国外知乎Quora有网友问:Which of these three countries has the best cuisine: Korea, China, or Japan? (中国、韩国和日本,谁的美食最好吃?),看看外国网友的答复。




Daniel ChunChie Hama : Questions like these are often filled with heaping piles of subjective judgments and large assumptions: allow me to add onto this pile.In my pure opinion, there is no one food which simply wins and takes the cake when comparing the three. Comparing anything in terms of culture is extremely obscure, non-standardized, and overall tricky to do. But in terms of sub-categories, I think I can judge these cuisines a bit easier.Execution: JapaneseNow in terms of Japanese cuisine, I’d say it beats out every other food in terms of execution. 像这样的问题常常充斥着成堆的主观判断和大量的假设:让我再加干嘛问我句。在我纯粹的观点中,没有一种食物能在比较这三种食物时简单地获胜。从文化的角度比较任何事物都是非常模糊的、不标准的,而且总的来说很难做到。
Hyunsik Kim : If we’re talking about the top tiers of each country, than I’d say Chinese would serve the best cuisines, Japan coming up second just by a slight margin, and than Korean.Now, I’ve read some comments that mentioned how greasy, or even sick(like what, mosquito eyeball soup?), Chinese food can get…but we should only count the best of the best of each country, otherwise the discussion could get a little dirty, having three countries cuss out the messy parts the least ordeal cuisine in each country.The competition itself is kind of unfair, since you’re referring China as a country, while their cousins are composed of vast cuisines from differed area. Their vastness in flavor may sum up to be equivalent to a continent’s(not including Asia of course). So to have a competition within the three, it’d be like continent vs country vs country, which doesn’t seem fair. I’ve only tried some of the top tier Chinese food(Shanghai, Hong Kong style), and if the other region’s top level food matches the 如果我们谈论的是每个国家的顶级菜,我会说中国菜是最好的,日本菜排在第二位,只差一点点,而不是韩国菜。现在,我读到一些评论,提到有多油腻,甚至有多恶心(比如什么,蚊子眼汤?)中国菜可以……但是我们应该把每个国家最好的菜都算上,否则讨论会有点不公平,让三个国家把这些乱七八糟的菜分出来,这是每个国家最难吃的菜。竞争本身就有点不公平,因为你把中国称为一个国家,而他们的表兄弟们却组成了一个国家。f来自不同地区的美食。它们丰富的风味可以概括为相当于一个大陆(当然不包括亚洲)。所以要在这三个国家之间进行竞争,就像是大陆对国家对国家,这似乎不公平。
Jin HanGregory Zanna : A2A from Gregory Zannatos.As a Korean American who have tried some authentic Chinese cuisines without knowing the names of the dishes, some Japanese food, and a lot of Korean food, I will try to answer without being biased like some others on the other answers.Chinese food has so many varieties. So many different dishes that you won’t be able to try all of them in your life time. But just because they have so many varieties, that shouldn’t always mean the Chinese cuisine is the best. Because some people say “yucky” when people see some authentic Chinese dishes. For example, I wonder about how some Chinese dishes like mosquito eye soup and bird’s nest soup taste like. I’ve never seen them or tried them. So, I’m not sure if I can say, Chinese food is the best cuisine out of all. Because I’ve tried a few authentic Chinese foods that I didn’t like. They were kind of greasy, chicken had its skin on which is a turn off by many people. But then, there are many amazing Chinese dishes that I li 来自Gregory Zannatos的A2A。作为一个韩国人,我试过一些正宗的中国菜,但不知道菜名、一些日本菜和很多韩国菜,我会尽量回答,而不会像其他人那样对其他答案产生偏见。中国菜有很多品种。这么多不同的菜肴,你将无法尝试在你的生活中所有这些。但仅仅因为它们品种繁多,这并不意味着中国菜是最好的。因为有些人看到正宗的中国菜时会说“恶心”。例如,我想知道一些中国菜,比如蚊子眼汤和燕窝汤的味道如何。我从未见过或尝试过。所以,我不确定能否说,中国菜是最棒的菜。因为我试过一些我不喜欢的正宗中国菜。它们有点油腻,鸡皮上有很多人都会把它弄掉。但是,还有许多令人惊叹的中国菜
