外国人评价哈弗HAVAL H2


外国人评价哈弗Haval h2


The Haval H2 is the first of the new wave of Chinese vehicles headed to Australia, and the first that will make the mainstream brands sit up and take notice of the long-threatened but as-yet-unproven rising superpower of the East. 哈弗H2是面向澳大利亚的中国新一代汽车,也是第一个让主流品牌警惕并感觉到受到长期威胁,但尚未得到证实的东方超级大国。


Since Great Wall landed on our shores in 2009, Chinese vehicles have offered a cheap but largely crass alternative that has failed to catch on with new car buyers. The H2 promises to change the game, arriving in Haval’s new Australian dealerships in June with an equipment list to make the South Koreans look stingy, cabin space and comfort to challenge the best in the compact SUV class, and some interior materials that wouldn’t be out of place in a premium German model. 自从2009年长城登陆我们的海岸以来,中国的汽车已经提供了一种廉价但很大程度上难以得到新车购买者青睐。H2宣布改变游戏规则,哈弗于六月送达澳大利亚经销商,并提供设备清单,使韩国车看起来吝啬。小空间和舒适度,以挑战紧凑型SUV级别中最好的,一些内饰材料在高级德国车型中也不会过时。

The Haval H2 is a real eye-opener to how far China’s automotive industry has come, and just how quickly it is closing the gap to – and in a number of ways already overtaking – mainstream models from household name brands. If you think the H2 will be just another cheap Chinese pretender with little substance and appeal, think again. Haval H2让中国汽车行业走向了一个真正的大开眼界,以及缩短与家喻户晓品牌的主流车型之间的差距 – 以多种方式已经超车 – 。如果你认为H2只是另一种廉价的中国壳子,没有什么实质和吸引力,那就重视一番。


If the local division can convince head office to approve the pricing and equipment it’s hoping for, and if it’s capable and inoffensive on the road, the Haval H2 will be at worst a high-value alternative to the mainstream crowd, and at best a serious challenge to the status quo. 如果当地部门可以说服总公司批准它所希望的定价和设备,如果它在路上能够无害的话,哈弗H2至少是可以成为主流人群心中的高价值替代品,甚至是对现状的一个严重的挑战。


外国车友评价Haval H2:

