李开复是畅销书《野生智能超等力气:中国、硅谷及天下新次序》的作者,他告诉Dailymail.com,就业世界面临的危机“类似于工业革命期间农民所面临的危机”, AI技术将在15年内接管一半的工作岗位。



《China’s leading AI expert warns the technology will take over HALF of jobs within 15 years》 (Mail Online)《中国领先的人工智能专家警告称,该技术将在15年内接管一半的工作岗位》 (英国每日邮报)


Half of current jobs will be taken over by AI within 15 years, one of China’s leading AI experts has warned.中国领先的人工智能专家之一警告说,目前有一半的工作将由人工智能在15年内接管。


Kai-Fu Lee, the author of bestselling book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, told Dailymail.com the world of employments was facing a crisis ‘akin to that faced by farmers during the industrial revolution.’


‘People aren’t really fully aware of the effect AI will have on their jobs,’ he said. 他说,人们并没有真正意识到人工智能会对他们的工作产生的影响。


Lee, who is a VC in China and once headed up Google in the region, has over 30 years of experience in AI. 李先生是中国的风险投资人,曾在该地区担任谷歌领导人,拥有超过30年的人工智能经验。


He believes it is imperative to ‘warn people there is displacement coming, and to tell them how they can start retraining.’ 他认为必须“警告人们有流离失所现象,并告诉他们如何开始再培训。”


1. Telemarketer / telesales 1. 电话推销员/电话销售
2. Customer support 2. 客户支持
3. Warehouse workers 3. 仓库工人
4. Clerks and operational staff 4. 文员和业务人员
5. Telephone operators 5. 电话接线员
6. Teller/cashier 6. 出纳/收银
7. Fast food workers 7. 快餐工人
8. Dish washers 8. 洗碗工
9. Assembly line inspector 9. 装配线检查员
10. Couriers 10. 快递员



