Chopsticks can be difficult to learn to use. Some countries in Asia have specific types of chopsticks and specific etiquette on how to use them. Many people don’t notice the difference between types of chopsticks, so today I will be comparing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean chopsticks.   筷子可能很难学。亚洲的某些国家/地区有特定类型的筷子和特定的礼仪。许多人没有注意到筷子之间的差异,因此今天我将比较中国,日本和韩国的筷子。







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Jane Moon: The Korean stainless chopsticks were created because of the shortage in wood and to also serve as weapons during war, to be melted down to create bullets on demand. 韩国的不锈钢筷子是因为木材短缺而制造出来的,在战争中也可以作为武器,可以根据需要熔化以制造子弹。
Omg Giiirl: We don’t care in my house as long as they get the food in the mouth. We have Chinese Japanese and Korean in my house and my Mom is Korean i think its also because my Dad was in the army and we had to make do with what was available. Korean food and household things weren’t available everywhere like these days. I grew up making Korean food with Japanese and Chinese ingredients because the Korean stuff wasn’t exported. And there were no Korean stores in many places like Germany. It wasn’t until we got to the USA that we could have those luxuries. We couldn’t even get red pepper powder, Korean rice and dried fish so my Grandmother had to send everything in a huge box. Now it’s kinda weird but every now and then I miss japanese calrose rice. 只要他们把食物送到嘴里,我们就不在乎了。我们家有中日韩多种语言,我妈妈是韩国人,我想这也是因为我爸爸在军队里,我们只能靠现有的生活。像现在这样,韩国的食物和家庭用品并不是到处都能买到的。我从小就用日本和中国的原料做韩国菜,因为韩国的东西没有出口。像德国这样的许多地方都没有韩国商店。直到我们到了美国,我们才有了那些奢侈品。我们连红辣椒粉、韩国米饭和鱼干都买不到,所以我奶奶只好把所有东西装在一个大箱子里寄出去。现在有点奇怪,但我时不时会想念日本的香米。
•CloudyBee•: “Chinese chopsticks are longer and **thiccer** then korean and Japanese chopsticks” 中国的筷子比韩国和日本的筷子长,而且更薄
Benjamin Nie: Personally I usually eat with Japanese and Chinese chopsticks but Korean chopsticks are better for my drum solos 就我个人而言,我通常用日本和中国的筷子吃饭,但韩国筷子更适合我的架子鼓
hun23nam: 2:19 this is what you mostly see in Korean Restaurants and some of us really dont like those round ones 这是你在韩国餐馆里经常看到的,我们有些人真的不喜欢那些圆形的
Sunanda Biswas: Ok I am indian but I live in japan but I still use chinese chopsticks because as he said it helps to take more 好吧,我是印度人,但我住在日本,但我还是用中国的筷子,因为他说多吃会有帮助
Xenia Haw – Burce: Chinese all the way!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 一直用中国筷子🤣
DragonWolfZen: Japanese chopsticks are my favorite and i have an amazing set of bamboo hand made ones i watched being made for me with a dragon on them, so thin at the tip and so exact to use 🙂 日本筷子是我的最爱,我有一套很棒的手工竹制筷子,我看着它为我做的,上面有一条龙,尖端很细,使用起来非常精确:)
소정: in my house we have only korean chopsticks, and we have like 30 pairs. 我家只有韩式筷子,大概有30双。
TheAnimeNewb · GachaCarl: As a Filipino with Chinese blood, I prefer all of them. 作为一个有着中国血统的菲律宾人,我所有都喜欢。
El Mapache: I like the looks of the metallic ones, but i hated the grip of the flattened slippery surface. They were very uncomfortable. Do you get used to that? They would be perfect if they had a texture to ensure a good grip. 我喜欢金属的外观,但我讨厌平坦光滑表面的抓地力。他们很不舒服。你习惯了吗?他们将是完美的,如果他们有一个纹理,以确保良好的抓地力。
reena gupta: I want to use korean chopsticks 我想用韩国筷子
Shubhangi Kumari: I would like to use Japanese. Its easier 我想用日本的。比较容易
Anele Bekwa: I just realised I’ve been using Chinese chopsticks the whole time and I thought they were Japanese 我刚意识到我一直在用中国筷子,我以为它们是日式的
fidaa kheder: I use Chinese chopsticks but I use them in the Korean way 我用的是中国筷子,但我用的韩国的方式
Kim TaeHyung: Im korean but i use bamboo chopsticks no steel 我是韩国人,但我用的是竹筷而不是钢
Shreya Gurung: 1 China 2 Korea 3 Japan
Azrael cythe: I knew I wasn’t alone I eat my ceviche and carne asada fries With my Chinese chopsticks for Sushi 100% Japanese. 我知道我不是一个人,我用中国筷子吃我的酸橘汁腌鱼和烤肉,寿司100%用日本的。
Emma Lone: Japanese ..I find them easiest to use ☺ 日式的..我发现它们最容易使用☺
Iliyan: Every time someone is cooking using chopsticks, i see them strugle with the chopsticks. 每次有人用筷子吃饭时,我都看到他们用筷子咯咯地叫。
maclose: I prefer Japanese chopsticks. I don’t know how people eat with Chinese chopsticks, they are so bulky. 我更喜欢日本筷子。我不知道人们怎么用中国筷子吃饭,筷子太笨重了。
Ae-Ri Bae: I’m lost without my Korean chopsticks and spoon. Don’t need any other utensils. However, traditional Korean chopsticks are flat. You will find those round ones very difficult to eat with. 没有韩式筷子和勺子我就不行了。不需要其他的。然而,传统的韩国筷子是扁平的。你会发现那些圆的很难吃。
Richard Macabio: I’ve eaten dim sum with the white plastic chopsticks and the food always slides away from me. The Korean metal ones are ok as long as you don’t touch a filing in your teeth. I really like the Japanese ones for eating and I do have a extra long set for deep frying. 我用白色塑料筷子吃过点心,食物总是从我身边滑落。只要你不碰牙齿上的锉刀,韩国金属的就可以了。我真的很喜欢吃日式的,而且我还有一套很长用攻油炸食品。
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