Tone : They have to do something about that badge. So ugly. Surely they can copy a nice Western design for their logo 他们必须对标志采取一些措施。这么难看。当然,他们可以为他们的标志复制一个漂亮的西方设计
JK young : Haval will be a joke, it could only survival in Chinese market because it’s cheap in China. Without price advantage, i don’t think they could target any buyers here in Australia 哈弗将是一个笑话,它只能在中国市场生存,因为它在中国很便宜。没有价格优势,我认为他们无法针对澳大利亚的任何买家
Des KSA : It certainly isn’t ugly, inside or out. On paper it seems lardy and underpowered and I wonder if the Oz tuning of the suspension will sort out the ride issues? It’s not a bad effort, particularly if it gets 5 stars ANCAP. We have to remember Korean cars were cr@p when they first arrived and now they are mainstream. In 5 years time maybe Chinese cars (the better ones) might be a reasonable choice. This might be the car that starts an upward trend. I wish them well. 内饰和外观肯定不是丑陋的。在照片上看起来似乎很不稳定且动力不足,我想知道悬架的Oz调整是否会解决驾驶问题?这不是一个糟糕的努力,特别是如果它获得5星ANCAP。我们必须记住,韩国汽车首次到达时是​​cr @ p,现在它们已成为主流。在5年的时间里,中国汽车(更好的汽车)可能是一个合理的选择。这可能是开始上升趋势的汽车。我祝福他们。
John Johny : Still won’t buy one, I’ve learned to stay away from anything ‘R&D-ied’ in China accompanied by a ‘Made in China’ badge. 仍然不会买,我学会了远离伴随着“中国制造”徽章的任何产品。
Boogie Time : Take all the Made in China products out of Australian shops that everyone buys, and whats left? 从澳大利亚商店中取出所有中国制造的产品,剩下什么?
Harrington : Hmm I wonder if they are seeking investors. 嗯,我想知道他们是否在寻找投资者。
Sam : Be scared Korea.ha ha ! It’s Chinese rubbish.. Hyundai are 20 years ahead of China, and getting better. 害怕韩国。哈哈!这是中国的垃圾..现代比中国领先20年,并且越来越好。
Andrew : Looks a lot better than the other Chinese vehicles which have entered the Australian market, but the center console looks incredibly unintuitive. Button overload. 看起来比进入澳大利亚市场的其他中国车辆好很多,但中控台看起来非常不直观。按钮超载。
Yatzhi : That rear end is the nicest of any of the compact SUVs out there, but that generic front end is horrible 那个后端是所有紧凑型SUV中最好的,但是那个通用的前端非常糟糕
Flauschie : Even if the quality is good, the design remains terrible really. Ok, the interior design of a RAV4 may be worse still … 即使质量很好,设计仍然很糟糕。好吧,RAV4的内部设计可能还会更糟……
iddqd : Only the most irresponsible of Aussies would put their families in this.. 只有最不负责任的澳大利亚人才会让他们的家人坐在其中。
save it for the track : ‘Made In China’. The country with melamine in childrens formula, so that the Chinese consumers prefer safe Australian made formula, the country which sent vehicles here (Chery I believe) with asbestos in the brake pads, the country where vegetables are irrigated using sewage… ‘中国制造’。这个国家的儿童配方中含有三聚氰胺,因此中国消费者更喜欢安全的澳大利亚制造配方,这里的车辆(奇瑞我相信)在刹车片中使用石棉,这是一个用污水灌溉蔬菜的国家…
blah_blah_meh : I’m not certain the gaskets were brake pads. Still bad as they are banned in Australia and the manufacturer and distributor need to know the local laws. They stopped using asbestos after that for all vehicles which goes above and beyond Chinese law. It is a great straw man you’ve built up but maybe you can start listing actual issues with this car. Also, you can also bring up comments about the Germans and Europeans since they are also involved in this car. I get that people are tribal but at the same time I don’t want to be pre-judged based on a few stupid things that other Australians have done in the past. Stop spreading the hate. 我不确定垫圈是刹车片。仍然很糟糕,因为他们在澳大利亚被禁止,制造商和分销商需要了解当地的法律。之后,他们停止使用石棉,用于超越中国法律的所有车辆。这是一个你建立起来的伟大的稻草人,但也许你可以开始列出这辆车的实际问题。此外,您还可以提出有关德国人和欧洲人的评论,因为他们也参与了这款车。我知道人们是部落的,但与此同时,我不想根据其他澳大利亚人过去做过的一些愚蠢的事情来预先判断。不要再散布仇恨了。