BushcraftDe_baserSte : Does anyone else get the feeling that once they have AI up and running, and they no longer need most of the population that they will find a way to get rid of us either through war or a pandemic? 有没有其他人觉得一旦他们的人工智能启动并运行,他们不再需要大多数人,他们会找到一种方法,通过战争或大疾病摆脱我们?
redchile57blind rive : This is one of the reasons we should stop the masses of immigrants 这是我们应该阻止大量移民的原因之一
me hereRealist01-Sur : It’s a bit short sighted of the big corporations to think that if they get rid of the the workers and replace them with robots that they will make more profit because workers are consumers and if they don’t work they can’t afford and dont buy their product. 大公司有点目光短浅,他们认为,如果他们摆脱工人,用机器人代替他们,他们将获得更多的利润,因为工人是消费者,如果他们不工作,他们负担不起,也不买他们的产品。
Final Warningtired-o : There are no longer any excuses for the 10 million worthless unwanted economic migggrants who’ve trespassed into the UK over the last 20 years to be allowed to stay. ALL of these 10 million migggrants, and ALL of their descendants, must be expelled. 对于过去20年来侵入英国的1000万毫无价值的、不受欢迎的经济强权分子,现在再也没有任何借口允许他们留下来了。所有这1000万名移名,以及他们所有的后代,都必须被驱逐。
BushcraftHardBr3xit : Security guard jobs are at risk? I can’t wait for the day when ED-209s are patrolling supermarkets and city centres. 保安工作有危险吗?我等不及ED-209(机械战警)巡查超市和市中心的那一天了。
j0hnDsceptic981 : Automation has been taken over in manufacturing jobs for 15yrs + so it’s not really news and it was matter time other jobs would get done away with, but who will keep or support all the people who won’t have jobs? 自动化已经在制造业工作了15年以上,所以这不是什么新闻,其他工作何时才能完成也很重要,但是谁会保留或支持所有没有工作的人?
Al PacaAl PacaThaiti : With so many unemployed who will buy the things robots make? Won’t happen. 有这么多失业者,谁会买机器人制造的东西?不会发生。
Young Gordon : I agree with him totally. Each business that installs a “robot workers” should be made to pay an annual fee to the government for each robot. This would help support those on welfare due to the lost jobs. 我完全同意他。每个安装“机器人工人”的企业都应该为每个机器人向政府支付年费。这将有助于支持那些因失业而获得福利的人。
illbill : Meanwhile the UK government will continue to flood the UK with cheap labour both for low skill and higher skill jobs, specifically IT in the latter case, and parrot that there a loads of jobs, when in fact most of the new jobs are zero hours minimum wage jobs, not high paid skilled employment. The Tories would rather die than admit people can no longer find work. 与此同时,英国政府将继续向英国大量提供廉价劳动力,用于低技能和高技能工作,尤其是后一种情况,并重申存在大量的工作,而事实上,大多数新工作是零小时最低工资工作,而不是高薪技术工作。保守党宁愿死也不愿承认人们再也找不到工作了。
Bushcraft : I’m quite sure my job is safe. A machine might be able to make my boss a cup of coffee but who is going to put the water into the machine and bring the cup to my boss because my boss isn’t going to do it. 我很确定我的工作是安全的。一台机器也许能给我的老板倒杯咖啡,但谁会把水倒进机器里,把杯子拿给我的老板,因为我的老板不会这么做。
Kiwi.LIBERAL SICKNES : Everyone should get in to politics, no Qualification’s needed, just a big mouth and thick skin,high pay and free travel, 每个人都应该进入政界,不需要资格认证,只需要一张大嘴巴和厚脸,高薪和免费旅行,
TheHarkenmalmaison : The jobs ai cannot do, no mention of wiring up a consumer unit or plumbing in a kitchen sink. As usual tradesmen are conveniently sidelined by liberal deadheads. 人工智能做不到的工作,更不用说在厨房的水槽里给消费者安装电线或给水管了。像往常一样,自由主义死党很方便地把商人排除在外。
Dave B Ex patAl Paca : Anyone who cannot see this coming is blind. There will soon not be enough jobs to go around based on our current working patterns. The short term solution is to move to a 4 day standard working week which will also match the increasingly lower wages we are already seeing… 任何看不到这一点的人都是瞎子。根据我们目前的工作模式,很快就没有足够的工作可以四处走动了。短期解决方案是改为4天的标准工作周,这也将与我们已经看到的越来越低的工资相匹配…
Jwas : So we don’t need any low paid guests here then who will be out of work. 所以我们不需要低收入的客人来这里,他们会失业。
Eliza GoodberryGreen : So why is the government welcoming so many illiterate illegal migrants? 那么,为什么政府欢迎这么多文盲的非法移民呢?
