youtube热门博主@ADVChina 最近发布了一段视频,讨论了他们心中中国(包括大陆、台湾)目前到底属于第几世界,引起了外国网友的讨论。




Michael G : For two guys pretending to be so bright it is humorous you guys don’t understand the classification of 1st, 2nd, and third world nations. 对于两个假装很聪明的人来说,很幽默,你们不了解第一、第二和第三世界国家的分类。
A9907 : Good points although many of them can be applied to the US, where inumerable parts of the country are truly third-world. Doesn’t matter if you’re in New Mexico, Tennessee, or much wealthier states like California and Texas, you will find unbelievable and extensive poverty in many areas, a severe lack of opportunities within certain communities, segregated neighbourhoods, high levels of violent crime, serious alcohol and drug issues, rampant homelessness, no access to free quality healthcare (contrary to the rest of the developed word), etc. 好的方面,尽管其中许多可以应用到美国,在美国,不可分割的部分国家是真正的第三世界。不管你是在新墨西哥州、田纳西州,还是像加利福尼亚州和德克萨斯州这样的富裕州,你都会发现许多地区的贫困令人难以置信,而且普遍存在,在某些社区中严重缺乏机会,种族隔离,暴力犯罪率高,严重的酗酒和吸毒问题,无家可归现象猖獗,无法进入免费优质医疗(与其他发达国家相反)等。
Nameless King : Well South Africa is a 3rd world so no need for me to say. Already said in this video. 南非是第三世界,所以我没必要说。在这段视频中已经说过。
Randal Glyph : (13:38) “People eat rats.” …People …eat …rats? (13:38)“人吃老鼠。”…人…吃…老鼠?
Grassy Villain : I am a Chinese and China is a 3rd World Country, over. 我是中国人,中国是第三世界国家。
Lee Harrington : Hi guys, second world used to refer to the former communist countries of eastern Europe. 嗨,伙计们,第二世界过去指的是东欧前共产主义国家。
PrimeInChina : Bro, I live in Guangzhou, you don’t even have to leave the city to see third world. You can see the people at the train station lol. 兄弟,我住在广州,你甚至不用离开城市去看第三世界。你可以在火车站看到那些人。
BBCunited : Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau= 1st world level 北京、天津、上海、深圳、广州、香港、澳门=第一世界水平
rob : Really like all these videos from this channel, realistic point of view and honest perspective. Places like Taiwan and Hong Kong are the first world according to IMF. I would think people are more forward thinking, along with S.Korea and Singapore, the original four asian tigers. 真的很喜欢这个频道的所有视频,现实的观点和诚实的观点。像台湾和香港这样的地方是IMF的第一个世界。我认为人们会更具前瞻性的思考,与韩国和新加坡一样,最初的四只亚洲虎。
Jesper : I disagree to your opening statement about medicin…. if you can just go buy whatever medicin you want at a watsons, that is an issue, not a sign of development…. not saying Taiwan isn’t, but, that is a big downside….In my country, a lot of medicin (besides some things) are highly controlled, and strict control of medicin is only a good thing! And I’m from a 1st first world country for sure, Denmark makes the US look underdeveloped. 我不同意你关于Medicin的开场白……如果你能在屈臣氏医院买到你想要的任何药物,那是个问题,而不是发展的迹象……不是说台湾没有,但是,这是一个很大的缺点……在我国,很多医生(除了一些事情)都被高度控制,严格控制医生只是一件好事!当然,我来自第一世界国家,丹麦使美国看起来不发达。
Taste of Twenty : In America we now use these terms: Developed, developing, and undeveloped country. Please don’t hate me. I love you guys! 在美国,我们现在使用这些术语:发达国家、发展中国家和不发达国家。请不要恨我。我爱你们!
Sidney Mathious : I can imagine how terrible it is in China and I could not live there in that country. 我能想象中国的情况有多糟糕,我不能住在那个国家。
Cosmic Collision : easy 2nd world 明显第二世界
hogus bogus : 1st world here in canada 加拿大第一世界
Henry H : Traditionally, “first world” meant the Western capitalist world; the “second world” was behind the iron curtain (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_World ); and “third world” were those nations that were non aligned. Fourth world was invented in 1974 to mean those countries that were formerly third world, but had developed somewhat, like (at that time) India and Malaysia. 传统上,“第一世界”是指西方资本主义世界,“第二世界”是在铁幕后面(见https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/second-world);“第三世界”是那些不结盟的国家。第四世界是1974年发明的,指的是那些以前是第三世界的国家,但发展得有点像(当时)印度和马来西亚。
Joshua Smith : Most of LA is a third world country. 洛杉矶大部分地区是第三世界。
Shining Star : Okay, so China is 3rd world, got it. “China is what you can afford”? That’s pretty much every 3rd world country. 好吧,所以中国是第三世界,明白了。“中国是你能负担得起的吗?”几乎每个第三世界国家都是这样。
yuyu poiu : South Korea is first world. 韩国是第一世界。
ö. . , : I consider Germany first world, and not everybody here can afford a BMW or Mercedes. 我认为德国是第一世界,这里不是每个人都能买得起宝马或奔驰。
Turtle Sushii : First world problems right here! 第一世界的问题就在这里!
