,他们禁止所有合法的产品,除了中国制造的。
Flammable Critical : This is why chines people go and live in other countries cuz they can’t stand the tight rules. Plus at least no hackers. 这就是为什么中国人去其他国家生活,因为他们不能忍受严格的规定。另外,至少没有黑客。
Geno TF2 : this is pure speculation at this point. Many in china believe the leak to be fraudulent. 在这一点上,这纯粹是猜测。中国许多人认为这次泄密是欺诈性的。
JN Li : they will not be baned Jesus 天啊,他们不会被禁止的
MrSpooky Spare : good for banning this hot garbage game china 禁止这种垃圾游戏好
ODST A Tarkov : Eh they aren’t missing anything 嗯,他们什么也不会放掉
Jacob M : Fark being Chinese 假扮中国人
Carl Ward : Now all they need to do is ban it all over the world because it’s rubbish 现在他们需要禁了全世界,因为它是垃圾。
SABALIL DAS : atleast now on there will be less Chinese hackers! 至少现在中国黑客会少一些!
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