iddqd : What’s the crash rating on this car? Side impact? Reliability? Judging by the current quality of Chinese cars – the withdrawn Cherry and bemoaned Great Wall (paint peeling off brand new cars) one would be extremely naive to believe the quality of this vehicle would be any different. I wouldn’t gamble with my family’s life. Obviously you would. Good on you. 这辆车的碰撞等级是多少?副作用?可靠性?从目前中国汽车的质量来看 – 撤回的奇瑞和黯然失色的长城(全新车油漆剥落),人们会非常天真地相信这款车的质量会有所不同。我不会赌我家的生活。显然你会的。祝你好运
Observer : I’m a little perplexed though that Haval wants to be the biggest SUV brand in Australia (Volume wise) and this is all they’ve got? I guess if priced sharply they’ll sell well still. Will be interesting to hear Australian owner feedback throughout the 5yr warranty period. Wonder if it’ll be reliable regardless of the warranty. 虽然哈弗希望成为澳大利亚最大的SUV品牌(音量方面),但我有点困惑,这就是他们所拥有的一切?我想如果价格急剧上涨,它们仍会畅销。听取澳大利亚车主在5年保修期内的反馈意见会很有趣。不管保修如何,不管它是否可靠。
c3vzn : They’re bringing the H8 which looks to be a Kluger rival and H9 a Prado rival too. 他们带来的H8看起来像是克鲁格的竞争对手而H9也是普拉多的竞争对手。
Kampfer : The H6 / H6″Coupe” pretty much similar to DiscoverySport/Evoque with the H6″Coupe” look more than a touch like the Evoque. H6 / H6“Coupe”与DiscoverySport / Evoque非常相似,H6“Coupe”看起来不仅仅像Evoque那样。
Figaro : They can never beat toyota’s sales. At least not any time soon and Toyota got hard earned reputation of reliability for suv’s 他们永远无法击败丰田的销售。至少在不久的将来,丰田在suv上获得了可靠的声誉
Cobwebs : I have been living in China for 6 1/2 years now, and there are certainly a large number of Haval SUVs (H2, H6, H8). They are at the lower end of the SUV market but still considered ‘good’. For China, the most important things are firstly brand name, then luxury, and then tech/safety. This could help explain the strange mix of features people have identified. For Haval, in the west they need to adhere to what the western market demands rather than what can happen here i.e. there is enough market for them to dictate to the lower end customers who cannot buy brand names. Haval needs 20+ years to establish themselves as Kia and Hyundai had to do, and even then there will be a stigma. 我已经在中国生活了6年半,而且肯定有大量的哈弗SUV(H2,H6,H8)。他们处于SUV市场的低端,但仍然被认为是“好”的。对于中国来说,最重要的事情首先是品牌,然后是奢侈品,然后是技术/安全。这可以帮助解释人们已经确定的奇怪的功能组合。对于哈佛来说,在西方,他们需要坚持西方市场所要求的而不是在这里可能发生的事情,即他们有足够的市场来支配那些不能购买品牌的低端客户。哈弗需要20多年的时间来建立自己的起亚和现代必须做的事情,即使这样,也会有耻辱感。
Dave-o : I read once that annually, the same number of accidents occur as the total number of vehicles in China. (Not sure how factual that is tho). The safety point is relevant. Seat belts are non existent in China, and there is no such thing as an infant seat. But it had better have an ashtray fitted or no deal! 我每年看一次,与中国车辆总数相同的事故数量。(不确定这是事实)。在中国不存在安全带,也没有婴儿座椅这样的东西。但它最好安装一个烟灰缸,不然没人买!
A3 : a great alternative to the vw tiguan!! 大众tiguan的绝佳替代品!!
G Jones : “Haval” sounds like a desperate attempt at making it sound European. “Haval”听起来像是一次绝望的尝试,使它听起来像欧洲人。
Raymond : The Haval is new to me, but I still bought it. The features are awesome, keyless entry, Bluetooth, onscreen display that indicates tyre temperature and tyre pressure…(and these are on the smallest version, the H2) which other well-known SUVs in Namibia and South Africa do not have. This concept was designed by the auto designer of BMW X5…so, just wait. Remember Japan and Ireland beat the Springboks. This HAVAL H2 is already beating a few well-known SUVs in that price range. 哈弗对我来说很生疏,但我还是买了它。功能非常棒,无钥匙进入,蓝牙,屏幕显示,表明轮胎温度和轮胎压力……(这些是最低版本,H2),纳米比亚和南非的其他知名SUV没有。这个概念是由宝马X5的汽车设计师设计的……所以,等一下。记得日本和爱尔兰击败了跳羚队。这款HAVAL H2已经在这个价格范围内击败了一些出名的SUV。