DEK TRAN : china is a 4th or 5th world country lol 中国是第四或第五世界国家,哈哈
Mason : America is probably the lowest-tier first world country just barely not second world 美国可能是第一世界最底层的国家,而不是第二世界。
Khanz Everything : Xi’an is fancy? 西安很棒?
IX Auxiliary : Im from sweden and we are becoming a 3rd world country 我来自瑞典,我们正在成为第三世界国家
Nuno DA Fonseca : Is like here in Brasil, if you have money you can buy 1st world stuff, but can not enjoy it with safety unless youre inside your Condominium. So, its much more 3rd world than 1st 就像在巴西,如果你有钱,你可以买第一世界的东西,但不能安全地享受它,除非你在你的公寓。所以,它的第三世界要比第一世界多得多
Harry : The second world is the Soviet Union and other communist countries, So China definitely 2nd world. Japan is definitely 1st world. 第二世界是苏联和其他共产主义国家,所以中国绝对是第二世界。日本绝对是第一世界。
hey elite : It is just like any other country in most of the cases (excluding some). Only difference is you having money or not. 在大多数情况下,它就像其他国家一样(不包括一些国家)。唯一的区别是你是否有钱。
Blessedone333AZ : America is becoming a third world thanks to liberals & Democrats 多亏了自由主义者和民主党,美国正在成为第三世界。
yuyu poiu : Is this a joke? Everybody knows the answer. China is a developing country which means it is a 3rd world country. 这是个笑话吗?每个人都知道答案。中国是一个发展中国家,这意味着它是第三世界国家。
MrXelium : 100% 3rd world. No questions here. Only a handful of first tier cities in China. 90% of the country is quite poor and people still die of hunger here. 100%第三世界,这没有问题。中国只有少数一线城市。全国90%的人口相当贫困,那里的人们仍然死于饥饿。
Warren Morris : I’m African American and that American white boy dont know wtf he’s talking about. He’s only saying China is not 1st world because it doesn’t had European standards. He is nothing more than a prevailed white American who thinks everything belongs to him. As in for you! The British guy…. I can tell your going through some shit but let me tell you thi6…there are people who go to work for 8 hours then go home spend 2 hours with their family then go to sleep then repeat….with that being said you are FREEE! You can travel sleep when you want and do whatever tf you want so don’t be so bummed out because you have it good 我是非洲裔美国人,那个美国白人不知道他在说什么。他只是说中国不是第一世界,因为它没有欧洲标准。他只不过是一个占优势的白人美国人,认为一切都属于他。和你一样!那个英国人……我可以告诉你经历了一些糟糕的事情,但我告诉你,有些人去工作8个小时,然后回家和家人呆2个小时,然后去睡觉,然后重复……有人说你很自由!你可以在你想睡觉的时候去旅行,做你想做的任何事情,所以不要因为你有好的睡眠而感到沮丧。
Yaron Kalach : People in Taiwan are great and very hospitable, they always do their best to help you, Taiwan is great. 台湾人很好,很好客,他们总是尽力帮助你,台湾人很好。
Seele2015au : It was a couple of years ago, I was visiting Guangzhou and went to the Carrefour store, it’s comparatively well-stocked but I still failed to find things which are not typically Chinese. To quote Wallace: not a bit of cheese in the house. 几年前,我去了广州,去了家乐福,家乐福的存货比较多,但是我还是找不到典型的中国货。引用华莱士的话:家里一点奶酪都没有。
oyvey : no where near as poor as africa, they at least have buildings and education. 不,在接近非洲贫穷的地方,他们至少有建筑和教育。
James Noble : It is very strange to me that you wouldn’t first research what 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries are before doing this video. At least drop a line saying this is what it used to mean but now people refer to it this way. 我觉得很奇怪,在拍这段视频之前,你不会先研究第一、第二和第三世界国家是什么。至少写下一句话,说这是它过去的意思,但现在人们用这种方式来指代它。
Winter Bear : no except the medical care etc. even in big cities of china the local hospitals etc are shit. 3rd world for sure. and also bathrooms in big cities are still 3rd world. 不,除了医疗等。即使在中国的大城市,当地的医院等都是垃圾。当然是第三世界。而且大城市的浴室仍然是第三世界。
mhmoran85 : I’m from Louisiana originally which is one of the closest places in America to a 3rd world country, so when I moved to Beijing I was like Wow! China has it going on, it’s like every major city on the east coast back home, but when I started traveling more around China I was like ok it’s definitely all of the above. 我来自路易斯安那州,它是美国离第三世界国家最近的地方之一,所以当我搬到北京的时候,我想说哇!中国正在发展,就像东海岸的每一个主要城市一样,但当我开始更多地环游中国时,我觉得一切都很好。
Shane Crawford : Most 3rd world countries can provide a 1st world lifestyle if you can afford it… The real test is lifestyle / income / welfare for the country as a whole. Just look at China’s per capita figures and you get a better picture… most other nations in Asia are ahead of China on a per capita basis even those which are developing nations. 如果你能负担得起的话,大多数第三世界国家都能提供第一世界的生活方式……真正的考验是整个国家的生活方式/收入/福利。只要看看中国的人均数字,你就会看到一个更好的画面…亚洲其他大多数国家的人均水平都高于中国,即使是发展中国家。
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