Geely Auto has unveiled its ‘new energy flagship sedan’ – dubbed Bo Rui GE – in Beijing this week, complete with an electrified powertrain from subsidiary Volvo. 吉利汽车本周在北京推出了“新能源旗舰轿车” – 被称为博瑞GE–配备了沃尔沃子公司的电动动力总成。


On the outside, the sedan’s unique grille treatment and light signatures have apparently been inspired by traditional Chinese fans and gymnasts with ribbons, while the interior is designed to act as a ‘third living space’ for drivers. 在外观上,轿车独特的格栅处理和轻型签名显然受到了中国传统球迷和丝带的体操运动员的启发,而内饰则被设计为驾驶员的“第三生活空间”。


The target buyer for the car was born in the mid-1980s or early-1990s, with a sense of pride in China’s technology. 这款车的目标买家诞生于20世纪80年代中期或90年代初期,对中国的技术感到自豪。


“China has emerged as the largest market in the global car industry, accounting to about 40% of global sales with 30 million new cars each year,” said Peter Horbury, Geely senior vice president of design. “中国已成为全球汽车行业最大的市场,占全球销量的40%左右,每年新增3000万辆汽车,”吉利设计高级副总裁彼得霍伯里表示。


“Chinese consumers have also become more sophisticated and mature than ever before. Working to satisfy the needs of this new generation of vehicle users has helped us evolved into a confident global brand capable of developing segment leading cars that contains subtle hints of its Chinese origin.” “中国消费者也变得比以往任何时候都更加成熟。努力满足新一代汽车用户的需求,帮助我们发展成为一个自信的全球品牌,能够开发出具有中国血统的优秀汽车。“



