《暴裂无声》(Wrath of Silence) , 2018年上映,导演忻钰坤,影片获第二届澳门国际影展评审团特别奖和最佳男主角奖。




JeffJeffersonJeffry’ : Fuggin loved it, the main character being a mute complimented the asian humor and great feel of the movie, some of the metaphors worked well and it was hella entertaining throughout. 喜欢这部电影,主角是一个哑巴,他表达了亚洲人的幽默感和对电影的理解,有些比喻很好,整个电影都很有趣。
Christopher Barkman : A thriller that tries to be as layered as it is compelling and doesn’t quite succeed at either. While it boasts a strong lead performance, some slick sound design (when its properly used) and curious allegories, this is an action film that feels too stagnant for its own good.  一部试图做到既有说服力又成功人惊险电影。虽然它自夸有很强的主角,一些流畅的声音设计(当它正确使用时)和奇怪的寓言,这是一部动作片,感觉太拖沓了。
The Film Mufti : ‪Ok story of mute man going up against gangsters to find his missing son. There’s a good story in there somewhere, but overlength, a plethora of plot strands, generic action sequences, and bad cgi keep this effort pretty unremarkable.‬ 一个沉默的男人和歹徒一起去寻找失踪的儿子的故事。这里有一个不错的故事,但是过长,过多的情节,一般的动作序列,以及糟糕的cgi,使这种努力变得相当不起眼。
Cinema_Strikes : Strong performances all around, but the film often feels a little aimless – perhaps a tighter run-time would have made for a more satisfying experience.  整体表演都很精彩,但是这部电影经常感觉有些漫无目的——也许更紧凑的时间会让你获得更令人满意的体验。
mattstechel :The man fights like a real brawler–at various points in the movie taking on multiple guys at once. (In one memorable scene he uses an office chair to take on a gang of guys) This of course gets him noticed by the higher ups, specifically the guy who wants to own all the coal mine这个男人就像一个真正的斗士——在电影中的不同点,同时面对多个男人。(在一个令人难忘的场景中,他用一把办公椅和一帮家伙较量)这当然会让上层注意到他,特别是那些想拥有所有煤矿的人
SnowboardJunkie : Director Yukun crafts a slow spine tingling thriller that reveals the boundless blackend heart of greed. One man, filled with rage, searches for his missing son. As his hunt escalates he must make choices which put him up on a collision course with gangsters. They themselves back tracking through the shadows of government scheming to further their own empire. 导演创作了一部缓慢刺痛的惊悚片,揭示了贪婪的无限黑暗之心。一个满脸怒火的人在寻找失踪的儿子。随着狩猎的升级,他必须作出选择,使他与歹徒发生冲突。他们回过头来,通过政府阴影的追踪,企图进一步发展他们自己的帝国。
kardde98 : Father kicking ass tying to find his son. And I want hot pot now. 父亲发疯地找儿子。而我现在想吃火锅。
Justin Robert Vinall : A mystery surrounding the disappearance of his young son, a mute father tries to discover what happened but begins to unravel a far sinister move from a greedy Chinese mining business. “Wrath of Silence” points out great moments of tension and action but relies on plot points to carry through the story and characters motivations. 一个关于他年幼的儿子失踪的谜团,一个沉默的父亲试图发现发生了什么,但是开始揭开一个远离贪婪的中国矿业的阴险举动。《暴裂无声》表现了紧张和武打片段,但依靠情节点来贯穿故事和人物的动机。
kbranoz : A competently filmed quest of a mute miner for his son. While there were some good cinematography, the script was often confusing for no reason or cliche. Hard to strongly recommend when there are so many stronger films in the same style out there to watch. 哑巴旷工为寻找儿子的电影。虽然有一些好的镜头,但剧本往往毫无道理或陈词滥调。很难强烈推荐,当有这么多风格相同的更强大的电影可以观看。
ozora : A nice bleak tale played out of the clash between rural and financial worlds in China, that sadly gets lost in the details. The director puts so much effort in laying out the pieces of his mistery, worrying so much to fit them togheter, that he doesn’t mind to do it by force, forgetting that the structure should support the story, not vice versa. And thus the story loses its impact. Too bad because both fascinating visuals and interesting, charismatic characters had succeeded in building an interesting menacing world. 在中国农村和金融世界的冲突中,出现了一个令人沮丧的故事,不幸的是,这个故事在细节中迷失了。导演费了很大的力气去摆出他的疑团,非常担心把它们装得更合适,以至于他不介意用武力去做,忘记了结构应该支持故事,反之亦然。因此故事失去了它的影响。太糟糕了,因为迷人的视觉效果和有趣的,有魅力的人物已经成功地建立了一个有趣的,充满威胁的世界。
CaliGula : While done in good faith, Wrath of Silence is hardly memorable. 当真诚地看完时,暴裂无声令人难忘的。
Janet : Interesting thriller with a mountainous mining village as the backdrop. A local mute miner returns home after hearing that his son has gone missing. The film introduces us to several disparate characters, a rich businessman, a lawyer, and it is not obvious for some time how they are all connected. Corruption and illegal mining are at the heart of this. The actor playing the mute miner is Song Yang, a martial arts maestro, clearly illustrated in the fight scenes有趣的惊悚片以山区采矿村为背景。当地一个哑巴矿工听说儿子失踪后回到了家里。这部电影向我们介绍了几个截然不同的人物,一个富有的商人,一个律师,而且一段时间以来,他们之间是如何联系在一起的,并不明显。腐败和非法采矿是这一切的核心。扮演无声矿工的演员是宋阳,一位武术大师,在战斗场景中清晰地展现了
Brad Hanson : It’s a whodunnit that lacks any real sense of intrigue. It’s overly long and the pay off feels overwrought. If you like realistic fight sequences where no-one can actually fight then this is for you! 这是一个缺乏真实感的。太长了,感觉过度了。如果你喜欢现实的打斗,那么这是给你的!
slyman : Uncompromising Chinese fable let down by poor cgi in the final scene 不妥协的中国寓言在最后一幕中被可怜的特效打败
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