外媒: 中印相互指责对方先开火,冲突再升级


外媒: 中印相互指责对方先开火,冲突再升级



外媒: 中印相互指责对方先开火,冲突再升级



外媒: 中印相互指责对方先开火,冲突再升级


注: 已屏蔽掉部分极端言论(约占1/8)

外国人评论中印冲突:(地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1_BJmVA3Lk、https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMrBaxfnWac等)

anywhere from: no ww3, nobody want to get involved this stupid war 没有第三次世界大战,没有人想卷入这场愚蠢的战争
G Bendicion: Let them fight 让他们战斗吧
Adil Kamarudeen: We all know china 我们都了解中国
winnie the pooh: There is no hope for copycat china if thy start war, their weapon technology r way older than india, 如果中国发动战争,他们(中国)是没希望的,他们的武器技术比印度落后
What’s up G: Every one believes China don’t we that’s because China never lies 每个人都相信中国不是因为中国从不说谎
OnePunchYou: I hope India puts China’s government in its place! 我希望印度能把中国放在他自己的地盘上!
rashidaq: India always march backwards 🤣 印度总是开倒车🤣
H Jack: India is good at starting war,after surrender,look at 1962,LOL 印度善于发动战争,然后投降,看看1962年,哈哈哈
yee: Indian has done stupid attacks to divert domestic crisis and please USA. 为了转移国内危机,取悦美国,印度做了愚蠢的攻击。
sunilsharma: Fake news 假新闻
Muj Mir: India is poor sick man of asia. 印度是亚洲的穷人。
Kamaldeep Singh: I support Indian army 我支持印度军队
Crazy C: Well done India. Chyna got frightened for these bullets shot over sky itself . Haha coward Chyna. 印度做得好。 中国对这些射向天空的子弹感到恐惧。哈哈胆小鬼。
shubham sharma: Fake Paid news 假的,付费新闻
jacky: these comments must be kidding me, no one talk about the reason, only accuse 这些评论一定是在开玩笑,没人谈原因,只有指责
Samiran Nandi: The whole world should get United to teach a lesson this country (china) ….. Remember this is new India….. This is not 1962 India. 全世界应该团结起来给这个国家上一课。。记住这是新印度。。不是1962年的印度。
Historiz plus: Aljazeera is one of the propaganda news channel just like Chinese Global times. 半岛电视台和中国的《环球时报》一样是一个宣传性的新闻频道。
Marshall Enriquez: Im NOT a fan of the current indian regime. BUT i really do think that CHINA is the one provoking india right now. India doesnt have any benefit with fighting with china. China needs to stop asap..this is getting absurd. 我不喜欢现在的印度政权。但我真的认为中国是目前激怒印度的一个。与中国作战对印度没有任何好处。中国需要尽快停止…这太荒谬了。
Creation man: Why can’t everyone stay in their country and stop this conflict. I can’t understand this. If any other country wants free land and recourse then maybe they should try and build spaceships and go colonize other galaxies. It’s obvious that population of earth has been increasing soon earth will be over populated anyways why get yourself killed fighting other humans when scientists say there are other planets that can be colonized. 为什么每个人都不能留在自己的国家阻止这场冲突。我不明白。如果其他国家想要自由的土地和资源,那么他们也许应该尝试建造太空船,去开拓其他星系。很明显,地球的人口一直在增加,很快地球将人口过剩,无论如何,当科学家说还有其他星球可以被殖民时,为什么要在与其他人类搏斗时自杀呢。
Armando Montoya: Please dont fight guys! China and India are both good countries! 😭 请不要打架!中国和印度都是好国家! 😭
Indian Army Fan: It’s the Chinese army disturbing us and trying to capture Indian territory which is not possible . Our Army is well trained to teach chinese Army a big lesson. 中国军队骚扰我们,试图占领印度领土,这是不可能的。我军训练有素,给中国军队上了一堂大课。
smily hadia: yeah congratulations to all Indians who have to come see Arab news for their nation as their media can’t say it all…. 是啊,恭喜所有的印度人,他们必须来看阿拉伯新闻为他们的国家,因为他们的媒体不能说一切。。。。
Saleem Rozik: Indian establishment wants to put the security situation of south Asia at stake. Well, they will definitely have to bear the brunt of this escalation. 印度当局希望把南亚的安全局势置于危险之中。好吧,他们肯定会首当其冲地受到这种升级的影响。
Shahenshah E Hindustan: Pakistan Is Ready To Counter Indian Aggression 🇵🇰🇨🇳 China Is Not Alone 🇵🇰🇨🇳🇹🇷🇦🇿🇷🇺🇧🇩🇦🇫🇲🇾🇳🇵 巴基斯坦准备抵抗印度的侵略,中国并不孤单
yash ajay: Worllds most Biased , Hypocritic news channel -: AL-JAZEERA. 世界上最具偏见、虚伪的新闻频道:半岛电视台。
Mainak Kashyap: Rip to 40 plus Chinese soldiers RIP 40名中国士兵
Hang Zhou: no truth on the from media。 lol。 媒体上没有真相。哈哈
Saleh Almassri: China and Pakistan cream India 中国和巴基斯坦抄了印度
Beyg Beyg: Thats what india is good at just small violations…and then followed up by political lies to their own people… 这就是印度擅长的只是小规模的违规行为…然后紧接着是对本国人民的政治谎言。。。
paunsamding zeliang: Sad to say but our govt. is a bit shying away to take a stiff action besides banning chinese apps I think we can do more then that…look at our capabilities, its beyond unimaginable to what we can do….if we can shock the whole world then why are we still shying away from taking tough action on china 遗憾地说,但我们的官方。除了禁止中国app外,回避采取严厉措施 我认为我们可以做的还不止这些…看看我们的能力,这是我们无法想象的。…如果我们能够震惊整个世界,那为什么我们仍然回避对中国采取强硬行动
THE ITELLRATIONAL: This type conditions are made by both side govts to divert the attention from real problems..Drama company 双方政府都创造了这种条件,以转移人们对实际问题的关注。
HITESH AHUJA: Sometimes I think we Congress supporters stand against army just to prove Modi wrong,even if he stands for Modi.. We didn’t say a word on MOU signed between CCP and Congress. Feel ashamed. 有时我认为我们国会的支持者反对军队只是为了证明莫迪是错的,即使他支持莫迪。。关于中共和国会签署的谅解备忘录,我们只字未提。感到羞耻。
Vivek Kumar: India is not fighting China but its govt to like to showoff . they are not accepting that our economy is in ruins 印度不是在和中国作战,而是它的政府喜欢炫耀。他们不接受我们的经济是一片废墟
HITESH AHUJA: I am a Congress supporter but if China is claiming India fired Warning Shot..Then we should appreciate Indian Army and free hand given to it by Central government.. 我是国会的支持者,但如果中国声称印度开枪示警,那么我们应该感谢印度军队和中央政府给予它的自由。。
Pavan Kumar: This is proved that Modi can do surgical strike in pak but not able to do same in China. 56″ only for Pakistan. 这证明了莫迪在巴基斯坦可以做手术打击,但在中国却做不到。56“只适用于巴基斯坦。
srikanth bharatha: Modi takla issued statement No firing no intrusion Everything fine 莫迪发表声明 没有开火,没有入侵,一切都很好
srikanth bharatha: I d understand When world knows China was source supplier of 95%paraphernalia to lockheedmartin til 2019 How the F india can think of war with China China is super power Very soon CHINA is going to attack US 我会明白 当世界知道中国是洛克希德·马丁公司到2019年的95%用具的来源供应商 印度如何看待与中国的战争 中国是超级大国


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