Hopper74Bushcraft : With sensible policies (I admit that is the challenge), automation need not be a threat. In the 19thC, many people worked 12-hours a day, 6 days a week. If the productivity of automation is shared, by reducing the working-week, then all good; my worry is that we will see the proceeds of its benefits channeled into the pockets of a few (who often also have clever ways to avoid tax). 有了明智的政策(我承认这是个挑战),自动化不必成为威胁。在19世纪,许多人每天工作12小时,每周工作6天。如果自动化的生产力是共享的,通过减少工作周,那么一切都很好;我担心的是,我们将看到它的收益流入少数人的口袋(他们通常也有聪明的避税方法)。
o0ioc0o : As an AI myself. I disagree. We’ll take over the world. 作为人工智能。我不同意。我们将接管世界。
toxents : Also everybody nowadays wants to be a model, actor, instagram bae, a rapper, influencer, a president. Nobody will be a farmer, a teacher or a carpenter anymore. So goodluck world! 现在每个人都想成为一名模特、演员、Instagram Bae、说唱歌手、影响者、总统。再也没有人会成为农民、教师或木匠了。祝你好运!
anteater : The jobs that survive will be the ones that involve creativity- hairdressing, ballet dancers, concert pianists and the like. But it does raise the question that all of us ask. With mass unemployment who will have the wherewithal to buy anything. 生存下来的工作将是那些需要创造力的工作——美发、芭蕾舞演员、音乐会钢琴家等等。但它确实提出了我们所有人都会问的问题。有了大量的失业人口,谁就有能力买任何东西。
Pamela : I am surprised to hear that human resource jobs won’t be affected, since the department where I were was filled with PC robots. 听说人力资源工作不会受到影响,我很惊讶,因为我所在的部门到处都是电脑机器人。
Mick Zoolanders : Could it take over as London’s mayor please and as PM ? 它能接任伦敦市长和首相吗?
sandaraTruthful 21 : People with low IQ are screwed. 低智商的人是被拧的。
Melanie : And when we all have no jobs then what??? No need for robots because we can’t afford products. 当我们都没有工作的时候,那又是什么呢????不需要机器人,因为我们买不起产品。
Too-thy : Going to be some very troubling times ahead. 接下来的日子会很不好过。
Benny HillJen : Banking will be transformed by AI, a lot of jobs will be lost in this sector. 人工智能将改变银行业,这一领域将失去大量就业机会。
Robert.Hunter : less jobs means more unemployment so how can this be a good thing? 减少就业意味着更多的失业,那么这怎么可能是好事呢?
John : I can definitely see call centres being the first big AI innovation, it’s already happening with chat bots. Most call centre workers have limited information and are just apologising for something they’ve no control over. Outsourcing to Asia has been a massive failure, this will be the next big cost saver. 我可以肯定地看到呼叫中心是第一个大的人工智能创新,它已经发生在聊天机器人上。大多数呼叫中心的工作人员信息有限,只是为他们无法控制的事情道歉。外包到亚洲已经是一个巨大的失败,这将是下一个大的节省成本。
Lola : My local McDs has just “upgraded” to a self service one. All the staff work in the kitchens and have zero interaction with customers thus not developing any customer services skills. It’s really bad. 我当地的麦当劳刚刚“升级”为自助式。所有员工都在厨房工作,与客户之间没有任何互动,因此没有发展任何客户服务技能。真的很糟糕。
illbill : If you are thinking of getting into AI / machine learning I hope you have a decent level of math, i.e. degree level, let alone education in computer science/AI. Your average programmer won’t be developing AI/machine learning software lets put it that way, typically you need a PhD. 如果你想进入人工智能/机器学习,我希望你有一个体面的数学水平,即学位水平,更不用说计算机科学/人工智能教育了。你的普通程序员不会开发人工智能/机器学习软件,让我们这么说吧,通常你需要博士学位。
Sir Pat : Who cares by then once green and pleasant land England will be an over crowded sheet hole of a nation with millions laid off and a population surpassing 75 million. I sure modern politicians are on crack. 到那时,谁在乎曾经绿意盎然的英格兰,将是一个人口超过7500万,下岗数百万人的国家,人口过多的板洞。我相信现代政治家们都很在行。
Bushcraft : Fitness trainers jobs are safe? What about fitbit and the other gadgets that check your fitness? And small companies can’t afford AI and will be relying on people to do the work for a while yet. 健身教练的工作安全吗?Fitbit和其他可以检查你身体状况的设备呢?小公司负担不起人工智能,暂时还将依靠人们来完成这项工作。
thru a glass darkly : Comes a time,where Efficiency,is no longer important…If one Man and his Robots can manufacture everything the World requires,what’s the point,if those without Jobs have no money to buy them? 到了一个效率不再重要的时候……如果一个人和他的机器人能制造出世界上所需要的一切,如果那些没有工作的人没有钱去买它们,又有什么意义呢?
Ancient Britonillbil : Sex workers will still have secure jobs. 性工作者仍然有安全的工作。
Galahad : There’s a simple solution to the loss of employment positions–open many more Starbucks locations and convenience stores. 有一个简单的解决失业问题的方法——开设更多的星巴克店和便利店。
Daily Smileofficer c : They need a robot that can do b u tt wiping that’s a job nobody wants to do. 他们需要一个能擦东西的机器人,这是没人想做的工作。
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