看看澳大利亚小姐姐@amy艾米饭 给我们推荐的在中国生活必备的15个app有哪些?







Eric Liu : I prefer AliPay over WeChat Pay. It is better organized, and you can use AliPay in foreign countries. From the Apps you recommended, you are almost Chinese now. haha 比起微信支付,我更喜欢支付宝。这是更好的组织,你可以在国外使用支付宝。从你推荐的应用程序来看,你现在几乎是中国人了。哈哈
JIANHUA BAO : all Chinese apps are fucking trash 所有的中国应用都是垃圾
garr christopher : Why play background music? 为什么要播放背景音乐?
Mbanonga Tjivambi : How are you a youtuber in china ?? 你在中国怎么样??
wisdom Abel : How do foreigners pay by mobile phone in China? No Chinese bank card! 外国人在中国怎么用手机支付?没有中国银行卡!
Jatin S : very beautiful girl. welcome to India 非常漂亮的女孩。欢迎来到印度
Regina Su : Thanks! I wish I had this info 3 weeks ago when I first arrived. Had to figure it all out by asking locals lots of questions. Very useful for anyone coming to China long-term 谢谢!我真希望我3周前第一次来的时候就知道这些信息。必须通过问当地人很多问题来解决问题。对任何长期来中国的人都很有用
Ben Parker : Pleco is an amazing app. Must get for all Chinese learners. Google translate I use to perfect my speaking. If it can understand your Chinese, you’re good. Say Hi is cool because it has Cantonese in addition to Mandarin. So that’s another good app to practice pronunciation. One additional cool Chinese learning app is Line dictionary. With each each character, it shows you the stroke order for how to write it, which is cool. Lastly, great video! I just subscribed to your channel! Pleco是一款令人惊叹的应用程序。所有中国学习者都必须学习。我用谷歌翻译来完善我的演讲。如果它能理解你的中文,你就好了。说“你好”很酷,因为除了普通话之外还有粤语。这是练习发音的另一个好应用程序。另一个很酷的中文学习应用程序是在线词典。对于每个字符,它都显示了如何编写它的笔画顺序,这很酷。最后,很棒的视频!我刚刚订阅了你的频道!
JY Ch : just for record, I uesd Express VPN in Beijing and it takes me nowhere. SS kind of service is much better. one more thing is if u are on a short term visit in China, just use our own roaming data plan, nothing will be blocked unless your own county does so 只是为了记录,我在北京使用了Express VPN,它什么都不带。SS的服务比较好。还有一件事是,如果你在中国进行短期访问,只需使用我们自己的漫游数据计划,除非你所在的国家这样做,否则不会阻止任何事情。
Gary Yutong Bao : I’d much prefer fb messenger, WhatsApp, vibe over WeChat, GrubHub, Yelp over Meituan, Lyft, Uber over Didi, Google much much over Baidu, YouTube, IG over whatever the hell China has, Lime over Mobile, Venmo over Alipay, and Amazon over shit Taobao. But what the hell, don’t have another choice. China is smothering freedom. 我更喜欢FB信使,whatsapp,vibe而不是微信,grubhub,yelp而不是美团,lyft,uber而不是滴滴,google比百度,youtube,ig比中国有什么地狱,lime比移动,venmo比支付宝,amazon比狗屎淘宝。但见鬼,别再有选择了。中国正在扼杀自由。
Waza De wit : Just avoid going to china it’s an extremely depressing country 不要去中国,这是一个非常令人沮丧的国家
Piggy Chu : WeChat gets most things done… You literally need only a VPN except WeChat 微信可以完成大部分事情…除了微信,你只需要一个VPN。
Clark Frank : definitely useful 绝对有用
Ross Boyd : In my experience, I’ve had a lot of success with Airbnb. Not only is it a good option if you don’t speak Chinese, but you can read people’s reviews about the host. 根据我的经验,我在Airbnb上取得了很多成功。这不仅是一个好的选择,如果你不说中文,但你可以阅读人们的评论,关于东道主。
Syani Trav : Thanks a lot for information… 非常感谢您提供信息…
PrincessSakuno : Bless, im Chinese Australian but you can probably read more Chinese than me hahaha 祝福你,我是中国澳大利亚人,但你可能比我读更多的中文哈哈哈
Hema : we bois NEVER use meitu!!!!! 我们从不使用美图!!!!!!!
Baleur : 3:00 not entirely true. Depends on what brand of phone you have. 3点不完全正确。取决于你有什么牌子的手机。
赵川煦 : Google translator works in China without using VPN 谷歌翻译在中国工作时不使用VPN
Thomas Schwiertz : You forgot to mention that using a VPN in China is officially illegal, not to mention that most of this shit apps are in Chinese language only and contain a lot of spyware collecting data to which the Chinese government has direct access. 你忘了提到在中国使用VPN是合法的,更别提这些该死的应用大多是中文的,包含了大量的间谍软件,这些软件收集的数据是中国政府直接访问的。
Vladimir Chung : if you can read Chinese, Ctrip is a much better app for air tickets. 如果你能读中文,携程是一个更好的机票应用程序。
Ari : Taobao app seems to be chinese only.. 淘宝应用似乎只有中文版。
Billy Yanuar : Thanks for all the amazing videos about China, I watched all of them lol! Btw, I also have a plan to visit China in the future. In your opinion, Which city is the least expensive for a Language student? Thanks! 感谢所有关于中国的精彩视频,我看了所有这些视频,哈哈!顺便说一句,我还计划将来访问中国。在你看来,哪个城市对语言学生来说最便宜?谢谢!