Isabella Tree : I am Chinese/Korean, so obviously, I grew up and is still growing up eating Chinese and Korean food.Sometimes, my mother who is Korean will whip up this random Japanese recipe, which tastes quite similar to the Korean and Chinese food I often have at home. In reality, Chinese, Korean and Japanese Home and Comfort food share many similarities, though their restaurant food is another topic altogether.One thing I would like to address though is that many call seaweed rolls and raw fish thingies “sushi” and recognise it as Japanese, though often times, it’s not sushi or Japanese at all. Sushi is when there is raw fish over a plain, rice and seaweed roll. The term sushi wasn’t meant for rolls that had cooked meat inside of them or even raw vegetables. What you may now as cooked sushi is actually “kimbap”, the Korean equivalent to sushi, which is, unfortunately, a lot less famous then it’s Japanese counterpart. This happens similarly to Japanese food too, as they have their own version of ki 我是中国人/韩国人,所以很明显,我长大了,还在成长中吃中韩食品。有时,我的韩国母亲会随机拿出这道日本菜,这道菜的味道和我经常在家吃的韩国和中国菜非常相似。事实上,中国、韩国和日本的家庭和舒适食品有许多相似之处,尽管它们的餐厅食品是另外一个话题。但我想说的一件事是,许多人把海藻卷和生鱼片称为“寿司”,并承认它是日本的,尽管经常,它根本不是寿司或日本的。寿司是指在平原上有生鱼,米饭和海藻卷。寿司一词并不是指那些里面有熟肉甚至生蔬菜的面包卷。你现在所做的寿司实际上是“Kimbap”,韩国人相当于寿司,不幸的是,它比日本的寿司更不出名。
Layla May : Chinese > Japanese > KoreanI think most people would agree that Chinese food is the best among these 3. Perhaps most would agree that Japanese comes second as well judging by their popularity.Chinese food is hard not to like. There is too much variety. You will definitely find something you love. Too much creativity which sometimes include strange ingredients. This “try anything” attitude produces some of the most delicious and most disgusting food. Felt like I was eating shoes when I tried smelly tofu.Japanese food is usually simple but refined. The good thing about simplicity is that it is hard to get disgusted by it. I’m not a fan of ramen and gyoza but I love most things like sushi, udon, beef, taiyaki etc. Japanese natural ingredients like Wagyu beef, sweet potato, Yubari melon, seafood etc are good so they can be prepared in the simplest manner and taste great.  中国人>日本人>韩国人认为大多数人都同意,中国菜是这三种食物中最好的。也许大多数人都会同意日本人的受欢迎程度排在第二位,中国菜很难不受欢迎。种类太多了。你一定会找到你爱的东西。创造力太强,有时会包含奇怪的成分。这种“尝试任何东西”的态度产生了一些最美味和最恶心的食物。当我吃臭豆腐的时候,感觉像是在吃鞋子。日本菜通常很简单,但很精致。简单的好处在于它很难让人厌恶。我不喜欢吃拉面和干酪,但我最喜欢吃寿司、乌冬、牛肉、烧烧烧等。日本的天然配料,如瓦谷牛肉、红薯、鱼巴里瓜、海鲜等都很好,所以可以用最简单的方式来做,味道很好。
