外国人评价BYD-汉: (地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7xT1lIMVaI)

zia sam: The upper part of front facia ( not the whole front facia) kinda looks like 2015 Toyota Harrier which is an SUV. 前仪表板的上部(不是整个前仪表板)有点像2015年丰田Harrier越野车。
JK T: This BYD car looking good… 这辆比亚迪车看起来不错。。。
Henrique Brenzinger: Chinese cars jumped decades in quality in just a few years, I have a Chery Arrizo 5 and it’s light-years ahead of any competitor. 中国汽车在短短几年内质量就跃升了几十年,我有一辆奇瑞艾瑞泽5,它比任何竞争对手都领先了几光年。
tvb nut: Best looking ev by far. And cheap too. Xpeng p7 not bad either. Cars bigger than they appeared. 目前为止最漂亮的电动汽车。而且便宜。xpengp7也不错。比看上去更大的车。
Ovidiu Sorin: Nice presentation! The car look awesome, I really love it! I want one! 👍👍👍 介绍得好!这辆车看起来棒极了,我真的很喜欢它!我想要一个!
The Count of Kent: I’m impressed with the overall design of this car. A lot of Tesla inspired elements of course but a lot more features that makes it less of a Chinese copycat. I agree that having large “Build Your Dreams,” on the back is tacky and distracting. Also, I don’t care to having the Chinese simplified Han written as the logo for the car. It’s too nationalistic. 我对这辆车的整体设计印象深刻。当然,有很多特斯拉的元素,但更多的功能让它不那么像中国人的模仿品。我同意在背面写一个大大的“建立你的梦想”是俗气和分散注意力的。另外,我不喜欢把简体中文写为汽车的标志。太民族主义了。
yongky willmana: Amazing & Excellet China!!!!! 太棒了!优秀 中国
Nick Loong: The technological advances the Chinese auto makers have made is really mind blowing. Now if they can just pay close attention to details and better finishings, then they have a real winner! 中国汽车制造商所取得的技术进步真是令人振奋。现在,如果他们能密切关注细节和更好的完成,那么他们就成了真正的赢家!
Paul Nelsonภๆ: China is coming..to a town near you.. Ships trains cars and planes 中国来了..到你附近的小镇.. 轮船 火车 汽车和飞机
Renaldo Bryan: This car looks soo good 这辆车看起来很好
willy Wonka: I would buy this car then set fire to it and buy a Tesla Model 3. 我会买这辆车然后烧了它,然后买一辆特斯拉3。
Jamie Ou: Anyone who thinks Chinese cars are just copies should watch other videos on this channel! 任何一个认为中国汽车只是复制品的人应该看看这个频道的其他视频!
tankeriv: It is everything except pretty.. It is absolutely but ugly. But hey that’s opinion. Other than that I would absolutely never opt for a Chinese car. Looking at the appalling quality of modern Volvo’s and MG cars… Absolutely horrible. Windows that can be moved from the outside whilst the windows are closed. Leaking windows. Wobbly interior. Terrible paint quality poor engine quality and much more. 除了漂亮,什么都不是。。它绝对是丑陋的。这是我的意见。除此之外,我绝对不会选择中国车。看看现代沃尔沃和MG汽车令人震惊的质量。。。太可怕了。车窗关闭时可从外部移动的车窗。窗户漏水。内部摇晃。漆面质量差发动机质量差等等。
Brian Anthony: There was a time when Chinese car makers had to copy western designs, now they are confident enough to use their own designs, and they are good. If China didn’t have an arsehole government, I’d love to be an importer of their EVs. 曾几何时,中国汽车制造商不得不照搬西方的设计,现在他们有足够的信心使用自己的设计,而且他们很好。如果中国没有政府,我很想成为他们电动车的进口商。
Bimmer Use: I want one…. I never bought a tesla cos I found it to be lame but just seeing this car performance I fully wanna get one as soon as it gets on the Australian market…. 我想要一个。。。。我从来没有买过特斯拉,因为我发现它不行,但只要看到这辆车的性能,我就非常想在澳大利亚市场上一上市就买一辆。。。。
Lawrence Rodgers: The BYD Han has to be “Car of the Year 2020!” 😎👍 比亚迪汉必须是“2020年度汽车!”
Mike R: Thanks for your videos reviewing Chinese cars in English, which really help people around the globe know Chinese cars and there’s not a whole lot of them. I just would like to mention the actual range of Han, tested by a number of famous Chinese car viewers, is actually very close to the projected range announced by BYD. And their “blade battery” is said to be more durable and capable of heat control. 谢谢你用英语评论中国汽车的视频,这真的能帮助全世界的人了解中国汽车,而且中国汽车并不多。我只想提一下,经过多位中国著名汽车观众的测试,汉的实际行驶里程实际上非常接近比亚迪公布的预测范围。据说他们的“刀片电池”更耐用,更能控制热量。
J Bizzle: Looks like a honda mixed tesla 看起来像本田混合特斯拉
Sandro Santos: I only see design rip-off of Peugeot 508, ford Mustang and Honda. All mixed without any sense. Both things as usual in Chinese products. 我只看到了标致508,福特野马和本田的设计剽窃。全都混在一起毫无意义。这两样东西在中国产品中都很常见。
Darren Ling: Wow!!! I’m impressed 真 的!!!印象深刻
Dan Di: When will it be on sale downunder. 它什么时候降价出售。
Kooisoon Yin: 👍👍👍
İRFAN AKCA: front Honda civic, rear looks like Peugeot 508 前本田思域,车尾看起来像标致508
oneviwatara: Like the look/design the next step is to come up with a better names for their cars if they really wanted to go global. 就像外观/设计一样,如果他们真的想走向世界,下一步就是为他们的汽车起一个更好的名字。
Master Try: do you know if this is any better than NIO? 你知道这是否比NIO好?
Maige2900: Wheelsboy, it’s good your doing this, let the western viewers know what’s actually going on. Other manufacturers are cringing at the thought of these hitting other markets Wheelsboy,你这样做很好,让西方观众知道到底发生了什么。一想到这些产品会冲击其他市场,其他制造商也会畏缩不前
Andy Abraham: The worlds car makers need to take note. The Chinese are here with EV’s and very impressive first offerings. They appear like they are ahead of some well known Euro brands. I remember not so long ago TG mocking some Chinese cars they drove. TG admitted that in just a short time who knows what they will be capable of. Here is yet more proof. 世界汽车制造商需要注意。中国人带着电动汽车和令人印象深刻的第一批产品来到这里。它们似乎领先于一些知名的欧洲品牌。我记得不久前TG嘲笑他们开的一些中国车。TG承认在很短的时间内谁知道他们会有什么能力。这里有更多的证据。
eacorion: tbh I‘d love to test it! 我很想测试一下!
Gary Stevens: Honda Accord? 本田雅阁?
Riste Kostadinov: It looks a little bit like Peugeot 508, cool design 它看起来有点像标致508,很酷的设计
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