James : Well we have bought a silver Lux. Early days but loving it! Seem to find a new feature every time I drive it! As said earlier, really impressed with overall build quality and driving dynamics. No squeaks or rattles. Like the high seating position. Yes not the smoothest engine but I kind of like the odd engine noise that occasionally breaks into the cabin. Also, I think the turbo whistle you occasionally hear, is kind of cool! For the current price, the H2 is hard to beat. I think this vehicle is truly a competitive player in this segment. 好吧,我们买了一个银色豪华版。很早但喜欢它!似乎每次开车都能找到新功能!如前所述,整体打造质量和驾驶动态给人留下了深刻的印象。没有吱吱声或摇铃。喜欢高座位。是的,不是最顺畅的发动机,但我有点像偶尔会撞到机舱的奇怪发动机噪音。另外,我觉得你偶尔听到的涡轮哨声很酷!对于目前的价格,H2很难被击败。我认为这款车在这一领域真正具有竞争力。
Raymond : I just bought one. Upon the test drive, I realized that it is definitely willing to pull away. Yes, I also have a Mercedes C180. The Haval H2 is an excellent SUV for that price. More equipped than a lot of well-known cars I have driven or came across. 我刚买了一个。在试驾时,我意识到它绝对愿意出发。是的,我也有梅赛德斯C180。Haval H2是这款价格的优秀SUV。比我驾驶或遇到的很多知名汽车装备更多。
Chris Yu : No matter how good a product is, if it is Chinese, people just posting racist cards without viewing them! 无论产品有多好,如果是中国产品,人们会在不看产品的情况下发布种族主义观点!
tldr : I asked my friend if mine from China would he buy one and he told me “why? there are so many other options in Australia give another 10 years maybe…” 我问我的一个中国朋友,我该不该买一辆,他告诉我“为什么?澳大利亚还有很多其他的选择,可能再等10年……”
Markwa : You would think by now Haval and the dreamers running the company would have woken up to their pricing and how no one is ever going to by a non name chinese brand unless its super cheap. Haval need to do some major price adjustment if they stand a chance at making it long term or we can just add them to the other chinese brands that have failed here. I have seen one Haval (H8) (Properly a dealer driven car) since they started up here. 你会想到现在哈弗和经营这家公司的梦想家们已经意识到了他们的定价,除非它的超级便宜,否则没有人会被一个不出名的中国品牌所吸引。哈弗需要做一些重大的价格调整,如果他们有机会长期或我们可以将它们添加到其他失败的中国品牌。自从他们在这里开始以来,我见过一辆Haval(H8)(正确的经销商驾驶汽车)。
Azad Rp : It looks like a decent start for a new entrant. Well done Haval. 对于新进入者来说,这似乎是一个不错的开端。Haval干得好。
Kampfer : Not a bad car but overpriced… In China it cost $14k – $24k, which is ~40% less than HRV/ASX/Qashqai spec to spec in China. At $25k drive-away I can easily get a base model Vitara/HRV in auto, which is a no brainer for any car buyers here.IMO H2 need to be selling at ~$19990 drive-away for auto to be able to stand a change here, as mentioned more dealers will help too…Haval is selling ~15k H2 (+ ~35k H6) per month in China and it’s one of the most popular SUVs there. 不是坏车而是价格过高……在中国它的价格是14,000美元–24,000美元,比中国的HRV / ASX / Qashqai要低约40%。在2.5万美元的预算下,我可以很容易地获得Vitara / HRV基础款,这对于这里的任何购车者来说都是不费吹灰之力的。IMO H2需要以约19990美元的价格出售给汽车以便能够在这里做出改变,正如所提到的更多经销商也会帮助…哈弗在中国每月销售约1.5万辆 H2(+ ~3.5万辆 H6),它是那里最受欢迎的SUV之一。
Jacques LaFeet : Oh dear, the Captur has captured the bottom end of the market. As for the H2 it looks bad in that uniquely Asian way and is most likely a safety and ownership fail. Haval should attempt local assembly and localisation, it just may a breakthrough move. 哦,亲爱的,科雷嘉(雷诺)已经占领了底端市场。至于H2,它以独特的亚洲方式看起来很糟糕,很可能是安全和所有权问题。哈弗应该尝试本地组装和本地化,这可能是一个突破性的举措。
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