Patrick KohGregory Z : Chinese.What is often mentioned as top cuisines of the world?By all accounts, Chinese, French and Italian come up tops most of the time.There are many surveys. We may not quite agree with the below list, because it depends who is eating and being surveyed。 Europeans, US (CNN – Italian then Chinese), Asian or Indian or African or British/ Australians (may like Indian more than Chinese), but almost all will show Chinese as the top Asian cuisine.Popularity? Business talks. If you go anywhere in the world where there are hardly any Chinese, you still find Chinese restaurants, even in Africa. I have traveled US, Canada, most of EU, ANZ, India, Japan, Korea, many countries in Asia, and you can easily find Chinese restaurants. Harder to find a Japanese and Korean except in major cities (for that matter, most other Asian cuisines). You do find Indian in UK, Indonesian in Holland, etc.China. Every Chinese province has its taste and cuisine. The wide variety, cooking styles and tastes is so dive 中国菜。世界上最有名的菜系是什么?所有人都说,中国菜、法国菜和意大利菜在大多数时候都名列前茅。有很多调查。我们可能不太同意下面的列表,因为这取决于谁在吃东西和接受调查。欧洲人,美国(CNN-意大利语,然后是中国人),亚洲或印度或非洲或英国/澳大利亚人(可能更喜欢印度,而不是中国人),但几乎所有人都会把中国菜列为顶级亚洲菜。受欢迎程度?商谈。如果你去世界上几乎没有中国人的地方,你仍然能找到中国餐馆,甚至在非洲。我去过美国、加拿大、大部分欧盟、澳新银行、印度、日本、韩国以及亚洲的许多国家,你可以很容易地找到中国餐馆。很难找到日本人和韩国人,除了在大城市(就这一点而言,大多数亚洲菜)。你在英国能找到印度人,在荷兰能找到印度尼西亚人,在中国也能找到。中国的每个省份都有自己的口味和美食。种类繁多,烹饪风格和口味都很丰富。
Peter Kelly : Chinese will prefer Chinese food. Japanese, their own. Korean, their own. If you’re looking for objectivity, ask a foreigner.I’ve lived in all three countries for a few years (2.5 in Korea, 1.5 in Japan, and 1 in China so far). As a Canadian, my country is generally on favourable terms with all three of them (well, Canada and China are having some friction right now, but that will blow over) so I beleive I can speak with minimum bias.The answer: they’re all good. Your taste in cuisine is as subjective as your favourite colour. There is no exact answer as it is an opinion-based question rather than a factual one.One thing is factual: Chinese food has an edge in that there is just so much of it. The variety far eclipses the other two. That said, any piece of meat you bite into is sure to have a f***load of bones in it, which is an annoyance to all foreigners (curiously, Chinese don’t seem to mind chewing around bones and spitting half-eaten food back onto their plate).Koreans do fried ch 中国人更喜欢中国菜。日本人,他们自己的。韩国人,自己的。如果你在寻找客观性,可以问一个外国人。我已经在这三个国家生活了几年(韩国2.5岁,日本1.5岁,中国1岁)。作为一个加拿大人,我的国家总体上是有利的,他们三个(好吧,加拿大和中国现在有一些摩擦,但这将结束),所以我相信我可以用最小的偏见说话。答案是:他们都很好。你对美食的品味和你最喜欢的颜色一样主观。没有确切的答案,因为这是一个基于观点的问题,而不是一个事实性的问题。一件事是事实性的:中国菜有一个优势,因为只有这么多。这一变种使另外两个相形见绌。这就是说,你咬的任何一块肉里面肯定有很多骨头,这对所有的外国人来说都是一种烦恼(奇怪的是,中国人似乎并不介意啃骨头,把吃了一半的食物吐回盘子里)。
Peter ToppingGregory : Impossible question to answer.Firstly both China and Japan have cuisines widely acknowledged as being of global importance and significance.Secondly China does not have a cuisine with regional variations it has many many many distinct,separate and amazing cuisines. May I say as an aside that Yunnan rocks Chinese food. So it is hard to find a global comparison.Thirdly Korea is tiny, Korean food is endearing and rustic , Korean food is to