蔚来 EP9打破了纽北电动车的最快纪录7分05秒,据传成本约合827万人民币。全球最火的汽车节目《TheGrandTour》再次来到中国,评测了蔚来EP9,我们一起来看看理查德哈蒙德怎么说?



《TheGrandTour》第三季第六集Richard Hammond理查德哈蒙德评测蔚来EP9(完整台词):


Here it is. It’s called the EP9.


And it’s pretty clear that this is no Nissan Leaf.Because a Leaf doesn’t have giant head restraints to stop G-forces from snapping your neck during hard cornering. And that’s just the start of it.
很明显,这不是日产Leaf. 因为它没有巨大的头枕可以阻止加速度转弯时扭断你的脖子,而好戏才刚刚开始。


What I have here is a comparison between this NIO EP9 and the Rimac Concept One, in which I had my little, um tumble down a Swiss mountainside.
这款NIO EP9可以和Rimac Concept One作个比较,后者让我在瑞士山上摔了跟头。


So in the Rimac Concept One, power: 1,207 brake horsepower.In this NIO, 1,341 brake horsepower.
Rimac Concept One制动功率1207匹。在这款NIO,制动功率1341匹。


Power to weight: in the Rimac is 652 brake horsepower per ton. In this NIO, 773 brake horsepower per ton.Oh, good.So, no pressure, then. Right.
功率重量比:在Rimac中每吨制动功率为652马力。 在这个NIO中,每吨773制动马力。很好,我毫无压力,对。


The high voltage system is active. So here goes. To launch, it’s gotta be in drive.
高压系统启动状态。 按开始,发射,要出发了。


(WHOOSH) – Left foot on brake, right foot mash the throttle.Right hand hold that back for one, two, three, four, five. – Come off the brake. (呼气声) – 左脚刹车,右脚踩油门。右手按一,二,三,四,五。- 松开刹车。


– (ENERGY PULSES) Urgh! (SCREAMS) (ENERGY PULSES AND WHINES) – (TYRES SCREECH) – Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus! (POUNDING TECHNO) It’s just insanity! They say it’ll do 0 to 60 in 2.  –
(引擎发动)呃! – 我的天王老母亲!这太疯狂了! 他们说0到60只需要2秒。


7 seconds. 0 to 125 in 7 seconds.7 seconds! That direct, immediate power you get from these electric supercars is like nothing else.
7秒! 在7秒内0到125! 从这些电动超级跑车中获得的直接动力,和其它东西都不一样。


It’s like one minute I’m here and then bam! I’m over there.It’s like driving a jet engine.Something else about which I have bad memories.This is a bad place.
就像一分钟我在这里然后bam! 我在那边。就像驾驶喷气式发动机一样。我有一些不好的预感,这不是个好地方


However, there is some good news for people like me.The brakes.


– (SCREECHING) – Whoa! That’s put everything back where it should be.My eyes have come forward.My lungs are on the front again.  – (刹车声) – 哇!万物归于平静。我的眼睛已经快爆出来了,我的肺部快出现在我前面。


Now if you want to experience this phenomenal speed for yourself, you will need two things.First of all, a lot of money.Because this costs £1.15 million.Secondly, a racetrack.Because it works like that Ferrari FXX – where you buy the car, they deliver it to a track for you along with a support team.
现在,如果你想自己体验这种惊人的速度,你需要有两样东西。首先,要花很多钱。因为这需要115万英镑。其次,赛道。因为它的工作方式就像法拉利FXX – 你在哪里买车,他们和支持团队一起为您提供赛道。


You drive it, crap yourself, then they take it away and hose it out for you.Since it’s an electric car, you’ll be wondering about range.Obviously if you hammer it round a track, you are gonna wear those batteries out pretty quickly.


However, on the plus side, they only take 45 minutes to charge.On the minus side, you have to take the batteries out to do it.And as they weigh 317 kilograms each, you won’t be doing that on your own.It is a bit more of a faff than say, a can of petrol.
然而,从好的方面来说,它们只需要45分钟即可充满。不好的是,你必须拿出电池来完成它。而且每个重317公斤,你不会自己做。 这比一个汽油罐更冒险。


However, if you’re an electric petrol head and you’re tempted by the NIO, you might be interested to know that it’s not short of pedigree.There’s evidence that the people behind this thing really know what they’re doing.


For starters, the outfit that makes the EP9 also runs a Formula E team: one which won the inaugural championship in 2015.And until recently, the EP9 itself held a lap record around the Nurburgring, with an astonishing time of 6 minutes 45.9 seconds.Which means it isn’t just about going fast in a straight line.
首先,一支E级方程式团队参与了制造:一支在2015年赢得首届冠军的团队。直到最近,EP9本身在纽伯格林赛道上保持了单圈纪录,惊人的时间为6分45.9秒。 这意味着它不只是快速直线行驶。


(ELECTRICAL WHINE) It has active suspension, active aerodynamics, torque vectoring – and all of that means only one thing. (THUDDING DANCE BEAT) Grip, grippity, grip! (TYRES SCREECH) It has a motor in each of the four wheels for a four-wheel drive system that can be monitored and controlled constantly by the car’s on-board brain.
(电机引擎声)它具有主动悬架,主动空气动力学,扭矩矢量 – 所有这一切只意味着一件事。抓地力,抓地力,抓地力! (轮胎摩擦声)它在四个车轮的每个车轮中都有一个电机,用于四轮驱动系统,可以通过汽车的车载大脑持续监控。


Add to that, the active aerodynamics on that vast wing and a diffuser running the length of the car, it produces more down-force than an F1 car.(TYRES SQUEAL) Jesus! It’s like driving an octopus.


There’s no doubt that as a piece of engineering, the NIO is deeply impressive.And into slingshot! Ha-ha-ha! But what I love about it most is that, thanks to its phenomenal grip, I could hammer it round our track all day and still be the right way up.And from me there is no higher compliment.
 毫无疑问,作为一件工程,NIO令人印象非常深刻。并进入弹弓!呵呵,哈哈! 但我最喜欢的是,由于它非凡的抓地力,我可以整天把放在我们的赛道上,对我来说没有更高的赞美了。(完)




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