Spiderman Can : Theft of technology! Free Tibet! HAHAHA! 盗窃技术!自由西藏!哈哈哈!
Mystery Everlasting : China is overpopulated. They should explore space for new resources 中国人口过多。他们应该探索新空间资源
Tom Xavier : China uses the energy to power their huge BULLSHIT factories that pump out mindless PLA trolls and silly propaganda nonsense. 中国利用这些能源为他们那些废话连篇的工厂提供动力,这些工厂不断地制造出无心的解放军巨魔和愚蠢的宣传废话。
Ома́р Хайя́м : Go Iran 去伊朗
Smartin007 : While our country is mired in idiotic issues with Trump, the Chinese move onwards and upwards. Are they beating our time? 当我们的国家被特朗普的愚蠢问题所困扰时,中国人却在向前和向上发展。他们在浪费我们的时间吗?
ahvidaneidavirgilluminous : What so proud? That Microsoft Windows OS? 有什么值得骄傲的?那是微软Windows操作系统?
Jim Miklas : Wow that’s truly amazing but the CEO needs to be careful the US or Canada does not kidnap him. 哇,这真是太神奇了,但首席执行官需要小心,美国或加拿大不会绑架他。
Shantanu Chatterjee : Blade Runner 2049. 银翼杀手2049。
Kalash Operator : Why the smoke? 为什么会冒烟?
Harry Li : for those of you asking about the smoke – is probably steam from solar power heating water to drive turbins to generate electricity 对于你们中的一些人来说,关于冒烟的问题——可能是来自太阳能加热水的蒸汽驱动发电。
Bruno Straub : Great news!!! 好消息!!!!
Munj munjo : Where the US is spreading wars around the globe and add more nukes and more destruction. That’s is, the American democracy. 美国正在全球各地展开战争,并增加更多的核武器和更多的破坏。那就是美国的民主。
Fred Dietz : And that’s who my nation—America—wants to war against. Oh—and also against Russia and Iran. Might it be because of our current Rothschildian US commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, who bailed out Trump from bankruptcy back in the 1990’s, has the world-conquest goals of his former employer to fulfill? Makes ya wonder. 这就是我的国家,美国想和之作战的人。哦,也反对俄罗斯和伊朗。可能是因为我们现任的罗斯柴尔德美国商务部长威尔伯·罗斯,他在20世纪90年代把特朗普从破产中解救出来,他的前任雇主的征服世界的目标要实现吗?让你好奇。
King Aragorn II : They *copied* Fallout: New Vegas. 他们复制了放射性尘埃:新维加斯。
Jimbo Jones : The Eye of Sauron 索伦之眼
OpaSann0 : Nice job! Fuck oil lmao 干得好!汽油去死吧
Soaring canary : Awesome but what the smoke from?? 太棒了,但是烟是怎么冒出来的??
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen : China got high tech that why Americrooks is so jealous of China by kidnapped them for ransom. 中国拥有高科技,这就是为什么美国骗子如此嫉妒中国,因为他们绑架中国索取赎金。
katsaounisengineroom : Well done China 做得好中国
Billy Baltagio : Chinese are as evil as the zoinist, killing muslims and harvesting their organs. They think by building shit like this we will forget, we will NEVER forget! 中国人和Zoinist一样邪恶,杀害穆斯林,收割他们的器官。他们认为,通过建造这样的垃圾,我们会忘记,我们永远不会忘记!
Jay Wolf : This is awesome. 这太棒了。
Loke Baldersbane : Beautiful pictures for sure, what is the process however? Putting up a bunch of mirrors and directing them is only organisational, the will to do so. How does it work? 当然是漂亮的照片,但是过程是什么?摆出一堆镜子并指导它们只是组织性的,这样做的意愿。它是如何工作的?
Benaiah Ahmadinejad : Made in China, enough said! 中国制造,说得够多了!