North Asian food like Portuguese food is to Western European, charming rustic, filling with depth and flair. No one does cabbage or fermented food like kimchi’s or a bar snack like Gabi or has produced the same social culinary phenomena like the Korean Chicken and Beer eats.No one does such alcohol drinking compatible winter warming dishes like Korea does them. Korean food grows on you.So disregard the racists and cultural supremisists that reside on Quora when it comes to all things Japan and China. Here is great start to Korean food if you need it, en 不可能回答的问题。首先,中国和日本都有被广泛认可的具有全球重要性和重要性的菜肴。其次,中国没有具有地区差异的菜肴,它有许多独特的、独立的和令人惊叹的菜肴。我可以顺便说一下,云南是中国菜的发源地。所以很难找到一个全球性的比较:第三,韩国很小,韩国菜又可爱又质朴,韩国菜是朝鲜菜,葡萄牙菜是西欧菜,迷人的质朴,充满了深度和魅力。没有人做过卷心菜、泡菜等发酵食品,也没有人做过像gabi这样的酒吧小吃,也没有人做过像韩国鸡肉和啤酒那样的社交烹饪现象,也没有人像韩国那样喝过与之相配的冬暖菜。韩国食物在你身上生长,所以当涉及到日本和中国的所有事情时,不要理会居住在Quora的种族主义者和文化至上主义者。
Alexandro Chen : The thing about Japanese food is that it’s not just food. It’s a whole experience.Take just one dish: tempura.This restaurant doesn’t have background music, because the sound of the tempura being fried is the background music.When you prepare shrimp for tempura, you have to break the internal “muscles,” so it becomes perfectly straight. And you have to leave the tail. Reason: presentation.Vegetable tempura has another use: to clean your palate and ready you for the next non-vegetable dish, like ginger does when you eat sushi. I’ve been eaten remotes tempura for years and I had no idea about this.You have to order the eel last, because it requires a higher frying temperature. And you have to use salt and gratted daikon in different parts of the eel to enhance the taste and because some parts have more muscles (like the tail).The batter in Tenpuradon has an extra layer, so it can suck more soy sauce, which goes well with the rice. There’s a type of tempuradon which can be enjoyed in two 关于日本食物的问题是它不仅仅是食物。这是一个完整的体验。只吃一道菜:天妇罗。这家餐馆没有背景音乐,因为天妇罗被炸的声音是背景音乐。当你为天妇罗准备虾,你必须打破内部的“肌肉”,所以它变得非常直直。你必须离开尾巴。原因:介绍。蔬菜天妇罗还有另一个用途:清洁你的味觉,为下一道非蔬菜菜肴做好准备,就像你吃寿司时吃的姜一样。我已经吃了好几年了,我不知道这个。你必须最后点鳗鱼,因为它需要更高的煎炸温度。在鳗鱼的不同部位,你必须用盐和磨碎的大眼粉来增加味道,因为有些部位肌肉较多(如尾巴),天普拉东的面糊有一层额外的面糊,所以它可以吸收更多的酱油,这与米饭很相配。
Tamta MarjamGregory : I’ve tried to avoid answering this A2A because honestly, I’ve had enough of the “My identity is better than your identity” or “Who has the better identity”.This is saturating Quora at the moment.It is tedious!It breeds indifference which I don’t think is an aim that Quora had in mind.But I love talking about food…So this is my personal opinion on the relationship between the concept of “the best” and these three traditions of cuisines:When I feel like I want great dumplings or great noodles, I usually go to Chinese place known for their …. dumplings or noodles. (Chengdu and Xinjiang are two favorite regional styles of cooking that I love.)Recipe Links for Westerners unfamiliar with Szechuan and Xinjiang dishes.Our Best Spicy Sichuan Recipes to Numb Your TongueCUMIN LAMB AND HAND-SMASHED NOODLE SOUPWhen I want a super delicious stewed seafood soup or dish, I go to a Korean place that’s well known for this.When I want to eat fresh fish or beef that literally melts in my mouth (usually ra 我尽量避免回答这个A2A,因为老实说,我已经受够了“我的身份比你的身份更好”或“谁的身份更好”。