Cher : Love the integrated screen. Take note basically every European automaker.that integrated screen is way too low. dont let the camera angle fool you.  喜欢集成屏幕。请注意,基本上每个欧洲汽车制造商的集成屏幕都太低了。别让相机的角度欺骗了你。
ArnJR gArnJR : Nice headlights, nice interior but that grille….bit like an old 1950’s desk fan grille. 不错的前灯,不错的内部,但格栅……有点像1950年的旧书桌风扇格栅。
IDK : So futuristic, much wow. 很科幻,wow。
Terminus1 : Impressive. Engine not so much. 令人印象深刻。发动机不多见。
OG Dave W : If they want to make it in the international market, they need to work on the name and not use Chinese name, because Bo Rui just sounds so uncool. 如果他们想进入国际市场,他们需要研究一下这个名字,不要用中文名字,因为博锐听起来太不酷了。
Nate :a lot of Chinese people can’t afford a car at all, unlike AU and US where a very very small percentage of the population live in true poverty. 许多中国人根本买不起汽车,不像非盟和美国,那里只有很小一部分的人口生活在真正的贫困中。
onetenthNate : Look’s like rubbish.Considering there is 1.379 billion of em 30 million cars is pretty ordinary, take the USA 323.4 million people 17.13 million cars in 2017, Australia 24.13 million people 1.2 million cars in 2017.This comment was deleted.There’d be millions of motorbikes on top of that too though I assume… a lot of Chinese people can’t afford a car at all, unlike AU and US where a very very small percentage of the population live in true poverty. 看起来像垃圾。考虑到有13.79亿辆汽车,3000万辆是相当正常,比如美国2017年的3.234亿人口1713万辆汽车,澳大利亚2017年的2413万人口120万辆汽车。
novogaga : Isn’t this a reworked/facelifted version of the Geely GC9 unveiled in 2014? Most of the exterior panels look familiar.Yes, actually Bo Rui is the official name of the GC9 这是不是2014年发布的吉利GC9的改造/改装版本?大部分的外板看起来都很熟悉。是的,实际上博瑞是GC9的官方名称。
: Yeah that looks nice. I just hope the interior quality is as good as it looks. Been in a few geelys and their interior feels cheaper than a 10 dollar keyboard. 看起来不错。我只是希望室内质量像看起来一样好。坐过几部吉利,它们的内部感觉比一个10美元的键盘便宜。
: Interesting grille……but the rest of it looks like the new Holden Insignadore. Plain, contemporary, unassuming. Just what the car World needs. 有趣的格栅……但是其余的看起来像新的霍尔顿。朴实,现代,谦逊。这正是世界汽车所需要的。
: It’s actually a good looking sedan. Though one can see Volvo’s influence. 它实际上是一辆好看的轿车。尽管人们可以看到沃尔沃的影子。
ArnJRArnJRNateArnJR : Anothe lame looking sedan. Could be mistaken for CO Pe.Are you sure it’s not lame because no V8?Haha, slap an Opel Insignia badge on its rump and presto. Boring.Different strokes and all that.It’s no 5 year old falcon that’s for sure!This comment was deleted.一辆跛脚的轿车。可能被误认为是co-pe。你确定它不是因为没有V8而跛脚的吗?哈哈,把欧宝徽章贴在它的屁股上。
: Someone really needs to tap them on the shoulder about their grille. 有人真的需要提醒他们,关于他们的格栅。
ArnJR :  I’d love a Mustang if financial circumstances allowed it. 如果手上宽裕的话,我会喜欢野马。
Peter Weekend : From volvo 来自沃尔沃
Qwerty ABCDE : Bo rui , if you don’t have money, you can still buy the car 博瑞,如果你没钱,你还可以买车
Love Angel : i love geely true respect for this car i wish to have it one day 我爱吉利,真心尊重这辆车–我希望有一天能拥有它
Iu Kwangkwok : it look great. high tech . 看起来棒极了。高科技。
Razzak Talal : I want this car in my country morroco 我想要这辆车,在我的祖国摩洛科
nur aufa : One day, China car will lead the market..yup i agree wit u 总有一天,中国汽车将引领市场。
abumustafa : Chinese are coming 中国人来了
Desmond Wong : This car is good but the name sound stupid BO RUI 这辆车不错,但名字听起来很愚蠢。
Azzrudin Jamil : That front grill must be the ugliest front grill in the history of automotive. What the f are they trying to achieve, an optical illusion? 那个前脸一定是汽车史上最丑陋的前栅栏。他们试图达到什么目的,一种视觉错觉?
North Clan : worst design ever seen 最糟糕的设计
Rico Sun : Geely’s investment in Volvo is paying off big time now, it has the hallmarks of Volvo cars and the Ai of Chinese ecommerce company! Amazing! 吉利在沃尔沃的投资现在获得了丰厚的回报,它具有沃尔沃汽车和中国电子商务公司的AI!太神了!
Clover Chang : I think when it comes to Malaysia market , all the features might be reduced, most probably just 10% of this haha.. Most Malaysians just like imported car or rather the T&H mindset , so Proton will have to place a competitive price in order to penetrate the market. 我认为,当谈到马来西亚市场,所有的功能可能会减少,最可能只有这个的10%哈哈。大多数马来西亚人喜欢进口汽车,更确切地说,是T&H的思维方式,所以Proton必须制定一个有竞争力的价格才能进入市场。
Orlando Molly : Hermoso 好看
Tu Ru : The fact that China will probably someday own everything sounds scary. They keep buying a lot of different companies and stocks from all over the world. And the world’s wealthiest people are from China. 中国将来可能拥有一切,听起来很可怕。他们不断地从世界各地购买许多不同的公司和股票。世界上最富有的人来自中国。
NightShadeGT : Damn, this car has more features than any car of its class, but I don’t know whether it will last for a long time or not. 该死,这辆车的特性比同类车都多,但是我不知道它能不能持续很长时间。
Shio : looks and feels like an audi a6 外观和感觉都像奥迪a6
FARUK UCA : Wow 哇哦
Boon Heng Ong : Wow, what a looker!! I am totally in love with her. And yeah, the car boleh tahan jugak.. 哇,真帅!我完全爱上了她。对,那辆车是黑道塔汉·朱加克
cindylim57 : Look at how the Chinese had progressed….. 20yrs ago they had a car almost the replica of a Lancer and the named it “Lioncel”. (I’m not joking). Now they moved on in lightspeed that can challenge many of the world’s renowned carmakers. Malaysia should really be learning from China. 看看中国人的进步……20年前,他们拥有一辆车,几乎是Lancer(三菱)的复制品,并命名为“狮子座”。(我不是在开玩笑)。现在他们以光速前进,可以挑战许多世界知名的汽车制造商。马来西亚真的应该向中国学习。
Wael Eid : It’s successful car because of the amounts of comments otherwise no one will comment on ugly failed car. I have geely emgrand gt in Dubai. I bought it brand new cheaper than yaris second hand. Every one saw it shocked is it Chinese?!¡¡¡¡¿ 这是成功的车,因为大量的评论,否则没有人会评论丑陋的失败的车。我在迪拜有吉利emgrand gt。我买的全新比雅力士二手货便宜。每个人都看到它很震惊,是中国的?!!
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