Ms Wendy : Funded by their citizen’s organs ( while that person is still alive) being sold to the highest bidder!!! Where is The United Nations on this humanity crisis???? Oh wait…they are getting a percentage of the profits! 由他们的公民机构(当那个人还活着的时候)提供资金,卖给出价最高的人!!!!联合国在这场人类危机上处于何处????哦,等等……他们得到了利润的一部分!
سني داعس رقبتك : The Chinese Dragon spitting fire 中国龙吐火
broomsterm : Nuclear power plants routinely put out 20 times the power. Where are you going to put 20 of these? How much did this cost? 核电站通常会输出20倍的电力。你打算把20个放哪?这个多少钱?
pooi-hoong chan : Trump n gang, especially Lighthizer n Navarro says China stole all these from the US n transported them back to China. 特朗普,特别是莱希泽·N·纳瓦罗说,中国从美国偷走了所有这些东西,并把它们运回中国。
burn kee : amazing… 太神了。。。
Jeffrey Dyrek : A comment for the staff at CCTV. Thank you for putting News on your news channel and showing all of the good things that are happening. In contrast, when I watch CNN news, it seems that everything they talk about is something negative against our president. The Carr and Camp fires were a good example of this. When I wanted to hear news about the fires, they were calling it a Trump fire. I’m sorry, CNN is not news, that’s why I watch CCTV. I’m an American and I have to watch Chinese News to get the News. Thank you very much for doing such a good job. C. Jeff Dyrek, Disabled Veteran. 中央电视台工作人员的评论。感谢您在新闻频道上发布新闻,并展示正在发生的所有好事。相比之下,当我看CNN新闻时,他们谈论的一切似乎都是对我们总统的负面影响。卡尔和营火就是一个很好的例子。当我想听到关于火灾的消息时,他们称之为特朗普火灾。对不起,CNN不是新闻,所以我才看中央电视台。我是美国人,我必须看中文新闻才能得到新闻。非常感谢你做得这么好。C.Jeff Dyrek,残疾退伍军人。
Jeremy Acton : My great concern with this format of concentrated solar thermal plant is that it is not bird-friendly. Birds that fly into the focus-zone of the array risk death by heating as they near the epicentre/power tower zone. The pumped fluid/solar trough format is bird-friendly but maximum temperatures are lower. What price the bird life of China? 我对这种集中式太阳能热电厂的最大关注是它对鸟类不友好。当鸟类靠近震中/发电塔区域时,它们飞入阵列的焦点区域有被加热致死的危险。泵送流体/太阳能槽的形式是鸟友好,但最高温度较低。中国的鸟类生活有何代价?
James Lum : Americans can only look at this Chinese innovation with awe and envy 美国人只能怀着敬畏和嫉妒的心情看待中国的创新。
REVOLUTIONARY FORCE : What a beauty! 多美啊!
Eric Potter : Meanwhile in America, Idiot trump is pulling out of Green energy in favor of coal, and rolling back EPA to pollute more toxic mercury in the air! 与此同时,在美国,白痴特朗普正在退出绿色能源,转而支持煤炭,并撤回环保署,以污染空气中更多的有毒汞!
Shinji Kataoka : Marvelous! 不可思议的!
David vs Goliath : China geared into Green Energy 中国面向绿色能源
DARK ENERGY : So beatiful. 真是太美了。
FRANCIS FALUDI : This is good news I suppose. The only problem is (using 2014 figures) the country needs 15,000 (yes…FIFTEEN THOUSAND) times as much to meet all their demands…1500 Giga Watts. 我想这是个好消息。唯一的问题是(根据2014年的数据),这个国家需要15000倍(是的……15000倍)的电力来满足他们所有的需求……1500千兆瓦。
APE X : Smog decreased 烟雾减少
Rizz md : China the leader in Renewable energy source 中国可再生能源的领导者
RE : Meanwhile in Australia….. Coal electricity plants are failing and the prices are the most expensive in the world 同时在澳大利亚……煤电厂正在倒闭,价格是世界上最贵的。
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