这是充满了Quora的时刻。它是乏味的!它滋生了我不认为是Quora心中的一个目标的冷漠。但是我喜欢谈论食物……所以这是我个人对“最好”的概念和这三种传统美食之间的关系的看法:当我觉得我想要大的饺子或大的面条时,我通常去以它们闻名的中国地方……饺子或面条。(成都和新疆是我最喜欢的两种地方烹饪方式。)对于不熟悉四川和新疆菜的西方人来说,菜谱是有联系的。我们最好的四川辣菜谱可以让你的舌头麻木,羊肉和手工粉碎的面汤。当我想要一份超级美味的炖海鲜汤或菜时,我会去一个以韩国闻名的地方。
Joseph Bond : Let’s see: I spent a year in Korea, 3 weeks in China, and I work for a Japanese company. I think that I’ve had an opportunity to get a good sample of all of them.Winner?China, easily. All of them are good, if you ask me. But China has a variety that I just didn’t understand until I went there (our partners made it a point for us to sample the various regional specialties). Absolutely surprising. What we get in the US is a greatly modified subset of Chinese cuisine.It shouldn’t be that surprising, really. Being the most populous nation in the world with wildly varying geography and a long history should produce this kind of result. 让我想想:我在韩国呆了一年,在中国呆了3周,在一家日本公司工作。我想我已经有机会得到一个很好的样本了。胜利者?中国,很容易。如果你问我,他们都很好。但是中国有很多种,直到我去那里我才知道(我们的合作伙伴强调我们要品尝各种地区特色菜)。绝对令人惊讶。我们在美国得到的是中国菜的一个很大的改进部分。这不应该是那么令人惊讶,真的。作为世界上人口最多的国家,地理位置和历史悠久,应该会产生这样的结果。
Ted Dub : Great response from Xane Feng.Thank you. I liked what you said about the food, and the pictures.I have no relation to any of these countries. I visited all three, loved the food and I’d visit again just for the food. For me, it was a pleasure to eat out, both in Korea, Japan and in China. However, I’m most ímpressed with the Chinese cuisine though. I like its complexity, but also the unpretentioness at the same time. It’s one of my favourite cuisines in the world. I’m a foodie and have travelled to nearly 90 countires. Local food is always one of my priorities among the things I want to try.As for the word “plebeian”. I had also a slightly negative reaction when I read the post first. Dictionary.com – The world’s favorite online dictionary! howeveer explains it as “ belonging or pertaining to the common people. It’s nothing wrong with that, as far as type and origin of food is concerned. However, same word can have different connotations in different languages. I often buy wine from Pu 冯世安的回应很好。谢谢。我喜欢你所说的关于食物和图片的内容,我与这些国家没有任何关系。我参观了这三个地方,喜欢这里的食物,我会再次参观,只是为了吃。对我来说,在韩国、日本和中国外出吃饭都是一种乐趣。不过,我最喜欢中国菜。我喜欢它的复杂性,同时也喜欢它的朴素。这是我在世界上最喜欢的菜肴之一。我是个美食家,去过将近90个国家。在我想尝试的事物中,本地食物一直是我优先考虑的事情之一。至于“平民”这个词。当我第一次读到这篇文章时,我也有轻微的负面反应。dictionary.com-世界上最受欢迎的在线词典!霍维埃解释说这是“属于或属于普通人。就食物的种类和产地而言,这没有什么错。