Jack Attack 杰克 : Hey Amy great video, I’m just wondering if I can still open a Chinese bank account on a Working Permit or do I need a Residence Permit? Also which Chinese bank would you suggest signing up with? 嘿,艾米,很好的视频,我只是想知道我是否还能在工作许可证上开立一个中国银行账户,还是需要居留许可证?另外,你建议哪家中国银行签约?
Marcus Andrian : You can use GoogleTranslate and GoogleMap in China without VPN.) 你可以在中国使用谷歌翻译和谷歌地图,而不需要VPN。)
Objective Truth : I know what apps I dont need, anything in China. China is disgusting 我知道在中国我不需要什么应用程序。中国令人厌恶
Simon Wu : Very practical, but VPN is very important in China, foreigners must be prepared, and it is not recommended to expressVPN nordvpn and other software is more expensive. It is recommended to use SSR airport service is cheaper and secure. VPN software vendors will receive interference as soon as China meets. 很实用,但VPN在中国很重要,外国人一定要准备好,而且不建议ExpressVPN等软件价格比较贵。建议使用SSR机场服务,价格便宜,安全可靠。VPN软件供应商将在中国一出来就受到干扰。
BALALA VINCENT : kindly remind, ofo has died. 请提醒,OFO已经死了。
Robin Luo : Why not add Alipay? 为什么没有支付宝?
Chuck Wang : Some map apps may be useful. In China, we mostly use 高德(I don’t know the English name of it)or Baidu maps, they are basically the Chinese version of Google Map. 一些地图应用程序可能很有用。在中国,我们大多使用高德(我不知道它的英文名称)或百度地图,它们基本上是谷歌地图的中文版本。
Aditya Singh : does Netflix works in China? Netflix在中国能用吗?
[Private] : Taobao where you can buy a ferret… You mean rent a boyfriend? 淘宝,在那里你可以买到雪貂…你是说租男朋友?
Adam Crase – Kung Fu Imaging : Meituan is the most well known food delivery app. Google translate DOES work in China without a vpn. 美团是最著名的食品配送应用程序。谷歌翻译在没有VPN的中国也能工作。
Laptop Lifestyle : We were able to western social without any problems and did’t use VPN. 我们能够在西方社会毫无问题地使用VPN。
Ali Tahseen : Great suggestions. I will replace express VPN on your list with astrill though. I i’ve tried both and found astrill to be more dependable, with more servers,quicker connectivity etc yet with the same price tag. 很好的建议。不过,我会用Astrill替换您列表中的Express VPN。我试过两者,发现阿斯特里尔更可靠,有更多的服务器,更快的连接等,但价格标签相同。
qihar sasuke : U should visit chengdu and changsha Gonna like it. 你应该去成都和长沙,想办法去。
Chαse Yú : Actually, foreigners can use wechat pay cause you can 绑定/Link your local credit/debit card to wechat pay( well, maybe not all foreign countries, but the American one works). And Tencent will charge you a few cent for Linking/blinding your card. But the problem would be how are you gonna top-up the money into the wechat pay ( which it is act as a digital wallet). The exchange rate is in the question. 实际上,外国人可以使用微信支付,因为你可以定义/链接你的本地信用卡/借记卡到微信支付(好吧,也许不是所有的外国,但美国的有效)。腾讯还将收取你几美分的链接/致盲卡费用。但问题是,你要如何将钱充值到微信支付(它就像一个数字钱包)。汇率是个问题。
ERIC Ravi : I’m a big fan of your channel. It inspires me to learn Chinese. 我是你频道的忠实粉丝。它激励我学习汉语。
Jools UK : Blondie we on the outside are pretty ignorant to true Chinese culture and tech this video was very informative, view count looks good too 布隆迪我们对真正的中国文化和技术都相当无知。这段视频很有信息性,观看次数也不错。
Marc Futoran : Good information for anybody traveling in China. China is interesting for me and I was wondering; have you been encountered China’s “social credit” system? I see good and bad in that. 对任何在中国旅行的人来说都是好消息。中国对我来说很有趣,我想知道,你是否遇到过中国的“社会信用”体系?我从中看到了好与坏。
hh zhang : Good list! Alipay is also very useful. For me, WeChat is used for communication. QQ is also very popular in China. 好名单!支付宝也很有用。对我来说,微信是用来交流的。QQ在中国也很流行
Bruce Sean : Alipay is enough for me. 支付宝对我来说足够了。
Rawda Abdelall : 我是埃及人,我学习汉语学习了两年了,我想问你一个问题,你在中国住在哪个城市?我今年去中国学习,去湖南大学学习,你觉得湖南怎么样了?
Rick R : Taobao is like a black hole, sucking my money away from me. 淘宝就像一个黑洞,吸走我的钱。
Andrew Gabriel : This came in handy! 这个很有用!
Hao Zhang : ofo is down now. Another thing, it is not everyone PS their photo on Metiu, but only girls, at least i am not using it. OFO现在关闭。还有一件事,不是每个人都把自己的照片贴在美图上,而是只有女孩,至少我没有用。
E Joe : Why do you come to China, where there is no Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 你为什么来中国,那里没有谷歌、Facebook、Twitter等。
Cristina Sakura : 这些软件我就只用微信,而且只加了两个人。并不用来聊天只用来付款的。
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People who say that Chinese applications are rubbish are really arrogant. I suggest you use it again and again. It is not necessary to mislead other foreigners here. There is also a saying that China is not good, you can go to Soso, what do foreigners who come to China think of China. Why is it different from what you said? ? Welcome everyone to China! !