Robert Adams : China – by a land slide.I really like Korean food. I find Japanese food to be very refined (i.e. high brow) and it is ok, but too subtle for me to seek out very often.But China has produced some astounding variety and innovation in food.You need to go visit these places and have someone take you to 2 or 3 nice restaurants in each. You will find that in Korea and Japan, there is a lot of similarity from one to the next. In China, it is not hard to be served a completely different style and selection – it is likely you would not recognize the food from one place to the next.I used to joke that the French invented food – until I spent time in China. 中国-从陆地上滑下来。我真的很喜欢韩国菜。我觉得日本菜很精致(也就是说,眉毛高),没关系,但对我来说太难找了。但是中国的食物种类繁多,创新性很强。你得去这些地方看看,有人带你去2到3家不错的餐馆。你会发现在韩国和日本,两者之间有很多相似之处。在中国,完全不同的风格和选择是不难做到的——很可能你不知道从一个地方到另一个地方的食物。我曾经开玩笑说,法国人发明了食物——直到我在中国呆了一段时间。
Brandon BeckWill Hua : A2A. Thanks.Taste belongs to a realm of personal preference. It’s pointless to compare one to another. In that sense, every food is on equal. As a Korean, I prefer Korean food. I find Chinese food too greasy and the flavor of Chinese spices too strong. On the other hand, I find flavor of Japanese food a bit bland.That being said, I don’t think it’s possible to ignore the diversity of Chinese food. China is a huge country with so many different ethnic groups and cultures. So I guess I have to say Chinese food is the best of them. 谢谢。品味属于个人喜好。互相比较毫无意义。从这个意义上说,每种食物都是平等的。作为韩国人,我更喜欢韩国菜。我觉得中国菜太油腻,中国香料的味道太浓。另一方面,我觉得日本菜的味道有点平淡,也就是说,我不认为忽视中国菜的多样性是可能的。中国是一个拥有众多不同民族和文化的大国。所以我想我得说中国菜是最好的。
Sebastian Rutten : When it comes to variety and diversity China will win hands down from the more Middle Eastern food of the western China to the more commonly known foods of Southern China. And if it is good it is really good.That being said the average quality of the food will be a lot better in Korea and especially in Japan. The problem is that many Chinese people love to scam you with low quality ingredients and counterfeited alcohol. And so if you stay for a longer time you probably will end up getting food poisoning at some point. Most food in China is very affordable but that is the trade off. 当涉及到多样性和多样性时,中国将从中国西部更多的中东食品,到中国南方更为常见的食品,赢得胜利。如果它是好的,那就真的很好了。据说在韩国,特别是在日本,食物的平均质量会好很多。问题是,许多中国人喜欢用劣质原料和假冒酒精欺骗你。所以,如果你呆的时间长一点,你可能会在某个时候导致食物中毒。中国的大多数食品都很实惠,但这是一种权衡。
Billy Hughes : China by a mile.Not only is Chinese food in more or less every country on the planet but has been a huge influencer of other great cuisines – from Vietnamese to Peruvian. 中国一英里之遥。中国菜不仅在世界上几乎每个国家都是中国菜,而且在越南和秘鲁等其他大菜系中也有着巨大的影响力。
Leah J. ZhangGregory : A2A:Which of the the following color is the best ?Red, Blue, or Black?I am afraid I am not able to answer your question until you can answer this. A2A:以下哪种颜色最好?红色、蓝色还是黑色?恐怕在你回答这个问题之前,我不能回答你的问题。
Sultan Qasim : For me it is Japan hands down because the cuisine is very unique and tastes great.Korean food, is very blend to me it seems like most dishes rely on paper flakes and paste or kimchi for flavors it wasn’t my favorite.Chinese food is ok, it is a huge cuisine I haven’t tried that much to judge it fully but from the little I have tried it was too oily for my taste.So japan wins for me. 对我来说,这是日本式的,因为它的菜肴非常独特,味道也很好。韩国菜,对我来说,似乎大多数菜都是靠纸片、浆糊或泡菜来调味的,这不是我最喜欢的。中国菜也不错,这是一道很好的菜,我没有试过那么多去评判它,但从我试过的那一点来看,它也很美味。我的口味是油腻的,所以日本赢了我的心。
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